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Victory Gardens essential for War on Terror

As the war on terror escalates, more public effort is needed to provide resources for the war. Now is the time for the Victory Garden.

The Victory Garden has been useful in the past to produce extra food to feed civilians while the war effort is on. It can do so again. Now it has an added benefit giving it a extra punch. A Victory Garden with hemp growing in it can provide all the domestic demand for hemp, while eliminating the flow of cash overseas for the product.

Some of this cash falls in the hands of terrorists, so we are told by our leaders. We trust these leaders are sincere and want to eliminate this transfer of wealth to terrorists.

The White House and both branches of Congress have taken the lead and planted extensive acerage of hemp to demonstrate the we have the resolve to wean ourselves from foreign hemp supplies.

True terror warriors support the use of Victory Gardens to grow domestic hemp and keep American wealth at home and out of the hands of the terror networks who would desire to do us harm.