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Bill and Melinda Gates have twins

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, and his wife Melinda were at a reception proudly showing off their twin sons. The boys, LaWillam and DeWalt, have been protected from public exposure previous to this appearance.

The event was held at the Hawaii home of their friend Robert Jackson. Mr. Jackson is rumored to be the namesake of the "Bob" application launched by Microsoft in 1995.

"The Gates have been close friends with Robert for a long time", an unnamed guest said. "He has opened his spacious home to them many times in the past when they have been in Hawaii and needed a private refuge not available at a resort or hotel."

"Robert has been very sweet, and a wonderful friend", Melinda Gates confirmed. "Most of last year when we were in Hawaii Bill was attending conferences concerning the future direction of Microsoft and the internet. Robert was a gracious host throughout that time."

"Especially when Bill was engaged in almost round the clock meetings with developers, Robert was very attentive and helped make that time be special and memorable."

Mr. Jackson declined to comment about their relationship.