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When the men and women in blue hit the booze

N.J. state trooper suspended without pay for a year after caught drinking, driving three times

CHP Officer Sentenced For Ramming Wife's Car

Drunken Cop Who Died in Crash Was Drinking at Police Academy Bar

SDPD Officer Cited On Suspicion Of Public Drunkenness

Millsboro cop suspended after drunk-and-disorderly arrest

‘Drunk’ cops ram Vehicle into pole

Seattle' Not-So-Finest

Anti-drunken driver cop faces DUI charge

Off-duty cop hits walker

Former cop, fire chief gets 3 years probation

Clawson cop strikes pedestrian

Toronto cops could be canned if they get nailed for drunk driving

Minneapolis cop booked in DWI incident

Former Chicago cop sentenced in collision that killed 2 teenagers

Local cop to retire after DUI

Tortured by drunk cops

Several cops on wrong side of law

Off-duty cop put on leave after crash that killed 1

Drunk cops will continue to face tough measures

Ex-cop gets 12 years for fatal crash