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Your government is spying on you

President Bush says that it is now okay to listen in on the private phone calls of Americans without first obtaining a court order. He insists that he needs to do this to protect the people from terrorists.

Being very concerned about terrorists ourselves, we looked around to see what we could do.

We obtained some phone call intercepts from a secret source, just like the NSA would eavsdrop on you, and listened for hints of terrorist activity.

We found none, but maybe we are not up to date on the code words used among spies and thought it would be prudent to get some outside advice on this.

Help us out and let us know if there is any evidence that these private calls contain terrorist messages. President Bush and the NSA thanks you.

LISTEN Caller in Spanish
LISTEN "Hello Patrick, how are you?"
LISTEN "Email me and call me."
LISTEN "You're not supposed to die."
LISTEN "Kids never go to the bathroom because they'll probably get stabbed or something."
LISTEN "You gonna be a gynacologist?"
LISTEN "Ya gotta do what ya gotta do."
LISTEN "Your surgery go okay?"
LISTEN "An owl sitting on the gate."
LISTEN "She has to take medication to keep it from getting worse."
LISTEN "They come out in international waters to gamble."