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US Immigration policy - a pictorial

It can be confusing to understand U.S. immigration policy. Most of the modern industrialized world has very strict policies about who can move into their nation, who can visit, and for how long.

The U.S. has laws on the books that mirror the standard, though are much more lenient. The actual policy, is the most generous in the world in welcoming people to live and work from abroad.

This pictorial shows some of the interests that shape U.S. immigration policy, to promote understanding of what could defy logical explanation.

Cardinal Mahoney wants a supply of boys for his priests

Karl Rove amorphous mass on immigration policy

Mayor Reconquista Villaregosa cleans toilets for Barbra Streisand

Bush Fox brokeback president border issues and immigration

Dora Noemi, Dorismar, Dora Noemi, Kerchen