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Man fired from Palencia Burger King lit uniform on fire

have it your way at Burger King ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. — Deputies arrested a man in St. Johns County who lit his Burger King uniform on fire after being fired. The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office responded Wednesday around 5 p.m. to a Palencia Burger King after witnesses saw the confrontation.

Deputies said after Timothy Ortiz, 24, was fired he walked outside and lit his uniform shirt and hat on fire and left it burning on the sidewalk, which was 3 feet from the gas line to the restaurant.

Ortiz got into an argument with patrons from the restaurant, who tried to stop him from leaving, according to SJSO.

Deputies later found Ortiz at his home. SJSO said the he started yelling and cussing at the deputy who tried to talk to him about the incident at the Burger King. More


Connecticut teacher's aide repeatedly had sex with 15-year-old boy she once taught in preschool

teacher waited a long time to tap this boy BRIDGEPORT — A 45-year-old Stratford teacher’s aide had sex with a 15-year-old boy, police said.

Police said the relationship between the boy and Kyle Damato-Kushel, who worked at Wooster Middle School and had been the boy’s preschool teacher, was discovered by Damato-Kushel’s husband, who awoke to hear voices in their Overland Drive, Stratford, home and fearing it was a burglary, called police.

Damato-Kushel offered the boy $900 if he wouldn’t reveal their relationship, police said. They said Damato-Kushel’s DNA was found in the boy’s underwear. More


Drug traffickers get high, call Idaho cops to turn themselves in

dumbass  move award for drug dealersREXBURG — Authorities have released a 911 phone call from a drug trafficking arrest that has people shaking their heads.

The call, released by the Rexburg Police Department and obtained by, details an incident nearly a year ago on Jan. 23, 2015, when two out-of-state drug traffickers got high and called police to turn themselves in.

Leland Ayala-Doliente, 22, and Holland Sward, 23, were traveling from Las Vegas to Bozeman, Montana, with some 20 pounds of marijuana. Court documents show the men were using marijuana during their trip and when they entered Idaho, they felt they were being followed by undercover police officers.

Rexburg Police Cpt. Randy Lewis told that at the time they weren't being followed by anyone. Once they reached Rexburg, the pair exited U.S. Highway 20, parked their car and called 911. They said they just wanted the police to stop following them. More


Ex-Texas teacher busted for having sex with student is suing him for recording tryst, and his mother for calling her a 'predator'

Tanya Ramirez was indicted under Texas' 'Improper Relationship Between Educator and Student' law A former Texas teacher who was busted for having sex with a 17-year-old student filed a lawsuit against him for recording their tryst — and one against the teen's mother for calling her a "predator."

Tanya Ramirez claims that the teen videotaped their sex in 2014 and "disseminated the video to numerous people and caused the video to be posted on YouTube," the lawsuit against the student charges.

The teen's "extreme and outrageous" conduct caused Ramirez severe emotional distress, according to the suit.

"You can't have sex with someone and film it without their knowledge, and post it on the Internet," Amie Pratt, one of Ramirez's lawyers, told the Daily News on Wednesday. More


Domino's Pizza apologises for using a SEX DOLL to advertise its menu in shop window

A blow-up sex doll was spotted leaning on the Domino’s Pizza counter in Shoreham with a menu Domino’s Pizza has apologised to customers after a staff member used a sex doll to display a menu in the shop window.

The blow-up blonde doll was spotted leaning on the fast food chain’s counter in Shoreham, West Sussex, with a pizza brochure resting on its breast.

Bus driver Carl Smith spotted the doll yesterday, saying: ‘I pulled up in my bus around 9am and saw a boy looking in the window with his phone taking a picture.

‘So I thought, “What is he doing?” I thought I would go check it out and saw this, to which I thought was quite funny at the time.’ More


Miami doctor caught on camera in drunken Uber rage

crazed violent doctor attacks Uber driver MIAMI - A Miami doctor has been suspended and is in danger of losing her job after a YouTube video showed her involved in a heated and physical argument with an Uber driver.

Anjali Ramkissoon, a fourth-year neurology resident with Jackson Health System, is shown on the video in what appears to be an inebriated state, berating and then attacking the unknown driver.

She spoke briefly to an ABC reporter Friday, saying, "My employer has asked that I not make any public statements at this time."

It's not known what started the confrontation in the Brickell area Sunday evening, but at the start of the video the driver asks nearby witnesses to call 911, while Ramkissoon makes the same request. More


Woman charged with public indecency at Waffle House

What kind of people do these places attract? A woman is under arrest after a naked rampage through a Waffle House restaurant, authorities said.

Jennifer Mary Henderson, 37, is jailed in Cobb County, Georgia, northwest of Atlanta. The Sheriff's Office booking report says she's been charged with aggravated battery and criminal damage to property.

She's also charged with public indecency. The incident happened last week at a Waffle House in the city of Kennesaw. More


Australian thieves left with nasty taste after accidentally siphoning sewage tank instead of petrol

It's a gas: But instead of petrol in the tank, the would-be robbers found waste It was an attempted theft that left a nasty taste in the mouth.

Criminals in Australia tried to siphon petrol from the gas tank of a bus — but accidentally tapped into the sewage tank instead.

The bus was found in the Western Australia town of Laverton with a cap on the ground beside it on the ground. Cops say that the unidentified gang got a mouthful of human waste when they tried to siphon fuel from the tank.

“We can infer they beat a very hasty retreat, with a somewhat bitter taste in their mouth,” Laverton Police Sen. Sgt. Heath Soutar said. More


Police say woman found getting high on canned air at Walmart

huff and puff and suffer OLATHE, KS - A woman is facing charges for getting high at a Johnson County Walmart.

Melissa Ann Wright is accused of huffing an industrial strength duster chemical that’s normally used to clean computers. Someone said they saw the woman huffing a can of Ultra Duster about 11 p.m. Wednesday inside the Walmart near East Santa Fe Street and South Black Bob Road. The person called 911.

The spray is supposed to be used as a cleaner. The bottle warns that inhaling it can be harmful or even cause death.

“Once it enters the system it causes the heart to become super sensitive to things like adrenaline,” said Tama Sawyer, the managing director of the University of Kansas Poison Control Center. “So if you are frightened, you can have a heart attack.”

Police called an ambulance, but said Wright refused medical attention. More


Sex in broad daylight: Shoppers in Chula Vista get an eyeful

young man gives a woman the man seed in public CHULA VISTA - Imagine watching a man and woman making out on the ground in front of a store as you shopped with your teenager.

That's exactly what happened to a store full of people in Chula Vista, but it got way more explicit. It eventually turned into a full-blown sexual escapade in front of minors.

10News anchor Itica Milanes got the tip and the video and talked to the woman who saw it all happen. Christy Peterson said, "It was unbelievable."

A man and woman, who Chula Vista police said had just met on the trolley, getting down and dirty in front of Christina's dress shop. Peterson said the man and woman seemed oblivious to the fact that it was 3:30 p.m. and they were surrounded by people in a shopping strip mall. More


People having sex with horses is on the rise in Switzerland

Oh Wilbur you need to stop that right now. More Swiss people are having sex with horses, according to a sickening new report.

There were 105 cases of the maltreatment of horses in Switzerland in 2014 — 10 percent of which involved people having sex with them, according to Tier im Recht, an animal welfare group.

“This rate is relatively elevated compared with other types of animals,” Andreas Rüttimann, a legal expert with the group, told reporters, The Local reported. There are an estimated 110,000 horses living on 18,000 Swiss farms. Experts estimate that 10,000 people in Switzerland are “predisposed” to zoophilia, according to the 20 Minuten newspaper. More


Cop Admits To Posing as Woman To Give 60 Men Oral Sex Through A Hole… But There’s More

definitely bad cop here Chesterfield, MO – A Missouri police officer has recently been exposed as a sexual predator who terrorized his community, and this week he has pleaded guilty to the first of the charges against him. Although a recent investigation has revealed that former Chesterfield police officer David E. Cerna is connected with a number of different sex crimes, the first charges against him stem from a scam that he ran on craigslist where he pretended to be a woman and lured straight men to his home for anonymous oral sex.

On the website, the 34-year-old police officer would offer free oral sex and send them a picture of a woman that he claimed to be, but when the men arrived at his home, he said he would only perform the act anonymously, through a hole in the door. At least 60 straight men were coaxed into this situation and were recorded by Cerna, who later posted the videos on pornography websites. He was later charged with invasion of privacy for recording and publishing the sex acts and plead guilty this week. More


Mile high couple cheered after PILOT sends them his best wishes over plane intercom

The couple were caught out mid-flight A jet pilot sent his best wishes over the intercom to a couple caught in “happy reproduction” in the loo on a France to Sweden flight.

Travellers on the Norwegian Airlines flight to Stockholm erupted in laughter when the captain revealed that two people had joined the mile high club during the journey.

A passenger told how he said in Swedish: "We'd like to send our best wishes of happy reproduction to the couple that ventured into the bathroom earlier on." The woman traveller, who asked not to be named, added: "People around the plane started cheering and laughing and there was a lot of gossiping about who it could have been."

The pilot shared his message of congratulations on flight D4314 from Paris to Stockholm. More


New Jersey teacher, 24, had sex with Catholic high school student

Fatima Grupico, 24, a former history teacher at the now-closed Cardinal McCarrick High School A 24-year-old history teacher at a New Jersey Catholic high school was arrested Thursday for having sex with a student, authorities said.

Fatima Grupico was charged with sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child in connection with a 17-year-old student at Cardinal McCarrick High School, according to the Office of the Middlesex County Prosecutor.

She is being held without bail, reported. The prosecutor alleges the sexual relationship took place in May at the South Amboy school, which was shuttered last month by the Diocese of Metuchen because of flagging enrollment. More



Florida man with 'My Little Pony' fetish busted on child porn charges

oh no a brony is also a clopperA Central Florida child-porn suspect told investigators he had a sexual interest in 'My Little Pony,' a Hasbro toy franchise popular with little girls, federal documents show.

Alexander Carlsson, 25, of Longwood is accused by federal officials of sending and receiving child pornography online, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Middle District of Florida said.

Orlando FBI agents identified him as a child-porn suspect and a federal judge issued a search warrant for his residence on Tuesday. The search was conducted Wednesday.

During an interview with agents, Carlsson admitted he was sexually aroused by child porn and collected mostly images of girls between the ages of 3 and 16, a criminal complaint said. He identified himself as a "clopper,'' or someone who performs a sex act while watching My Little Pony. More


Pennsylvania mom posts photo breastfeeding friend’s son and own kid as 'milk brothers'

I'm entitled to show off my boobs Jessica Anne Colletti poses with her son (r.) and her friend’s son for Breastfeeding Week The more the milkier.

Pennsylvania mom Jessica Colletti says breast-feeding is so nice, she’s doing it twice — for her own son and a friend’s. And the friend likes the plan so much, she moved in with Colletti and her husband.

“It just seemed like the natural thing to do because I was already breast-feeding my son,” said Colletti.

The milky situation started last year after Colletti met Charlie Interrante, 25, at a magazine photo shoot for new mothers, and Interrante mentioned her trouble nursing her son, Mateo, now 18 months old.

Interrante wasn’t able to pump her own milk for Mateo at her job as a barber, and Mateo had trouble digesting formula, Colletti said. More


'It tasted like pork, a tad salty but delicious': How son and his step-sister lover killed their parents before he ate a piece of their thigh

evil step father proves to be deliciousThe lawyer of an Argentine man who shot his parents dead has revealed how he 'violated' his stepfather's corpse, ate his flesh and committed an obscene act over his dead mother's body.

Leandro Acosta, 25, and his step-sister Karen Klein, 22, who have been lovers for six years, admitted to murdering their parents and burning their bodies as revenge for the 'years of sexual abuse' inflicted on them and their 11-year-old twin siblings.

Acosta's lawyer Monica Chirivin has told MailOnline the entire, gruesome story of the murder in Pilar, Buenos Aires, as told by the killer himself. From inside a special psychiatric unit, Acosta confessed he had been planning the gruesome murders of his step-father Ricardo Klein, 54, and mother Miryam Kowalczuk, 52, for some time.

His mental state had been worn away by the years of abuse he suffered at the hands of Klein, who began raping him aged six, and Kowalczuk, who 'involved him in threesomes' as a boy. More


NASA contractor secretly recorded naked boys in bathroom, hotel

NASA creeper records naked boys A 70-year-old NASA contractor secretly recorded naked boys in his house and downloaded hundreds of images of child porn, federal authorities said.

Donald E. Lawson, of Titusville, Fla., was charged Thursday after NASA investigators discovered child porn on his computer while searching for possible security breaches, according to court documents obtained by WKMG.

Lawson, a contractor for NASA working on their IT infrastructure, was fired May 29 "for multiple agency violations" after 30 years of working in administration at the Kennedy Space Center, the documents said. More


French couple having sex on ancient fortress wall fall into moat and die

French police said a couple having sex fell 40 feet from a stone fort A couple who were making love at a French fortress died after they fell into the moat.

Yesterday police said they found a man in a dried out part of the moat and his partner in a shallow patch of water at the Vauban fort in the Chausey archipelago, off France's north-western coast. A local police officer could not explain how the couple died, only saying that "the couple was found naked, with their belongings above”.

The drop into the moat is 40ft. A police source told the Le Figaro newspaper that the death was accidental and probably happened because the couple were "making love and something went wrong".

"Both individuals were born in 1984," said a police spokesman. More


NYPD cop arrested THREE times over past six months finally quits

bad cop no donut It’s tough to be a police officer when you’re wearing handcuffs.

An NYPD cop who has been arrested three times in the past six months, but kept her job as the cases wound through the courts, has resigned.

Officer Stacey Staniland, 29, busted twice for drug possession and once for burglary since December, left the NYPD Monday, sources said.

The NYPD suspended the Staten Island cop each of the three times she was arrested, but now she’ll be free to fight the charges without trying to do a job upholding the law.

Police say they caught her with a hypodermic needle and a controlled substance after she crashed her motorcycle in Staten Island on June 30.

Her fellow officers spotted the syringe in her purse when she searched for her identification, according to the NYPD. Her vehicle’s registration proved more elusive than the paraphernalia — she also got slapped with a driving an unregistered vehicle charge. More


Currituck County High School teacher charged with sex offense with student

Teacher oh teacher bang me like a kettle drum Currituck County, N.C. – A teacher at Currituck County High School has been charged after allegedly having sexual contact with a student.

On May 12th a report was filed with a Currituck County Deputy alleging 24-year-old Kimberly Lynne Umphlett had taken indecent liberties with a student.

According to the Currituck County Sheriff’s Office, the investigation found that inappropriate conduct and sexual contact with a student by Umphlett had taken place as early as April and had continued until reported by school administrators.

The case was heard by the Grand Jury on Monday and Umphlett was indicted on a charge of Felonious Sex Offense with a Student that same day. More


Migrants 'forced to have sex with bosses to get visas signed off'

Australian bosses are reportedly making migrants have sex with them Twisted employers in Australia are only signing off applications for young women to stay in the country after they meet their sexual demands, according to an official.

Queensland's anti-discrimination officer Kevin Cocks said: "Young women are asked for sexual favours to get their visa signed off.

"Often the contractors provide accommodation as well, so women are being put in quite vulnerable situations."

Backpackers working on farms as fruit and vegetable pickers are said to be most at risk. Tourists have to work for at least three months – usually on a farm – to have their one-year working holiday visas extended. More


Florida ex-teacher gets 22 years in prison for having sex with three students

another teacher banging students A former Florida teacher was sentenced to 22 years in prison Thursday for having sex dozens of times with three of her students — with one of her trysts leading to her getting an abortion.

"I wish I could go back and remove what I have done," a tearful Jennifer Fichter, 30, said in court Thursday, according to WFTS. "I hate what I have done. I wish I could go back and think about (the victims) before me."

But the victims' parents remained unforgiving. "It hurts," one mother told the court. "I saw myself losing my son before my very eyes and there was nothing I could do to reach him."

Fichter had forced her victims, who were all 17 at the time, to lie to their parents about the illegal encounters. She also used aliases when texting the boys to try covering up her sex crimes. More


Half-naked man caught 'masturbating' outside supermarket called - 'Kum and Go'

The randy customer was spotted by stunned onlookers as he pleasured himself next to his truck A half-naked man was caught allegedly pleasuring himself outside a petrol station called Kum and Go.

The suspect is accused of 'masturbating' outside the supermarket and gas station in Springdale, Arizona.

Its name encourages people to pop in and buy groceries and fuel before popping out again.

But it appears this customer popped out in his own way.

Officers say the man was last seen near the Kum and Go at 1010 North Thompson Road, in Springdale. Witnesses reportedly saw the man, without pants, masturbating next to a white Ford Ranger truck. More


Rattlesnake selfie lands man $150K doctor bill

that's one hell of a medical bill for rattlesnake bite SAN DIEGO -- A local man who was nearly killed while trying to take a selfie with a rattlesnake racked up a whopping $150,000 hospital bill.

Doctors depleted the anti-venom stash at two different hospitals to treat Todd Fassler, who as it turns out once had a pet rattlesnake of his own. He sent us video he says shows him setting his snake free.

Fassler said he had the rattlesnake for more than a year but let it go because he thinks animal services would appreciate it. More


Sex toys found hanging from Portland power lines

dangling dongs on power lines Sneakers tossed onto power lines? In Portland, something else is apparently taking their place. Sex toys.

Images of the phenomenon have circulated on social media for a few weeks. One tweet Monday read: "#Portland: All fun & games until your 6 yr old child asks, 'What are those?' as they point to the dildos in the sky."

Depending on the commenter, the number of suspended sex toys ranges from dozens to hundreds, but no official tally exists. People have documented examples in North, Northeast and Southeast Portland.

The Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement has received less than 10 calls in three weeks about them, said Susan Barr, a worker at the city and county information and referral center. People have reported them on Comcast and CenturyLink lines, she said.

"There hasn't really been a real groundswell of calls," Barr said. "Actually, most of the calls we've gotten lately have been from the media." More


CDC warns of injuries from inadvertently swallowing grill-cleaning brush bristles

get your grill on The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning of a potential health risk from grilling Americans may face this summer. But the government health agency isn't warning about fatty barbecue food or risks from fire: The danger lies in wayward bristles from brushes used to clean grills.

The CDC is urging emergency rooms around the country to be on the lookout for internal injuries that may be caused by accidental ingestion of wire grill-cleaning brush bristles. In the July 6 issue of its journal, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, the CDC describes six cases that occurred at a Providence, R.I., hospital which occurred between March 2011 and June 2012.

The injuries ranged in severity from a puncture in the neck tissue that caused pain while swallowing to a perforations in the gastrointestinal tract that required emergency surgery. More


101 arrested in child sex, prostitution sting

The two-week joint sting, known as "Operation L and P," netted 101 arrests TAVARES -- More than 100 people have been arrested in a large-scale, two-county operation that targeted cyber crimes and prostitution, authorities said Tuesday.

The two-week joint sting, known as "Operation L and P," netted 101 arrests in both Lake and Polk counties. The investigation concluded late last week. A news conference was held Tuesday morning in Tavares to release the details of the sting.

Many of the people arrested had jobs working with children, including theme park workers at Universal Orlando and SeaWorld, and a former Walt Disney World cast member who left that job before his arrest. SeaWorld also said the men charged were no longer employed at the theme park.

"These are very dangerous people and they are after our children," said Grady Judd of the Polk County Sheriff's Office. More


Sex video filmed at Neath station described as degrading, astonishing and offensive

Sex video filmed at Neath station described as degrading, astonishing and offensiveA VIDEO of a woman and three men having sex in a car park behind Neath train station has caused outrage in the town.

The video was first posted to social networks on Wednesday night, however, police have said it was recorded last summer.

The incident happened at Milland Road car park.

The link for the video has now been removed from all social networks, but not before hundreds on both Twitter and Facebook have clicked on and watched the reportedly graphic clip. More


Teacher Fired After Her Students Discover She’s A Porn Star

Teacher teacher I declare, you removed your underwear A Czech teacher has been canned after some of her students found out she had a side job – no big deal, right.

Her side job was as an amateur porn star.


A still unnamed 35-year-old teacher was recently fired from her job as a teacher after students learned (and boy did they learn) that their teacher was involved in a “casting couch”-style porn video and decided to share it with anyone with an Internet connection and hopes of reaching puberty.

Of course word got out to the student’s parents, thus killing any chance the teacher would win “teacher of the year” (unless only the teenage boys voted).

An unidentified parent quoted by the Prague Post said it was not acceptable for 15-year-old boys to be seeing their teacher in such a manner. “I don’t want to judge this person. Who knows what drove her to do it … [but] having sex for money with a stranger in front of a camera does not coincide with the educational mission,” the parent said. More


Man Named Bacon Arrested in Fight Over Sausage

Bacon wants sausage at a sausagefest A New Jersey man whose last name is Bacon was arrested after a dispute over sausage, according to police.

Around 3:30 a.m. on May 12, Madison Police Officer Lisa Esposito was dispatched on a report of a dispute at a Main Street home, Madison Police Lt. Joseph Cirella said in a news release.

After Esposito arrived, she learned that Thomas Bacon allegedly assaulted another person in the house for eating the breakfast meat, Cirella said.

Bacon was charged with simple assault and released pending an upcoming appearance in Madison Municipal Court, the lieutenant said. More


Ex-nurses jailed for sex acts in front of patient

nurses jailed for sex in front of patient SAN DIEGO — Two former registered nurses accused of engaging in sex acts together when they were being paid to care for a 98-year-old woman in her home were sentenced Tuesday to jail and placed on probation for five years.

Russel Torralba and Alfredo Ruiz, both 43, each pleaded guilty to one count of inflicting mental suffering on an elder. They each received the maximum term available under their respective plea agreements.

Torralba was sentenced to a year in county jail, minus the 273 days for which he already has credit. Ruiz was sentenced to 325 days in jail. He has credit for 10 days behind bars.

Both men were handcuffed and taken into custody at the end of the sentencing hearing. More


Sex And The Valley: Tech Guys Seek Expert Love Advice From Therapists

Tech guys are flocking to experts to learn how to talk to women and fix sexless marriages “Dan” seems at first to perfectly embody that popular object of scorn these days in San Francisco: the privileged tech worker. He’s a developer-turned-manager at a thriving startup, the type of guy you would expect to see dodging protesters at a Google bus stop or evicting low-income tenants in order to build his dream condo.

But beyond that veneer of untouchable privilege, there is a soft underbelly. He’s a 40-year-old virgin, and his troubles with women are bad enough that he’s sought out a sex therapist for help.

While being a virgin at 40 may be extreme, Dan is one of many tech guys who are driving business for the sex therapists of the San Francisco Bay Area. The counselors I’ve spoken with say that anywhere between 50 to 90 percent of their clientele are tech workers, and the vast majority of them are heterosexual men. (Tech employees were estimated in 2011 to account for only 12 percent of workers in the Bay Area.) More


Louisiana Teacher Accused Of 9-HOUR THREESOME With Teen Gets No Jail Time For OTHER Illicit Sex

teacher haves sex with teen student balling her Former Destrehan High School teacher Shelley Dufresne pleaded guilty to obscenity Thursday (April 9), admitting in court that she had sex with a 16-year-old student. The plea lets her and the student avoid a public trial, and allows her to bypass registering as a sex offender and serving three years in prison.

She must spend 90 days at an inpatient mental health facility, serve three years of active probation and pay a $1,000 fine. If she fails to complete the court-approved mental health program by the end of August, she must report to the St. Charles Parish jail Sept. 1 to serve any days for which she has not received credit, Judge Anne Simon said during the plea hearing at the Hahnville courthouse.

Dufresne also agreed to surrender her teaching license. With the parents of her former student sitting in the front row of the courtroom, Dufresne admitted to having "consensual sexual intercourse with a juvenile," as detailed in the carnal knowledge law.

"Is it true?" Simon asked Dufresne. "Yes, ma'am," she replied. More


Woman files for divorce because her husband's penis is 'too big'

The court in Zamfara State, Nigeria, granted the divorce. It was the first state in the country to introduce Sharia law A Nigerian woman filed for divorce from her husband because his penis was too big, according to media reports.

Aisha Dannupawa, a housewife and mother-of-three, asked for her marriage to husband Ali Maizinari to be dissolved due to his large manhood.

Their divorce was granted after just one week of marriage in a Islamic Sharia court in Nigeria's Zamfara State. She told the court she had married Maizinari after her first marriage failed. As part of the local tradition, before settling into her husband's home the bride was invited to move into his parents' house.

But it was only when the couple first had sex she claimed that the trauma began. 'When he came, we had sex but the experience was a nightmare. Instead of enjoying the sex, it turned out to be something else, because his penis was too big,' she told the court, according to Nigeria's Tribune. More


Teacher Arrested and Accused of Burning Message Into Students

government orders food to be wasted SALEM, Oregon — An Oregon science teacher who police say used a Tesla coil to burn a phrase into the arms of students has been arrested.

Salem Police Lt. Steve Birr says 37-year-old Samuel Dufner was arrested Tuesday at South Salem High School.

Birr says students used the coil in an exercise last Thursday. Dufner noted it could also be used to mark the skin and asked for volunteers.

What did Dufner burn into the students….

Dufner burned “I love mom” — with a heart to symbolize the word love — into their arms. More


"Serial bride" arrested for having 10 husbands

government orders food to be wasted NEW YORK - Never a bridesmaid, always a bride!

Police say New York City woman Liana Barrientos faces fraud charges after allegedly marrying 10 different men over an 11-year period. The Bronx District Attorney says Barrientos had as many as eight husbands at once.

Barrientos is charged with filing a fake instrument, i.e. a phony marriage license and application. The DA's office says she faced two counts of felony fraud at her arraignment Friday, where she pleaded not guilty. If convicted, the DA says she could get up to four years in prison.

The criminal complaint alleges the 39-year-old woman obtained two of the marriage licenses in the Bronx. It says the others were obtained all over Westchester County and Long Island. The first one allegedly was obtained in 1999. More


New Jersey teacher, mom of 2, had sex with 6 different students ages 14 and 15

Nicole DuFault, 35, allegedly had sex with six different young teen students, according to a grand jury's indictment. New Jersey teacher took advantage of six different students ages 14 and 15, having sex with them at school and in her car, for more than a year, prosecutors say.

Among the damning evidence is video of 35-year-old Nicole DuFault — the single mother of two young children — performing oral sex on one of the boys while another victim was nearby, according to prosecutors, who levied 40 counts of aggravated sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child against the former Columbia High School teacher.

The Maplewood, N.J., teacher was busted in September and originally charged with having sex with three students. But two more victims were discovered shortly after and a grand jury, which indicted the teacher on Tuesday, found a sixth.. More


Nude model Zoe West busted in Times Square while being painted by artist Andy Golub

New York's Finest bust Times Square's nude-est, Zoe West, for going bare The naked city saw a nude model busted in Times Square Tuesday - with nothing on but a few swirls of body paint.

Zoe West, 21, who was being painted by artist Andy Golub, was hauled by cops to a midtown precinct house once she bared her buff body to a shocked matinee crowd at the pedestrian plaza at 44th St. and Broadway.

"It was wild," said the Ulster County actress, who shed an olive onesie and black G-string to be painted in public for 2-1/2 hours. "I walked into the precinct, and there were about six cops standing behind the counter. Everyone went, 'Whoa! What's this?'"

After an hour in unclothed custody, West was released without charges. More


Student may spend year in jail for masturbation cam in college library

Kendra Sutherland rubbed tits and pussy in college library In Corvallis, Oregon, a 19-year-old is facing a public indecency charge that might put her behind bars for filming herself masturbating in the campus library of Oregon State University.

Oregon State Police charged student Kendra Sunderland on Tuesday after obtaining footage of her video, which shows Sunderland flashing and mooning the camera several times and touching herself. The video was taken in October on the sixth floor of OSU’s Valley Library. (She was a student at the time of the video’s production, though now she is not currently enrolled in classes.)

The video runs a little over half an hour and went viral. The school found out about it on the same day that they alerted the authorities.

“This is not how we want the university to be perceived,” said OSU spokesperson Steve Clark. “This is not what Oregon State is about.” More


Tutu-Clad Assault Suspect Suffers "Transvestic Fetishism"

The defense said Schwartz suffered from drug-induced “transvestic fetishism” The defense attorney for a man accused of a bizarre sexual assault in a Big Lots bathroom said the attack - and the pink Barbie costume he wore during the assault - were brought on by the use of drugs.

Opening statements from the defense claimed that Gregory Philip Schwartz, 41, was drunk and high on meth, and had been up for hours at the time of the assault. She said Schwartz suffered from drug-induced “transvestic fetishism."

Some evidence, including the stolen Barbie costume, was presented and testimony was heard from the victim, a Big Lots employee and a security guard who encountered the defendant the day of the attack. More


Naked woman in Florida stops traffic near Orlando by masturbating in front of a car

government orders food to be wasted A naked woman stopped traffic Sunday night when she touched herself in front of one couple's car and then climbed onto the hood, Orlando police said.

While atop the vehicle, Amie Carter, 31, stomped on the hood and threw a cellphone at car stopped behind the vehicle she was standing on, according to an arrest report. Carter was arrested and taken to Orange County Jail.

She was charged with criminal mischief and exposure of sexual organs. Amie Carter Amie Carter (Orange County Jail) Officers responded to East Par Street and Formosa Avenue about 11:15 p.m. Sunday regarding a naked woman walking in traffic. More


Human feces found in closet where couple spent 2 days

Amber Campbell, left, and John Arwood Daytona Beach, Fl. – A couple believed they were trapped inside a janitor’s closet at Daytona State College for two days until police let them out – and then arrested them.

31-year-old John Arwood and 25-year-old Amber Campbell were charged with trespassing, according to Volusia County Corrections Department’s online inmate locator. Campbell is also accused of violating parole.

The pair told police they were chased into a closet in the college’s Marine and Environmental Science Center on Sunday, the Orlando Sentinel reported. More


Ex-gym teacher busted for student sex romps

teacher gives special instruction to teen A former Catholic high school gym teacher was arrested Monday on charges she repeatedly had sex with a 16-year-old male student — including on the Staten Island campus, law enforcement sources told The Post.

Megan Mahoney, 24, was charged with 30 counts of statutory rape for a series of trysts that authorities say took place between Oct. 31, 2013, and Jan. 9.

Mahoney romped with the teen “on numerous occasions, that is at least two times per week during the period,” court papers claim. She also was charged with four counts of “criminal sexual act” because of mutual oral sex that she and the boy allegedly engaged in “at least two times per month during said period.”

An investigation by the NYPD’s Special Victims Squad revealed that some of the alleged encounters took place on school grounds, a source said. More


Dancing man flashes drivers at busy intersection

doing the dirty dance NORTH FORT MYERS - A North Fort Myers man was arrested after a deputy said she witnessed him drop his pants at a busy intersection and begin dancing.

The incident unfolded Monday morning near the intersection of US-41 and Pine Island Road when a deputy observed three people walking in the crosswalk with bicycles just after 1 a.m.

The deputy said one person in the group, later identified as Clayton Cornelison, stopped in the middle of the crosswalk, set his bicycle down and pulled down his shorts.

Shortly after, the man proceeded to "shake his penis by moving his hips in a circular motion and proceeded to dance in the middle of the intersection with his pants around his ankles in the direction of oncoming traffic," according to the arrest report. More


The toilet taboo

Lack of bowel control is a growing phenomenon The “Asher Yatzar” blessing that religious Jews make every time they leave the bathroom might seem comical to some, but in fact it’s quite a gift when one’s gastroenterological and urological systems function as intended.

A growing number of people – and not only the elderly – can’t take this for granted. Enuresis, the inability to control urination, is trouble enough, although there are ways to deal with it.

But fecal incontinence (FI) – when the stools leak unexpectedly from the rectum and anus – is an even more embarrassing condition that few patients mention to their doctors.

Many individuals hide at home and give up on social life due to FI, get depressed and even keep the “secret” from their family. More


Hungry women trash McDonald’s after arriving too late for McGriddles

hogs posing as women trash McDonalds Morning hunger allegedly led to the total destruction of the interior of a McDonald’s restaurant’s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania recently after two women reportedly missed a deadline for breakfast.

The altercation ended with a chair-throwing, broomstick-breaking brawl earlier this month, and one eyewitness captured the entire event on video.

The footage, reportedly taken from within the McDonald’s located on 52nd and Chestnut Street in Philadelphia on November 3, shows two women verbally arguing with two men by the door of an eatery, then cuts to one of the females warning, “I will smack the shit out of you.” More


Sex offender playing Santa arrested in Lee’s Summit

Creepy Santa - would you let your child sit on his lap? LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — A 50-year-old sex offender meeting and greeting Kansas City area children as Santa Claus has been busted for not registering his employment.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office said 50-year-old James Russell Gray, of Lee's Summit, was working as a local Santa Claus impersonator. The sheriff's office received a confidential tip about Gray posing as Santa.

"Although it is not illegal to play Santa, Gray was arrested and charged with failure to register as a sex offender for not reporting his employment as lawfully required," the Jackson County Sheriff's Office said in a news release.

The sheriff's office said Gray did not work at an area mall or other business that caters to children. Gray worked in customer service at a home decor store and would at times interact with customers while dressed up as Santa. More


Indiana man charged again after prompting bestiality law

bestiality is not best A man whose animal cruelty conviction led Indiana lawmakers to pass a law making sexual relations with animals a crime faces another charge of sexually abusing an animal.

Forty-two-year-old Michael C. Bessigano was arrested Friday at his Lake County home on charges of bestiality and two other felony counts.

The Times of Munster reports prosecutors allege Bessigano sexually abused and killed a guinea fowl at a Lowell park.

Bessigano served more than four years in prison for a 2002 animal cruelty conviction for having sex with a chicken and killing it. More


Move over Kim Kardashian, Indianara Carvalho crowned Miss BumBum 2014

Miss BumBum rules Kim Kardashian’s butt may have been all over the news here last week, but in Brazil Indianara Carvalho’s well-formed rump is the one making headlines. Earlier this week, the 22-year old stunner claimed the 2014 Miss BumBum title.

Showing off her curvy behind to a panel of judges, Carvalho, from the state of Santa Catarina, beat out the other 14 finalists – including pre-contest favorite Claudia Allende – to claim the title of best butt in Brazil and a check worth more than $24,000.

“Whatever happens, I thank God first. Yesterday was a very special night for me and also for all the people who love me and believe in me,” Carvalho gushed on her Instagram account. More


Woman Busted For Motorcycle Pleasure Session

Karen Dilworth, 50, is accused of masturbating on a motorcycle in front of a 13-year-old boy A Florida woman is being fingered for lewd and lascivious behavior after allegedly masturbating on a motorcycle in her garage, while the door was open.

Cops in Ormond Beach, Florida received a 911 call from a woman reporting that “a white female in her 30s with a black and white dress was masturbating on a motorcycle.”

The garage door was open and several neighbors said they witnessed the alleged display, including a 13-year-old boy.

According to a charging affidavit, witness Katherine Marriott called police upon returning to her Pine Cone Trail residence with her juvenile son and a male adult.

As she arrived home in her car, Marriott noticed a motorcycle pulled into the garage of a neighboring home.

“A half naked female was sitting backwards” on the motorcycle, Marriott told police, adding that the woman was facing the street. More


Worker hid $1,200 worth of meat in pants

protein theft puzzles state police CROTON-ON-HUDSON, N.Y. — A New York supermarket employee has been accused of leaving the store with $1,200 worth of meat hidden in his pants.

State police say Gregory Rodriguez, of Ossining, is charged with fourth-degree grand larceny.

Rodriguez works at the A&P in Croton-on-Hudson. Police were called Monday about the theft. Rodriguez was arrested Tuesday.

A state police spokeswoman, Trooper Melissa McMorris, says the theft occurred in one day. She did not know if it involved more than one trip to the store. More


Married Georgia teacher had threesome with students in classroom, another tryst at local Waffle House

Lori Quigley, 41, had two sexual encounters with the teens A married Georgia high school teacher had a threesome with two students in a classroom, then met up with one of the students at a Waffle House for another sexual tryst, prosecutors say.

Lori Quigley, 41, faces several sexual assault charges in the case — and authorities fear there may be other victims.

"We think there's more out there," Major Danny Lowe of the McIntosh County Sheriff’s Office told WAWS-TV.

"The charges are serious, all three felonies.”

Quigley resigned from her position as math teacher at McIntosh County Academy earlier this month and was then arrested at her Brunswick home last week. More


Gravedigger suspended after picture of him posing with an exhumed corpse goes viral

A Spanish gravedigger has been suspended after a creepy picture of him posing with an exhumed corpse went viral A Spanish gravedigger has been suspended after a creepy picture of him posing with an exhumed corpse went viral.

The cemetery worker reportedly dug up the body of a man who'd died 23 years ago so his recently deceased wife could be added to the family tomb. But when he opened the crypt he discovered that the man's body had become mummified and was still practically intact.

Rather than break up the body so another corpse could fit into the same space straight away, he decided to contact members of the deceased man's family. His nephew and niece arrived — and the woman took a photograph of her dead relative standing next to the digger and her living relation.

The niece is then believed to have sent the snap to another family member via messaging service WhatsApp. It then quickly spread and was posted on several different social media sites. More


Pennsylvania woman, 40, used boy, 13, for sex and drugs

Police said Jesse Kuhns had sex with a 13-year-old boy and made him fake a toothache so he could get painkillers for her A Latrobe woman, 40, allegedly had sex with a 13-year-old boy in her home and took prescription painkillers prescribed to him on three occasions under the pretense of toothache pain, city police said.

Jesse L. Kuhns of Thompson Street is accused of having sex with the boy when he slept at her former home on Miller Street sometime between March 1 and 5, according to a criminal complaint.

Kuhns allegedly told the boy afterward not to tell anyone or “I will hurt you and bring your family down,” police said.

Kuhns exposed her breasts to the boy in August and October 2013 and propositioned him, but he declined, police said. Kuhns allegedly obtained the painkiller hydrocodone from the boy when he was given a prescription at Excela Latrobe Hospital's emergency room on Oct. 23, 2013, and Feb. 27 and March 5, under the ruse of having a toothache. The teen told police Kuhns coached him how to act as if he had jaw or neck pain. More


Snapping photo of woman's butt lands man behind bars

man snaps sneak upskirt photo gets arrested A Brownsville man is behind bars and facing deportation after he allegedly snapped of a woman's buttocks without her permission.

Brownsville police arrested 22-year-old Pedro Elimeleo Zuniga-Martinez on an improper visual photography charge early Saturday afternoon.

Investigators told Action 4 News that officers were called out to used car lot on the 1700 block of U.S. Highway 77/83 for a disturbance.

A woman there told police that she went there to buy a car but employee Zuniga-Martinez took pictures of her without her consent.

The woman believed that Zuniga-Martinez took a picture of her buttocks but could not find the photo on his phone. More


Cheltenham restaurant's breastfeeding sign goes viral after offering mums free tea and place to relax

The sign was written by the manager of the Brasserie Blanc in Cheltenham after a shattered mother came in desperately needing a break A restaurant in Cheltenham has punctuated the steady stream of stories of women being told not to breastfeed in public with one very different.

Brasserie Blanc hung a chalkboard on an umbrella outside its establishment which read: “Breastfeeding mums – Pop in & have a free cup of tea if you need a pit stop… no need to eat, no need to ask – please relax :)”

A picture of the signboard was posted to parenting Facebook page, RefreshMe, and promptly won applauds from parents across the country, while being shared almost 8,000 times and liked 11,500.

French restaurant chain Brasserie Blanc is owned by celebrity chef Raymond Blanc.

The breastfeeding-friendly sign was the brainchild of Emma O’Connor, General Manager of the Cheltenham branch. More


3 arrested during sex romp at public hot tub in Arizona

Gina Marie Rayner, Anthony Vechiola and Jennifer Duchnowski An Arizona man and two women were arrested on public sex charges after they were busted in the middle of a romp in an apartment complex hot tub, cops said.

Anthony Vechiola, 30, his 28-year-old girlfriend, Gina Marie Rayner, and Jennifer Duchnowski, 29, continued to have sex after cops told them to stop in the public spa at the Peoria complex on Sunday night, KPHO-TV reported.

The officers — who were called to the scene by a neighbor who reported a small child wandering around the Grey Star Sierra Apartments and calling for his “mommy” — stopped the sexcapades by physically separating them, the news station reported.

As cops questioned the lovers, who all appeared heavily intoxicated, an officer heard the 5-year-old boy calling for his mother. More


Naked women and men: Reality TV sheds inhibitions in latest ‘lazy’ shtick for more viewers

Discovery's latest reality TV hit is Naked and Afraid NEW YORK — A male contestant on a new VH1 dating show didn’t beckon a woman to walk in front of him out of politeness. He wanted to check her out from behind, and didn’t need to use his imagination.

The Dating Naked series is the latest example of reality television’s newest trend. Nudity is hot, no longer confined to late-night premium cable.

Leading the way is Discovery’s Naked and Afraid, where a man and woman who don’t know each other fend for themselves in the wilderness for three weeks without a stitch between them. That program’s success since its June 2013 premiere begat VH1’s Dating Naked and TLC’s real estate show, Buying Naked, with more in the planning stages.

What’s the appeal? Well, what do you think?

In a world of endless choices, titillation lures. So does a catchy title, and the word “naked” jumps off the program guide. More


Florida grandmother sentenced to six months in jail for public sex with younger man

Peggy Klemm, 68, and David Bobilya, 49, were arrested after they were spotted having sex at a public pavilion near the Florida retirement community where the woman lived A married 68-year-old grandmother was sentenced to six months in jail after she pleaded guilty to having sex in public with another, younger man outside a Florida retirement community.

A weeping Peggy Klemm appeared before a judge at a Sumter County courtroom to face charges stemming from her June 2 romp with David Bobilya, 49, at the pavilion at Lake Sumter Landing Market Square.

“I love you,” she told her husband of 50 years as she pleaded no contest to indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.

Klemm — a mother of four with 14 grandchildren — was arrested for the tryst outside her retirement home at The Villages just four days after she was placed on probation for being drunk while driving a golf cart. More


Arrested Japanese artist: 'My vagina is not obscene'

Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi shows a small mascot shaped like a vagina SEOUL, South Korea — Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi, who goes by the alias “Good For Nothing Child,” finds herself in an unusual bind in a country known for its blunt eroticism: fighting obscenity charges for a crowd-sourcing effort to build a kayak modeled after her own vagina.

After she sent out computer data on her vagina to more than 30 people, the 42-year-old artist was arrested on June 12 and accused of distributing “obscene” files. She was released this week but could still face criminal charges, which could carry up to two years in prison.

“I had no idea why I had to be arrested and detained because I don’t believe my vagina is anything obscene,” she said. “I was determined I would never yield to police power.” More


High-end prostitute accused of murder on yacht

Alix Tichelman charged with murder SANTA CRUZ >> Police arrested a 26-year-old high-priced call girl from Georgia on Friday after she shot heroin into a Santa Cruz tech executive on his yacht and fled when he overdosed.

Alix Catherine Tichelman and 51-year-old Forrest Timothy Hayes found each other online and had met a few times before their Nov. 23 encounter on Hayes' 50-foot yacht, Escape, at the Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor, said Santa Cruz Deputy Police Chief Steve Clark.

Tichelman provided heroin for Hayes, a Google executive, while they were inside the yacht, police said.

A surveillance video from the boat shows that Hayes was "suffering medical complications" and lost consciousness, Clark said.

She made no effort to help him, and instead gathered her belongings and even gulped a glass of wine before she drew a window blind and left, the video shows. More


Naked woman stabs 3 women during street fight in McKees Rocks

Naked woman attacks Police are searching for a naked woman who waded into the middle of a street melee Monday afternoon in the Hays Manor section of McKees Rocks and stabbed or slashed three of the combatants before fleeing.

The fight, apparently provoked by a love triangle involving women from two buildings, erupted shortly after 4:30 p.m. along Locust Street, Allegheny County Housing Authority Police Chief Mike Vogel said. One woman accompanied by a friend met the other woman accompanied by two friends in what Vogel described as “a mutual combative” situation. More


Amcu miners eating human flesh for muti

devouring human flesh “We took some of the flesh of the security [officer]. It was to make our muti strong.”

This was one of the confessions made by Mr X during his first day of testifying at the Marikana commission on Thursday.

Mr X, who was one of the striking miners at Marikana in 2012, is under police witness protection and his long-awaited testimony is now being heard in-camera.

While his evidence was being led by Advocate Frank Mathibedi, who represents the South African Police Service (SAPS), Mr X told how they took pieces of flesh from one of the Lonmin security guards who was killed by the striking miners on August 12 2012. They did this on the instruction of inyangas (traditional healers) to make the muti, used during the rituals with the strikers, strong. More


Woman Charged With Prostitution In Tewksbury Library

library hooker nabbed TEWKSBURY – A 20-year-old woman has been charged with prostitution at the Tewksbury Public Library.

Police say they got a tip Tuesday that someone was soliciting sex in the library, so they sent in an undercover officer.

The plain clothes detective claimed Brittany Macintyre of Nashua, New Hampshire approached him immediately and handed him a pen and a piece of paper. The two passed notes back and forth until she allegedly asked for $60 in exchange for a sex act. More


Groceries looted from Texas car wreck that killed mother of two

Thieves grabbed the groceries right out of the front seat as the mother sat dead in the driver's seat and her two small kids were injured in the back seat Thieves ignored two injured kids and their dead mother Wednesday as they looted a Houston car of its groceries after it smashed into a tree.

The mother had just been to a school graduation and stopped by the grocery store. On the way home, but afterward, the family's auto hit another car, according to Houston's KTRK.

Shocked, crying onlookers watched police and first responders take care of the scene after the car hit a tree, killing the mother on impact. But looters took the groceries out of the front seat before first responders even had a chance to get there.

“They stole the groceries after she had the accident — and the kids were injured. That’s very low,” an unnamed witness told the TV station. More


Treatment center director accused of sexually abusing teen resident

a teen had to cope with her SPANISH FORK — The former program director for a Utah County center that treats juveniles for sexual behavior problems and pornography addiction has been arrested and accused of sexual misconduct with a 15-year-old resident.

Teresa Lee Cope, 34, of Springville, was arrested and booked into the Utah County Jail last week for investigation of sexual activity with a minor, unlawful custodial sexual relations and sex abuse of a minor. She was released on Friday when her husband posted bail, according to the Utah County Sheriff's Office.

Cope was program director at the Birdseye Residential Treatment Center when she sexually abused a 15-year-old boy from April 15 to May 31, 2013, a police affidavit filed in 4th District Court states. Cope was 33 at the time of the alleged assaults. More


South Korean gamer arrested after son starves to death

South Korean gamer fail Seoul (AFP) - South Korean police said Tuesday they had arrested a man for apparently allowing his infant son to starve to death while spending days playing online games at Internet cafes.

The case will likely fuel an ongoing debate about the problem of compulsive online gaming in South Korea, where parliament is considering a bill to classify the activity as potentially addictive as drugs, gambling and alcohol.

The 22-year-old man surnamed Chung was arrested Monday after the badly decomposed body of the two-year-old was found in a trash bag near the southeastern city of Daegu, city police said.

The case received extensive media coverage, with TV stations airing CCTV footage of Chung in the elevator of his apartment block, nonchalantly checking his hair in the mirror with one hand while holding a trash bag allegedly containing his dead son in the other. More


Woman jailed for 20 years for killing baby with 'morphine breast milk'

Stephanie Greene was convicted of of homicide by child abuse A South Carolina woman who killed her baby daughter by giving her what prosecutors say was a fatal dose of morphine through her breast milk has been jailed for 20 years.

Former nurse Stephanie Greene, 39, was convicted in Spartanburg on Friday of homicide by child abuse, involuntary manslaughter and unlawful conduct toward a child.

Six-week-old Alexis died of respiratory failure on 13 November 2010 - a toxicology report from the baby's autopsy found a level of morphine in the child's body that a pathologist testified could have been lethal for an adult.

Prosecutor Barry Barnette said Greene knew the dangers of taking painkillers while pregnant and breastfeeding and had obtained the prescription drugs by concealing her pregnancy from doctors. She lost her nursing license in 2004 for trying to get drugs illegally. More


Hialeah City Official Put Glass Pipe In Rectum Before Arrest

hiding a crack pipe in the ass MIAMI – A police report details how a high-ranking Hialeah official managed to hide a glass pipe from police by inserting it in his rectum just before he was arrested last December.

Carlos López, 45, who at the time was the city’s purchasing director, was arrested on in Fort Lauderdale for using methamphetamine while driving through the city’s downtown area reported CBS4 news partner, The Miami Herald.

“López appeared visually shaken and seating. Lopez’s face was flushed from an apparent rise in body temperature and pupils were dilated,” said the arrest report, signed by an officer identified as R. Goderstad. “As Lopez searched for his license I observed involuntary muscle spasms in Lopez’s face as well as slurred repetitive speech. These symptoms are consistent with being under the influence of methamphetamine.” More


Fight over fast food ends with torched car

Big Mac attack - McDonalds run ends in care fire JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Action News viewers say a car engulfed in flames at a Southside McDonald's was set on fire intentionally.

The fire was spotted outside the McDonald's on Beach Boulevard near St. Johns Bluff just after 12:30 Sunday morning.

Sabryna Maré was there.

"They were going at it," said Maré of the couple who was standing behind her in line.

"She was saying she wanted this and wanted that, and she wanted either a McFlurry or an ice cream on top and he was not in for it. Then he was yelling at her saying he's not going to do it." More


Psychopaths: how can you spot one?

Anders Breivik, the Norwegian gunman who killed 77 people in a bomb and shooting rampage in 2011 There are a few things we take for granted in social interactions with people. We presume that we see the world in roughly the same way, that we all know certain basic facts, that words mean the same things to you as they do to me. And we assume that we have pretty similar ideas of right and wrong.

But for a small – but not that small – subset of the population, things are very different. These people lack remorse and empathy and feel emotion only shallowly. In extreme cases, they might not care whether you live or die. These people are called psychopaths. Some of them are violent criminals, murderers. But by no means all.

Professor Robert Hare is a criminal psychologist, and the creator of the PCL-R, a psychological assessment used to determine whether someone is a psychopath.

For decades, he has studied people with psychopathy, and worked with them, in prisons and elsewhere. “It stuns me, as much as it did when I started 40 years ago, that it is possible to have people who are so emotionally disconnected that they can function as if other people are objects to be manipulated and destroyed without any concern,” he says. More


Tattooed-children case moves to Campbell County grand jury

inking the children leads to big trouble RUSTBURG — A Campbell County judge on Monday certified charges to a grand jury against a mother and her boyfriend in connection with the tattooing of two children without consent.

Melissa Delp, 35, and Daniel Janney, 32, are charged with two counts each of malicious wounding and child neglect. The charges stem from efforts to remove tattoos on the children, who were younger than age 13 at the time, according to the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office.

Alexander Edwards, a family friend, is charged with two counts of malicious wounding, two counts of abduction and two counts of felony child abuse. Edwards was taking care of the children Dec. 22, 2013, when the children were tattooed without their consent or the consent of their parents, Maj. L.T. Guthrie of the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office has said. More


Nursing home hired strippers for patients

Bernice Youngblood, 85, slips a dollar bill into the briefs of a stripper The elderly residents of a Long Island nursing home saw their shuffleboards replaced by washboard abs when they were subjected to a low-rent Chippendale’s striptease in the facility’s rec room, a new lawsuit claims.

The son of one resident, 85-year-old Bernice Youngblood, was shocked when he showed up for a visit and found a picture of his mom stuffing dollar bills — which are supposed to be locked away in her commissary account — into a dancer’s briefs.

The image also showed several of Youngblood’s fellow residents at the East Neck Nursing Center in West Babylon looking on with a mix of shock and delight as the dancers bumped and ground for their amusement.

Youngblood’s family immediately expressed their outrage to the staff — but were ignored, according to the suit. More


11 arrested for serving human meat at Nigerian hotel restaurant

bush meat served up right long pig style Onitsha police arrested 11 people after they discovered 2 fresh human heads in a hotel (name withheld) very close to the popular Ose-Okwodu market in Anambra state.2 AK47 rifles & other weapons were also discovered in the hotel.

The arrest followed tip-offs from area residents on Thursday morning.

The hotel owner, 6 women and 4 men were arrested.

After police got access to the hotel, they made a startling discovery of two human heads wrapped in a cellophane bag, two AK47 rifles, two army caps, 40 rounds of live ammunition and so many cell phones.

“Each time I came to market, because the hotel is very close to the market, I always noticed funny movements in and out of the hotel; dirty people with dirty characters always come into the hotel. So, I was not surprised when the police made this discovery in the early hours of yesterday,” said a vegetable seller in the area.

The court documents say Powell also allegedly sent one of the students a nude photo of herself in a bathtub through Snapchat. More


Drama Teacher Kelly Burgess Accused Of Having Sex With Teen Schoolboy

teacher gives student extra special lessons A theater teacher in Newport, South Wales is accused of having sexual contact with a teenage student.

Kelly Burgess, 26, is charged with four counts of sexual activity with a boy between the age of 13 and 17, according to the Telegraph. The alleged victim's exact age was not reported.

Burgess was suspended from her job as a drama teacher at St Katherine’s School in Bristol, England.

"I don't want to say anything. I'm OK, thank you." Burgess said through tears when asked for comment by the Telegraph. More



Woman Finds Cell Phone Video Of Boyfriend Having Sex With Dog

bow wow baby A woman looking through her boyfriend's old cell phone saw video of him having sex with her dog. Now the man faces up to two years behind bars.

Wayne Bryson, 19, of Lincolnshire, U.K., confessed to having intercourse with the woman's Staffordshire bull terrier, the Grimsby Telegraph reports.

He told the court he had no explanation. Bryson, who also admitted to marijuana possession, was granted bail provided he steer clear of animals, the report notes.

Stateside, bestiality arrests have quadrupled in six years, according to the ASPCA. In fact, a St. Augustine, Fla., man recently received an eight-year sentence in a bestiality case. More


Teacher Meredith Powell teaches students how to 'multiply'

another teacher using students to get her groove on A 24-year-old high school math teacher is accused of having sexual contact with two students in her classroom and exchanging inappropriate texts and nude photos.

Meredith Powell, who taught at Lincoln High School in Tacoma, allegedly performed oral sex on a 15-year-old and, in a separate incident, had sexual contact with a then 15-year-old while the rest of the school was attending an assembly last month.

Court documents obtained by KIRO claim Powell admitted her illegal behavior, though she pleaded not guilty on Friday to two counts of third-degree child rape and one count of communication with a minor for immoral purposes, according to the News Tribune.

The court documents say Powell also allegedly sent one of the students a nude photo of herself in a bathtub through Snapchat. More


Father who let his 12-year-old daughter marry believes he did nothing wrong

Police have charged a Muslim cleric with conducting an illegal marriage between a 26-year-old man and a 12-year-old girl A father who allegedly let his 12-year-old daughter marry a man 14 years her senior believes he has done nothing wrong, a court has heard.

The father, who was arrested on Wednesday, is the third person to be charged in relation to the widely condemned wedlock.

The 2013 marriage was allegedly between a 12-year-old girl and a 26-year-old man in the NSW Hunter region.

Police say the 26-year-old man became involved in an ongoing sexual relationship with the girl and this week charged him with 25 counts of sexual intercourse with a child between 10 and 14 years of age.

The girl’s 61-year-old father was charged on Wednesday with procuring a child for unlawful sexual activity and being an accessory before the fact to sexual intercourse with a person between 10 and 14 years of age. More


Rocklin police say teacher texted teen for sex

dude gets his freak being a creepy teacher Rocklin police have arrested a Whitney High School teacher for allegedly texting a teen for sex or naked pictures.

Richard Eldredge, 41, of Sacramento, was arrested on suspicion of unlawful contact with a minor for unlawful sexual purposes. Eldredge, a theater arts teacher, has been placed on administrative leave by the Rocklin Unified School District.

The 17-year-old female victim told officers that Eldredge more than once texted her for sex or naked photos, according to a police press release. More


Arizona man killed son with an ax because he thought the boy was a demon

demons of the kingdom hall An Arizona man confessed to killing his teenage son with an ax on New Year’s Eve because he thought the boy was a demon, police said.

Investigators said 51-year-old Gary Sherrill, of Phoenix, was afraid of his son, David, and believed the boy was going to eat him.

The teen’s mother asked police to check on the boy Tuesday because her ex-husband had not returned him, as scheduled, and she hadn’t been able to reach either of them by phone.

Sherrill initially told police the boy wasn’t home, but police persuaded him to invite them into the house.

“Once inside, they located the 13-year-old male victim, David Sherrill, deceased with obvious signs of trauma,” Martos said. “Sadly, the victim sustained stab wounds and lacerations to several parts of his body.” More


Palm Bay man charged for sex acts with family dog

suicide shopper in China WEST MELBOURNE, Fla. - A Palm Bay man was arrested after police say home surveillance video caught him in sexual acts involving his family's dog.

Joshua Werbicki, 22, was charged last week with animal cruelty and sexual acts involving animals.

According to the police report, the family had noticed the German shepherd mix showing signs of physical injury and was fearful when approached by family members, so they installed a video system.

Police said the sexual acts involving the dog were caught on video, leading to Werbicki's arrest his place of employment, Papa John's on Minton Road in West Melbourne. More


Holiday Shopper Arrested For Relieving Himself On Carpet At Radio Shack Store

a real whiz at Radio Shack Meet John Posey.

The 65-year-old holiday shopper was arrested Saturday afternoon for allegedly urinating on merchandise and the carpet at a Radio Shack in Arkansas.

Posey, who “smelled of intoxicants” and had his pants unzipped, initially denied urinating in the store when questioned by a cop, according to a Paragould Police Department report.

But after being arrested for public intoxication, Posey confessed, saying “I had to pee bad.” When Corporal Kenneth Hall asked Posey why he did not just ask to use the Radio Shack bathroom, he replied, “Stores usually won’t let you…so I didn’t ask.” More


Chinese woman literally nags man to death

suicide shopper in China CHINA - a 38-year-old man leaped to his death after an argument with his girlfriend who insisted they continue shopping. CCTV captured Tao Hsiao and his girlfriend in a mall in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, east China where they had reportedly been shopping for five hours or so before he hit his limit.

Eyewitnesses said Hsiao could be heard telling his girlfriend that they already had more bags than they could carry, but she insisted on hitting one more store where there was a sale on shoes. An eyewitness said: "He told her she already had enough shoes, more shoes that she could wear in a lifetime, and it was pointless buying any more. She started shouting at him, accusing him of being a skinflint, and of spoiling Christmas. It was a really heated argument."

The argument continued until Hsiao threw the bags on the floor and himself over the balcony, dropping seven stories to his death and smashing Christmas decorations on the way down. He was killed on impact. More


Man stole delivery truck because he was 'running from zombies'

zombies torment man into stealing truck After stealing a newspaper delivery truck from a gas station, an intoxicated Apple Valley man told police that he took it because he was “running from zombies,” according to criminal charges filed this week.

Garrett Howard Hurlbut, 23, was charged with stealing a motor vehicle on Sept. 29. Just after 1 a.m., according to court documents, Hurlbut stole the Star Tribune delivery truck while its driver was dropping off newspapers inside an Apple Valley Kwik Trip on W. 145th St.

Police found Hurlbut near the truck several blocks away, at 140th Street and Cedar Avenue. He told police that he had “jumped or fell from the truck” and was “running from zombies,” according to the criminal complaint. More


Model and mother-of-three busted in sextortion plot against married millionaire

hypergamy whore at her finest moment A former model and real estate agent is facing jail time for attempting to extort over $250,000 from a wealthy married Michigan businessman.

Mirella Dzioba, 33, hatched a scheme to blackmail the 61-year-old executive after meeting him at a property sale close in July.

Suggesting the pair went for drinks following the sale, Dzioba came onto the victim and flattered him on a dinner date by suggesting that she 'enjoyed strong men' and encouraged him to speak to her in a sexual manner.

The man, who is named in FBI affidavits only as a 'wealthy businessman in the Detroit metropolitan area', followed the married mother-of-three's lead and 'was also encouraged by Dzioba to subsequently leave several similar voice messages'.

The two agreed to a second date at which Dzioba, 'inquired about the extent of the victim's wealth' and brought him into her confidence by asking him to help her financially with a charity she was running.

After this meeting, the FBI claims that the former model who is of Bosnian descent sent the victim, 'what could fairly be described as suggestive photographs'. More


In Germany, clothing is often optional

getting in the buff in Germany GLOWE, Germany — On a balmy summer day, the Schaabe looks like a slice of paradise. The narrow spit of forest-covered land is fringed by a 6-mile beach of fine white sand lapped by the deep blue Baltic Sea.

Kids splash in the gentle surf, couples stroll hand-in-hand along the shore, families picnic on herring and beer, a naked guy stands in line at the ice-cream trolley.

In fact, there are naked people all over the place. This is one of hundreds of FKK beaches across Germany that are open to followers of nudism, known here as Freikoerperkultur — Free Body Culture.

Other countries set aside remote spots for naturists to indulge in their love of stripping bare. In Germany, beaches along the Baltic coast tend to let them hang out alongside those who prefer to cover up with bermudas or bikinis. More


Polish Woman, Wants To Have Sex With 100,000 Men

Ania Lisewska, 21, claims she is going to attempt to have sex with 100,000 in every country in the world. It's good to have a goal in life, but the one purportedly expressed by a woman in Warsaw, Poland, may be a stretch.

Ania Lisewska, 21, is allegedly attempting to travel to every city in the world so she can have sex with at least 100,000 men for 20 minutes each.

"I want men from Poland, Europe and all around the world. I love sex, fun and men," she said, according to the Austrian Times.

"In Poland the subject of sex is still taboo and anyone who wants to fulfill their sexual fantasies is considered a deviant, a whore or mentally ill."

The supposed sex marathon allegedly began last month in Warsaw, according to her Facebook page, and she hopes to have her way across Poland before moving to other countries. More


'Normal' Barbie uses real women's measurements

Lamm created the normal Barbie because he "wanted to show that average is beautiful." Meet “normal” Barbie: She’s not impossibly tall and skinny, but instead created in the proportions of the average 19-year-old American woman.

Using a 3-D model, Photoshop and the Centers for Disease Control’s measurements of the average 19-year-old woman, artist Nickolay Lamm of has created a rendering of what a Barbie doll would look like if it better resembled an average woman.

He used the CDC measurements to make a 3-D model, dressed it up like a Barbie using Photoshop, then photographed a standard Barbie doll next to his model to show the difference.

“I created normal Barbie because I wanted to show that average is beautiful,’’ Lamm wrote in an email to

“If average-looking Barbie looks this good and if there's even a chance of Barbie negatively influencing young girls, why not make one?”

Lamm noted that there can be “different interpretations” of what is considered an “average’’ body type, but that using the CDC measurements makes his creation “pretty close.’’ More


Couple Arrested For Shacking Up At Home Depot

doing the nasty at Home Depot A South Carolina couple was arrested yesterday for having sex inside a display shed at a Home Depot, police report.

Emily Craig, 20, and Shaun Bowden, 31, were nabbed after cops were called to the store in North Charleston around 8:40 AM.

Officers were dispatched to the business “in reference to an male and female entering a display shed on the property, closing the door behind themselves and remaining inside,” according to a North Charleston Police Department report.

An inspection of the outdoor sheds turned up Craig and Bowden. Craig, cops noted, was “partially clothed; the top of her dress was untied, hanging at her waist.” Bowden was shirtless and “had his pants down near his knees; his penis was exposed.” More


Kenyan trio in 'wife-sharing' deal

Sylvester Mwendwa said he would pay the bride price Two Kenyan men have signed an agreement to "marry" the same woman.

The woman had been having affairs with both men for more than four years and apparently refused to choose between them.

The agreement sets out a rota for Sylvester Mwendwa and Elijah Kimani to stay in her house and states they will both help raise any children she bears. Mr Mwendwa told the BBC he loved the woman and said the contract would "set boundaries" and "keep the peace".

Lawyers said the "marriage" would only be recognised if they could prove polyandry - a woman having more than one husband - was part of their custom.

The BBC's David Okwembah in the capital, Nairobi, says polyandry is not practised by any community in Kenya. People have reacted with shock to the "marriage", arguing that it is not acceptable in terms of their culture, religion or the law, he says. More


Zurich opens its first prostitution drive-in 'sex boxes'

Zurich hos have a place to go Zurich's first red-light drive-ins are open for business Monday.

The so-called “sex boxes” work in a similar way to fast-food service: Drivers place their orders for one of 40 prostitutes and then proceed to one of nine wooden booths.

The Swiss city unveiled the plan last Thursday, a year after voters passed the initiative in March 2012 by 52.6 percent.

Authorities said it would help them monitor local prostitution.

"Safety for the prostitutes. At least it's a certain kind of a shelter for them. They can do their business, and I respect them," said Daniel Hartmann, a Zurich lawyer. More


The Nastiest Insult A Handcuffed Suspect Has Ever Hurled At A Cop

Melissa Nava - too drunk Police officers are regularly targeted with a hail of vulgarities and insults directed at them by handcuffed suspects.

But a South Carolina sheriff’s deputy was subjected to an unmatched indignity last night after collaring a “severely intoxicated” Melissa Nava for disorderly conduct.

Nava, 33, was discovered stumbling down a Spartanburg road, where she was “nearly hit several times” as she weaved in and out of traffic. After being handcuffed, Nava, pictured at right, struggled with deputies as they attempted to stuff her into a squad car.

According to a Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office report, Nava screamed and shouted obscenities and she continued to resist getting into the cruiser. After spitting at Deputy Michael Walsh, Nava allegedly made matters even worse.

“Fuck you, Justin Bieber,” she bellowed at the cop. More


Glamorous young TV news anchor arrested for beating her husband

Husband-beater: Adrienne Alvarez, a young TV news reporter A TV news anchor in Santa Teresa, New Mexico was arrested for beating her husband.

Adrienne Alvarez, an anchor and reporter for NBC affiliate KTSM in El Paso, Texas, was arrested early Thursday morning on battery charges.

The 28-year-old reporter was in a fight with her husband early Thursday morning at their home in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, when Doña Ana County police got a domestic disturbance call.

Police determined that Alvarez was the 'primary aggressor' against her husband and arrested her on charges of battery against a household member, taking her to the Doña Ana County Detention Center.

Alvarez was released later Thursday morning on $1,000 bail. More


No Charges for Texas Father Who Beat to Death Daughter's Molester

sometimes you need to beat the guy to death if he molests your child A Texas rancher who beat his daughter's accused molester to death moments after he discovered the man raping the 5-year-old girl, will not be charged with his homicide, officials said, as they released chilling 911 tapes of the father calling for help as the other man died.

A grand jury Tuesday decided not to indict the 24-year-old father who beat ranch hand Jesus Mora Flores to death with his bare hands, after finding the man abusing his daughter behind a barn. "I need an ambulance. This guy was raping my daughter and I don't know what to do," the father is heard telling dispatchers in a frantic call to 911.

The attack happened on June 9 at an isolated ranch near Shiner, Texas. A witness saw Flores "forcibly carrying" the girl into a secluded area and ran to find the father, according to court documents. Running towards his daughter's screams, the father found Flores and the girl, both with their underwear removed, according to police reports. More


Teacher Arrested After Allegedly Having Student's Baby

teacher's having my baby A Redlands, Calif., high school teacher who allegedly gave birth to a baby fathered by a teen student has been arrested for having sex with the male pupil.

Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst, 28, was arrested Monday evening after being questioned at her home in Redlands.

She is a teacher at Citrus Valley High School, according to the Redlands Police Department, which issued a news release on the arrest Tuesday afternoon.

Whitehurst was taken into custody on suspicion on unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and was released after posting $25,000 bail Monday evening. The student was 16 at the time of the nearly year-long alleged relationship, according to police. More


Pose with a toilet to get hitched in MP district

Prospective grooms in Sehore BHOPAL: Prospective grooms in Sehore district are posing along side toilets at their homes. This picture would be one of the most important proofs in ensuring their marriage at mass marriages organized by the government in the district.

The local administration has made the picture of the groom along with the toilet a mandatory requirement for getting registered for mass marriage ceremonies and avail benefits under the Mukhyamantri Kanyadan Yojana (MKY).

Shortage of toilets in the district led to this unique solution being mooted. Earlier, there were instructions from the social justice department that grooms having toilets in their houses would get the benefit of the Mukhyamantri Kanyadan Yojana.

The grooms were required to produce an affidavit in this regard. "With new modification, we have tried to ensure that there is no chance of fraud and wrong information from the grooms. It is precisely for this reason that we didn't only ask for providing pictures of toilets, but pictures of grooms with their toilets," district collector Kavindra Kiyawat told TOI. More


Mother was with boyfriend as child died in hot car

banging boyfriend costs the life of baby While a married mother spent two hours in an air conditioned car with her boyfriend, her 18-month-old girl sweltered and died from a heat stroke May 24 in a separate vehicle that didn't have the air conditioning running, according to a warrant report released Thursday.

Adriana Alicia Espinosa, 23, 3521 State Road 70, Lake Placid, was arrested on the warrant Thursday and charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child and neglect of a child resulting in great harm. She is being held in the Highlands County jail on $300,000 bond.

Her boyfriend, Christopher Eiland of Fort Meade, was arrested by the Polk County Sheriff's Office on a Highlands warrant. He was charged with one count of failure to report suspected child abuse, abandonment or neglect. Eiland, who was hired in June 12, 2012, as a detention deputy and was on probation at the time of his arrest, resigned, but would have been terminated otherwise, accordign to the Polk sheriff's office. He was released from the Polk County jail on $50,000 bond. More


Woman jailed for lying to police that taxi driver had sexually assaulted her in his cab

evil skunt makes false accusations A woman who claimed a taxi driver sexually assaulted her at knifepoint in his cab has been jailed after he used a recording application on his smartphone to expose her lies.

Astria Berwick, 27, slashed herself in the face with a knife in an effort to convince police that she had been attacked and groped by Mohammed Asif.

The driver was arrested within three hours and taken to a police station in handcuffs.

He was stripped and spent a day in a cell until officers eventually listened to the recording and discovered Berwick was lying.

Yesterday, as she started a 16-month jail term for perverting the course of justice, Mr Asif, 34, said that without the app he would now be the one in jail. More


Teacher's aide accused of having sex with student

teacher student love going on FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. - A Cumberland County teacher's aide charged with multiple sex crimes involving a 15-year old boy says the allegations against her are false.

Kari Maria Hogue, 34, of Marsh Road in the Gray's Creek area was arrested Thursday. She is charged with three counts of first-degree sex offense, three counts of taking indecent liberties with a minor and 2 counts of crimes against nature.

The boy says the encounters occurred between March 29 and April 1, 2013. He said the incidents occurred on numerous occasions in Hogue's vehicle. More


Police say Arizona mom Jacqueline Trousdale injected daughter with methamphetamine

meet meth mom PHOENIX - A woman has been arrested after her 5-year-old daughter tested positive for methamphetamine.

Jacqueline Trousdale, 30, faces one count of child abuse and one count of endangering the life and health of a minor.

According to court documents, the charges stem from test results of a urine sample taken from her daughter several months ago.

In the documents, police said they were contacted on October 14, 2012 by a relative who reported that Trousdale’s two daughters told their father and other family members their mother was injecting them with a drug and allowing men to molest them for money inside a hotel room in Tolleson. More


Israeli Army recruits post racy photos online

Female Israeli soldiers posing in their underwear and combat gear Last week, a group of frisky female Israeli soldiers published three more half-naked photos of themselves while on duty, almost immediately after they were punished for posting a similar photo on Facebook.

Israeli officials confirmed the soldiers had been disciplined for the cheeky Facebook snap. The racy shots of the four unnamed servicewomen posing in underwear and a few items of combat gear is the latest social media scandal to hit the Israeli military.

Israeli news outlet Walla reported that the women were fresh recruits who were stationed on a base in the southern part of the country.

Israeli military officials did not divulge the exact nature of the punishment they face but blasted their lack of professionalism. "The commanding officers disciplined the soldiers as they saw fitting," the army said in a statement. More


Man charged with having sex with pit bull at city pound

man dog love association A 50-year-old man who had been on a tour at the city pound was charged with having sex with a pit bull, prosecutors said in court today.

Gerardo Perez, of the 2500 block of West 38th Street, was charged with having sexual conduct with an animal, a felony, and burglary, according to police.

Perez was arrested after he and a group took a tour of the Chicago Animal Care and Control Facility at 2741 S. Western Ave. on May 29, prosecutors said.

After the man broke off from the tour group, an employee of the facility spotted him going into a restricted area, prosecutors said. After the employee told the man to leave the restricted area, the man left but returned a short time later. More


Teacher arrested for sex with student

Cell-phone photo called incriminating POJOAQUE, N.M. - A New Mexico high school teacher is facing felony charges accused of having sex with a student in her classroom during school hours.

Jennifer Vigil, 31, was arrested Tuesday on two counts of rape. Santa Fe County sheriff’s detectives said the Pojoaque School District called them after rumors starting circulating that Vigil was having a sexual relationship with one of her students.

Detectives said the teacher and student had sex twice, and at least one incident was photographed by the student. Maj. Ken Johnson said Vigil claimed the sex was consensual, but the student has a different story.

“He's claiming he was forced into the situation,” Johnson said. Johnson said the teen told detectives the first time it happened he was turning in an assignment after school when he says Vigil locked the door.

He told detectives she mentioned she was having martial problems and said. “You're not leaving until I get something from you," he alleges she said. More


Vultures eat woman's body in 50 minutes after fall off cliff

Woman's body eaten by vultures after fall from cliff: Griffon vulture A woman was eaten by vultures after falling off a cliff in the French Pyrénées, International Business Times reported.

The French woman, whose name has not been released, was hiking Friday in the area with two friends.

According to the Times, she attempted a shortcut through the mountain range, located on the border with Spain, but fell off a cliff and died. The Times reported she died before being eaten by the vultures.

United Press International said she fell about 980 feet. According to UPI, it took the vultures about 50 minutes to eat the 52-year-old's body. They left behind nothing but her bones, clothes and shoes.

Major Didier Pericou told The Times of Europe, "When we first went out in the helicopter looking for the body, we saw numerous vultures without realizing what they were doing." More


Woman Arrested For DUI Was Celebrating End Of Previous DUI

Erin James DUI queen RIVERSIDE, Ill. (STMW) — A west suburban woman arrested for driving under the influence early Friday in Riverside — whose blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit when tested at the police station — told police that she had been drinking to celebrate the fact that she would be getting her driver’s license back from a previous DUI arrest, police said.

About 2:10 a.m. on Friday, a Riverside Police officer observed a driver speeding while on the 3400 block of South Harlem Avenue, a release from police said. After stopping the vehicle, the officer realized that the driver may have been under the influence of alcohol. After she failed multiple field sobriety tests, she was taken into custody for driving under the influence of alcohol, police said.

Erin James, 58, of Brookfield was arrested and charged with felony aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol, the release said. More


Cedar Hill coach arrested for improper relationship with students

Marlena Mints, 31, a teacher at Bessie Coleman Middle School DALLAS –– A Cedar Hill ISD middle school health teacher and coach was arrested Wednesday morning after two of her students said she had an inappropriate sexual relationship with them.

Marlena Mints, 31, a teacher at Bessie Coleman Middle School, is charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child and two counts of improper relationship with students.

She is being held on $300,000 bond at the Dallas County Jail. According to an arrest warrant, another coach at the school was driving four students home after a sporting event on April 29 when a 13-year-old male mentioned he had sexual contact with Mints.

According to the document, the boy referred to Mints as a "cougar" and said they were texting one day when he told her there was something wrong with his penis. The student, who had Mints for sex education class, told the other coach Mints responded to him by saying she would have to see it to know what was wrong with it. She then asked him to come to the school. More


Barbara Hall Had Cooking Spray Sex, Threw Bottle At Boyfriend

be careful about how you answer a womans question She was lubed up, then locked up. A Florida woman was fine with bringing olive oil, and even PAM cooking spray, into the bedroom. But when her boyfriend brought up his former fling named Pam, she wasn't having it.

When Barbara Hall, 60, asked her 45-year-old boyfriend to go to the kitchen for some "sexual lubricant," he obliged, according to police reports obtained by TC Palm.

Then things got slippery.

"Barbara asked if he had also brought the PAM cooking spray," the report states. "Barbara believed [the victim] misunderstood what she had said, and commented on a girl named Pam. ... [He] admitted to having sex with Pam recently on her boat." More


Mother Kills 9-Year-Old Son For Having Small Penis In Indonesia

too small to live An Indonesian woman drowned her nine-year-old son in the bath, claiming she was worried that his "small penis" would affect his prospects for the future, a police spokesman said Thursday.

The 38-year-old woman from the capital Jakarta told police her son had had a small penis prior to being circumcised, but that it appeared to shrink further after the operation, police spokesman Rikwanto, who goes by one name, told AFP.

"She told police investigators that she killed him as he would have a bleak future with his small penis," Rikwanto said.

"She drowned her son in a bathtub filled with water. She then dressed him and laid him on a bed. After that, she went to a nearby police office to report her crime." More


Teacher Allegedly Offers Oral Sex To Police Officer After Hit-And-Run Charge

this blows 'A' for effort?

Middle school math teacher Mary Maloney allegedly offered oral sex to a police officer after being nabbed for a hit-and-run in Palm Beach County, Fla.

Maloney, 53, was arrested Sunday after she crashed her van into a pickup truck around 8:35 p.m., then took off, according to an arrest report obtained by the Sun Sentinel. A witness to the crash tracked Maloney's car to a parking spot and then called police.

The arresting officer said he found an empty gallon jug of wine behind Maloney's driver's seat and "immediately smelled the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from her person," according to WPTV. The report states that her eyes were glassy, bloodshot, and partially closed.

The officer that drove Maloney to the police station noted that she asked him "How much do I need to pay you to just let me go? Don't you understand I am a school teacher?" More


Woman accused of smothering boyfriend with chest

breasticles smother man EVERETT, Wash. — A 50-year-old Everett woman is accused of smothering her boyfriend by lying on his face.

Witnesses said the woman had her chest on the victim’s face, a Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office document said.

Deputies said they were called to the Airport Inn trailer park at 12:45 a.m. Saturday for a report of a disturbance where medics were performing CPR on a 51-year-old man.

Medics took the man to Swedish Hospital in Edmonds, where he was pronounced dead.

Police said that in addition to the victim, a man and three women were at the scene, all who were heavily intoxicated.

One of the women, Donna Lange, lived in the mobile home with the victim, a police report said.

Witnesses said during the evening at the couple’s mobile home, there were two incidents in which they heard the couple arguing, and in one incident, they saw Lange throwing down her boyfriend in the back of the mobile home and the victim was heard telling Lange to get off of him. More


Sex Surrogates Growing In Popularity

sex surrogate helps a variety of people MIAMI – Sex therapists in South Florida say they are seeing an increasing number of patients using sexual surrogates to overcome intimacy and performance problems.

A sex surrogate is a licensed counselor who works with single people suffering from sexual problems to overcome their issues, often by serving as a surrogate to allow them to practice overcoming the sexual issue they are trying to overcome.

“It’s a taboo topic, but it, shouldn’t be,” said Miami sex therapist Dr. Sonjia Kenya.

The controversial therapy using sex surrogates is in the national spotlight as there is a new movie heading to theaters on the issue.

“The Sessions,” which opens this month in South Florida Theaters, chronicles the story of a disabled man who enlists the services of a sexual surrogate to learn how to be intimate with a sex partner, despite his physical limitations.

Dr. Sonjia Kenya said sexual surrogates working with patients in South Florida are helping adults with autism, wounded warriors, and mid-life virgins. More


Woman steals train, derails it and crashes into an apartment block

train thief crashes into apartment block A 20-year-old female cleaner suffered severe injuries after stealing a commuter train and driving it straight into an apartment building in Stockholm, Sweden.

The young woman appears to have been unable to stop the train once she reached the end of the line in the exclusive suburb of the Swedish capital at around 2.30am this morning.

The woman was going at such speed that the train continued for nearly 100 feet off-rail before it smashed into the apartment block where three families were asleep.

The train-thief was trapped inside the driver's cabin for two hours before emergency services were able to cut her from the wreckage.

She was conscious but suffered serious injuries and had to be airlifted to Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. More


"Soccer Mom" Screened Porno For Teen Boys

Susan Hammond is a bad bad MILF cougar A South Carolina "soccer mom" who screened an X-rated movie in her home for a group of teenage boys has been booked on a felony charge.

According to cops, Susan Hammond, 47, recently hosted the quartet of 14-year-old boys at her Lexington home. She apparently met the juveniles at youth soccer games (Hammond’s Facebook page describes her as a “Domestic Diva and a WILD hot soccer mom”).

After watching one movie, Hammond allegedly “went to her bedroom and came back with another movie for them to watch that was pornographic,” a Lexington County Sheriff’s Office report notes. “The movie was from start to finish, scenes of people having sex.” While the porno played, Hammonds allegedly gave the boys “shots of liquor.”

Police seized a copy of “The Wedding” from Hammond’s residence and placed the DVD into evidence. Starring Poppy Morgan, the film (distributed by Rude Britannia) purportedly chronicles the British porn star’s actual nuptials and all the related orgy-like activities. More


Police Charge 71-Year-Old With Prostitution

there's no ho like and old hoOUTSIDE HARTFORD, CT -- A regional narcotics task force arrested a 71-year-old local woman on prostitution charges after police say she arranged to have sex for money in a hotel.

Sygun Liebhart, 71, of 80 Easton Road, Westport, placed an ad on the website promoting herself under the “escort” section as “Lola,” according to police.

Liebhart met with an individual at Homewood Suites, at 65 Glastonbury Boulevard in Glastonbury, and made a deal to perform sexual acts for money, police said.

Members of the East Central Narcotics Task Force then placed Liebhart under arrest. She was charged with a single count of prostitution and was released on $500 non-surety bond. More


Busty beauty sells adverts on her boobs

buy ad space on some boobs A mysterious beauty has devised possibly the breast ever way to make money through marketing by putting adverts on her boobs.

The curvaceous entrepreneur’s unique money making scheme is proving to be a real treasure chest, with interest growing quickly in the business.

Clients can advertise their products or events on one of her breasts for a bargain £5, with a special offer of just £9 available for both. The advert was initially posted on a Gumtree-style website in the Czech Republic, before bring re-posted on Facebook where it has racked up over 2,000 Likes.

‘I am a beautiful young girl and I offer my breasts for greeting cards and adverts,’ explained the girl, proving that sex really does sell. More


Judge Orders Deadbeat Dad Of Nine (With Six Women) To Stop Procreating

Corey Curtis needs to knock it off with the boom boom Meet Corey Curtis.

The Wisconsin man, who has fathered nine children with six women, was ordered yesterday to cease procreating until he can support his numerous offspring.

At Curtis’s sentencing yesterday for bail jumping and failure to pay child support, Circuit Court Judge Tim Boyle told the 44-year-old Racine man that his frequent breeding was to be curbed as a condition of his three-year probation term.

Curtis owes about $90,000 total in back child support and interest to the mothers of his children. Pictured in the above mug shot, Curtis will have to wipe out that debt before he can add heir number ten, ruled Boyle.

Court records show that Curtis has been arrested and charged with failure to pay child support on numerous occasions over the past 11 years. His rap sheet also includes convictions for passing bad checks, criminal damage, and burglary. More


Swedish woman charged with necrophilia after dozens of skeletal parts uncovered in home

Charlie Keys gets laid A Swedish woman is suspected of using 100 parts, which included six skulls and one backbone, in ‘sexual situations’ and was charged with violating the peace of the deceased, prosecutors said.

Police also allegedly found CDs titled ‘My Necrophilia’ and ‘My first experience’ as well as the photos in which a woman is seen getting close to the skulls, reported Swedish news agency TT.

The woman, who comes from south-western Sweden, was charged at Gothenburg District Court yesterday, but has denied the allegations - claiming she collected the bones out of historical interest.

The Goeteborgsposten newspaper alleged that she wrote on an internet forum a few years ago: ‘My morals set my limits and I'm prepared to take the punishment if something should happen.

'It's worth it. I want my man like he is, whether he is dead or alive. He allows me to find sexual happiness on the side.’ More


Woman shot boyfriend because she smelled sex on him

 Rachel Kozloff, 31, is accused of shooting dead her boyfriend of eight weeks A woman has been accused of shooting dead her boyfriend of two months at point-blank range because 'he smelled of sex'.

Rachel Kozloff, 31, from northwestern Pennsylvania, has been charged with murder over the April 12 killing of her boyfriend Michael Henry with whom she had a volatile relationship.

Kozloff shot Henry at his Erie apartment because she suspected him of cheating on her. His then ten-month-old son was sleeping in a nearby room, authorities said.

The prosecution opened the trial on Tuesday by painting a picture of Kozloff as a jealous lover who wanted revenge on Henry because he had decided to end their eight-week relationship.

She allegedly shot him four times while he sat on a sofa bed in his apartment - twice in the stomach and once in the ear. More


Robbery Thwarted After Chinese Restaurant Workers Fail To Understand Demands

sum ting wong, dong ma? ORLANDO, Fla. – A failure to understand English at a Chinese restaurant has led to a botched robbery attempt.

Orange County authorities are looking for three masked suspects who attempted to rob a local Chinese restaurant late Monday, but who left empty-handed after the restaurant workers who only spoke Cantonese couldn’t understand what the English-speaking suspects were saying.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that three masked men attempted to rob the New China restaurant. The workers at the restaurant, however, could not properly respond to the robbers’ demands because the employees only spoke Cantonese, according to police. More


Newlywed teacher charged with raping two underage students - 'while having an affair with another teacher'

Stephanie Fletcher, 28, a former high school biology teacher is charged with rape, criminal sexual act and endangering the welfare of a child A newlywed teacher has been charged with rape after allegedly having underage sex with two of her students – while also carrying on an affair with another teacher.

Stephanie Fletcher allegedly had sexual contact with her two victims during class breaks, study periods and in the school parking lot.

The 28-year-old is alleged to have sent the students, both aged 16, naked photos of herself and often performed oral sex on them when they met up in deserted classrooms.

One of the teens told police that the biology teacher told him ‘we could do something’ every time he got a question right during private tutoring.

Both teens told investigators the sexual relationship began after the 28-year-old began texting them. She sent topless photos and naked photos before the relationships turned sexual. More


Mother wins Guinness World Record for breast milk donation of 86 GALLONS

Alicia Richman, 28, from Texas, has pumped and donated over 86 gallons of breast milk A mother in North Texas has been awarded a Guinness World Record for donating breast milk.

Alicia Richman, 28, from Granbury, pumped over 86 gallons between June 2011 and March 2012 for donation to The Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas, a nonprofit that supplies neonatal intensive care units.

The vast quantity equates to 11,000oz - to put it into context, a typical newborn's feed is around 3oz.

She told CBS DFW: 'I pumped at work, on vacations, in the car. And I never had to buy formula.'

Mrs Richman began donating shortly after giving birth to her son, now 19 months, when she found that she had managed to fill two freezers with pumped milk - far more than he would ever need.

She decided to put her extraordinary ability to good use and help premature and critically ill babies who could benefit from the nourishment human breast milk can provide over formula. 'I feel like God blessed me with plenty of milk and I need to do something special with it,' she said. More


Former NFL Cheerleader Pleads Guilty in Sex With Student Case

another cougar teacher A former high school English teacher who moonlighted as a Cincinnati Ben-Gal cheerleader will accept a plea deal on charges she had sex with an underage student.

Sarah Jones, 26, will head to court on Monday to accept the deal and be sentenced, her lawyer, Eric Deters, told ABC News' Cincinatti affiliate WCPO-TV. No specifics of the deal were given.

Jones was indicted in March on charges of first-degree sexual abuse and unlawful use of electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual or other prohibited acts. Police say the charges stem from an investigation that began in November at Dixie Heights High School in Edgewood, Ky.

Jones, a former freshman English teacher at the high school and cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals, stepped down from her position at the school in November after the investigation began, citing "personal reasons." More


Prosecutors: Chef Told Police He Cooked Wife

BBQ pork from his wife's corpse In a taped interview played in court Tuesday, a Southern California chef on trial for allegedly killing his wife told police he slow cooked her body then dumped it out as kitchen waste.

Dawn Viens disappeared in 2009 and police identified her husband David – the chef at the former Thyme Café in Torrance – as a prime suspect.

In 2011, investigators dug up the Thyme Café, which Dawn co-owned, searching for her body. But in a taped interview played Tuesday in court, David Viens seemed to tell police why her remains may never be found.

"I took some, some things like weights that we use and I put them on the top of her body, and I just slowly cooked it and I ended up cooking her for four days," Viens said on tape. More


Use of mother's milk banks, milk-sharing skyrockets

milk builds a good body This time last year, Mother's Milk Bank in San Jose may have been able to send a month's worth of donated breast milk to hospitals in Alaska or Hawaii in a single shipment. Now many of those same hospitals can only get their milk by the week.

"We're just struggling to keep up," said executive director Pauline Sakamoto. "Our freezers are empty, but the demand is skyrocketing. It's just exponentially growing, so it's imperative for us to find more milk."

From hospital milk banks to pages on Facebook, more new moms are using another mother's donated breast milk to feed their babies. About 2.18 million ounces of breast milk were distributed through the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) in 2011, said Sakamoto, a member and spokeswoman.

That's up from 1.5 million ounces in 2009 and 1.8 million ounces in 2010, she said. More


Man eaten by hogs at Oregon farm

milk builds a good body COOS BAY, OR - An Oregon man trying to feed his 700-pound hogs was eaten by the animals Thursday, and sheriff's deputies are trying to determine what led up to his death.

Terry Garner, who lived near the rural town of Riverton in southern Oregon, went to feed the animals on his farm at 7:30 a.m.

When he wasn't seen for several hours, a family member went to look for him, and found Garner's dentures on the ground in front of the hog enclosure, which housed several of the animals.

While searching the hog enclosure, the family member found Garner's body in several pieces, with a majority of it consumed by the hogs, the district attorney said

Deputies are investigating how Garner ended up in a position where the hogs were able to eat him.

A forensic pathologist examined what little was left of Garner's body over the weekend, but was not able to identify the cause or manner of death. More


Medicare could cover tests for soaring STD rate in senior citizens

granny is getting the juice slipped to her, along with a few bugs Taxpayers could soon be picking up the tab for new sexually transmitted disease screenings for seniors, as well as other Medicare recipients.

More than a decade after Viagra and its ilk began helping boomers and seniors to enjoy conjugal relations more frequently, sexually transmitted disease rates are up dramatically in the over-40 age bracket.

And while wisdom is supposed to come with age, studies have also shown that men over 50 -- regardless of marital status -- are six times less likely to use a condom than men in their 20s, partly because, by that age, they (and their partner) are less worried about pregnancy.

Add in improved senior health and a higher divorce rate, and the result nearly seems inevitable: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, STD rates are up by almost 50 percent for men over 40 between 1996 and 2008. More


Disgusting gynecologist masturbates on his patient!

Doctor Jackoff Los Angeles area-based gynecologist Dr. Kevin Pezeshki is heading to court to face two counts of sexually assaulting a female patient during a September 9, 2008 exam at Northridge Hospital Medical Center.

Um, can we get a FINALLY! I'm pretty impatient when it comes to any kind of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior from people that should seriously know better. Well, that's sort of everyone but especially people in powers of authority like doctors and police officers. There's absolutely no excuse for the doctor "inappropriately touch[ing] a female patient."

Apparently, during their first encounter, the woman who's accusing the doctor saw that he was zipping his fly when she turned around after an exam. EW! Was he, um, masturbating while doing his work?!

Even worse, after he performed surgery on her several weeks later and came to visit her at the hospital, his "exam" consisted of "putting his fingers in her vagina, slapping her back a few times and subsequently ejaculating on the hospital bedsheet," according to At least the woman wasn't a complete victim and took action, though. According to Deputy Attorney General Cindy M. Lopez, "The victim was smart enough to take the bedsheet and turn it in to police." More


Woman caught in a tanning booth with her pants off, kissing a 15-year-old boy

Oklahoma woman was charged with lewd acts with a minor after she allegedly lured a 15-year-old boy into a tanning booth at a gym. An Oklahoma youth gymnastics coach is facing sex charges for allegedly luring a teen boy into a gym tanning booth and then stripping and trying to kiss him, police said.

Betsy Ann Brashear, 24, began eyeballing the 15-year-old as soon a he walked into Colaw Fitness in Bartlesville last Thursday, the boy’s mother said.

The mother, who accompanied her son to the gym, told cops she asked other gym members to keep an eye on him because Brashear was flirting with him, the news report said.

A fellow gym-goer then reported seeing Brashear lure the boy into a tanning booth and lock the door, the police complaint said.

The boy's mother knocked on the door, and when the boy opened it, she saw Brashear with wearing a sports bra but no pants. More


Day care trio accused of organizing, taping toddler fight

toddler fight club Three Delaware day care workers have been charged with endangering the welfare of a child for allegedly organizing and videotaping a fight between two toddlers, the News Journal reports.

Tiana Harris, 49, Lisa Parker, 47, and Estefania Myers, 21, who worked at the Hands of Our Future day care in Dover, were also charged with two counts of second-degree assault

. In a video clip, the adults are seen allegedly encouraging two 3-year olds to fight it out while seven other children roam around in the area, according to court records, the newspaper reports.

In the video, according to police, one child is seen crying and yelling, "He's pinching me," and a worker responds, "No pinching, only punching," KYW-TV reports. More


Naked man robbed at massage parlor

rubbed and then robbed The owner of a Temecula massage parlor has been charged with a felony after authorities say she conspired to steal from one of her customers as he lay naked on a massage table.

Yi “Candy” Zhang, 51, is facing one count of robbery and one misdemeanor count of filing a false police report, Riverside County court records show. Zhang was arrested in March and released on bond. Charges were filed June 6.

The incident happened March 6 at Pacific Massage, 27645 Jefferson Ave. Zhang told investigators that three men, one armed with a gun, stormed into her massage parlor around 8:15 p.m. with their faces covered, roughing up her and an employee, court records show. In addition to robbing her customer, Zhang told investigators the intruders stole cash and computers from the business.

But surveillance footage from inside the massage parlor told a different story. On the video, Zhang could be seen hugging one of the robbers, Riverside County sheriff’s officials said. More


Couple Accused Of Having Sex At Hutchinson Walmart

lol knocked that one off the bucket list. At a Walmart in Kansas all seemed normal until a couple entered the building and began to engage in a very primal act.

Julian Call, 22, and Tina Gianakon, 35, allegedly grabbed a sexual lubricant from the shelf and began fondling each other. Officers were told by witnesses that the pair had been openly fondling each other in front of the other shoppers at the Hutchinson Walmart.

In addition, court complaints accuse the two of engaging “in sexual intercourse or sodomy with any person with knowledge or reasonable anticipation that the participants are being viewed by another.”

The two were arrested on theft of the product, and lewd and lascivious behavior. More


Police Search for Grandma, 34, and Boyfriend, 22, After Baby Ingests Cocaine

Prepare yourself for some ridiculousness when you read the details of this story out of Palmetto, Georgia: Authorities are searching for a 34-year-old woman and her 22-year-old boyfriend after they allowed a 13-month-old boy to ingest cocaine while he was in their care. poster woman for teen mothers Prepare yourself for some ridiculousness when you read the details of this story out of Palmetto, Georgia: Authorities are searching for a 34-year-old woman and her 22-year-old boyfriend after they allowed a 13-month-old boy to ingest cocaine while he was in their care.

The boy’s mother, 17, is not under suspicion, though she is described as a witness in the case. But Ebony Daniel, 34, and Charlie Martin, 22, are facing charges of possession of cocaine, cruelty to children in the first degree and reckless conduct, according to Sgt. Lee Gragg of the Palmetto Police Department.

The child was brought into Piedmont Newnan Hospital on Friday afternoon by his mother. When the hospital staffers found out what happened, they called in the police and they transported the child to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, where he was admitted to the hospital for observation and tested positive for cocaine.

That night Palmetto police went to the boy’s home with a search warrant and “evidence was found and collected at the residence,” Gragg said. More


Students watched porn in 7th grade class

San Diego classmates say they reported goings-on, and teacher did nothing Nine students were suspended from a San Diego middle school after their peers reported a group of boys watching pornography on cell phones in class.

According to staff emails exchanged Friday between teachers and administrators at Bell Middle School in Paradise Hills, the school and district’s response to the incident is causing division.

Theater teacher Hale Maher wrote, “I have had my students come up to me and ask horrible questions about what happened... Our job is to protect children. This issue is dividing our faculty. Many of us are outraged yet we keep silent.”

Frank Kemerer, associate director for legal research and academics at the University of San Diego’s Center for Education Policy and Law, has written about increased student technology and the challenges it creates, including access to pornography.

“It’s an emerging issue and it’s a cause of concern,” Kemerer said. More


Austrian man Hans Url saws off foot to keep unemployment benefits

man amputates foot to avoid workJobless Austrian Hans Url almost died after he cut off his own foot and threw it in an oven so he could continue to claim unemployment benefits.

The 56-year-old long term jobless man had been in a row with local job centre staff (AMS) at Mitterlabill at Feldbach in southern Austria after they told him he would have to take a job - and would have to accept the work they found for him.

When he complained he was too sick to work and didn't like the work he was offered, they ordered him to go for a medical to check the claim.

Police spokesman Franz Fasching said: "The planning was meticulous.

"He waited until his wife and his adult son had left the house and he was alone.

"He then mounted the mitre saw on two stools in his boiler room under his home, tying it with a cable in place and he then deliberately removed the safety guard plate. He then switched it on and sliced off his left foot above the ankle - throwing it in the fire so it would not be possible to reattach it before he called emergency services. More


'Manhattan student who 'bedded' teacher scores $400 in wager with buddies

Pals bet who’d be first to seduce hot history educator He got the girl — and he got paid!

The high-school senior caught on camera locking lips with his hot-to-trot teacher won a bet with four of his buddies to see who would hook up with her first, The Post has learned.

Eric Arty, 18, beat his pals — who each ponied up $100 — to win the jackpot as well as the affections of glamorous global-studies teacher Julie Warning, 26.

“It was a bet with a group of his friends,” said Andrew Cabrera, a junior at Manhattan Theater Lab HS, where Warning worked until Tuesday, when she was reassigned to an administrative job.

“They gave him the $500 [pot],’’ Cabrera said, referring to Eric and the four other contenders who made their wager about three months into the school year.

Their romance was first reported yesterday by The Post — which ran a front-page picture of the duo smooching Friday at Bleecker Playground in the Village. The case has been turned over to the Department of Education Special Commissioner of Investigations. More


'They're not strippers, they're golfers'

Alicia Binford (left of man in orange polo) seen dressed as a playboy bunny Police were called to Woodlands Golf Course at 2 p.m. Monday after a citizen complained that women were "exposing their sexual organs" on the links. Let the record show that it was not a golfer who made the complaint, but rather someone who could see the women from the road.

Police stationed themselves on Wood Station Road and Woodland Hills Drive on the northeastern side of the golf course. Captain Mike Dixon of the Sheriff's Department confirms that "We set up there because that's where they caller had observed them." And sure enough, they did indeed spot two women exposing their breasts in a lewd fashion.

Those women are Alicia L. Binford, 43, and Shelly L. Lewis, 45. Police duly arrested them on charges of misdemeanor indecency. They were held on a $100 bond, which they have since paid. More


Man urinating on train tracks electrocuted

never pee on an electric railAn Indiana man is dead after authorities say he climbed down on an elevated train track to urinate and was accidentally electrocuted by the third rail.

The Cook County medical examiner ruled the death of 27-year-old Zachary McKee was an accident due to electrocution. McKee was at a Chicago Transit Authority Purple Line station in Evanston when the accident happened late Sunday. McKee was pronounced dead at St. Francis Hospital in Evanston near midnight.

Evanston police say McKee was with two other people when he climbed down onto the track to urinate. That's when he fell onto the third rail. Police say one of the two people ran to alert a security guard, who called Evanston police and fire officials. More


Model Seeks To Be Real-Life Barbie Doll

Valeria Lukyanova Valeria Lukyanova is a living Barbie doll. She has big glassy eyes, a tiny waist, straight platinum blonde hair and large breasts. She doesn’t have the exact measurements of the famous girl from Mattel, but in the real world, she comes as close as you can get.

Lukyanova claims to be the “the most famous Russian woman on the Russian-language Internet.” Her Youtube page, Amatue, has millions of views and her Facebook page has a few thousand likes.

The International Business Times reports that the 21-year-old model has had plastic surgery to achieve her real-life Barbie doll look. She also spends a lot of time in the makeup chair to achieve the flawless skin and glassy, wide-eyed look of a doll.

Lukyanova’s strange appearance has some people claim that she’s an elaborate photo-shop hoax. Her Facebook page, however, is full of photos of the model without her makeup so it seems that the model is indeed real.

But that doesn’t mean people are a fan of her looks. One Twitter user wrote: ”She looks not only ugly, but ridiculous.” More


FBI raids house, finds man stabbing his computer to hide evidence

destroying the evidence with a sword As far as methods to keep your digital information from falling into the wrong hands, stabbing your hard drive with a samurai sword is definitely a dramatic solution, if not necessarily a practical one. Nonetheless, it was the solution chosen by a man desperate to stop the FBI from seizing his computer as part of a child porn operation… not that it had much effect.

According to the official FBI report, when officials went to question Kamil Mezalka about an estimated 4,000 files of suspected underage pornography connected to his account on a file-sharing network, there was no answer at the door. Following what’s euphemistically called “a mechanical breach of the door,” officers discovered him in his underwear, apparently attempting to remove a two-handed samurai sword he had just plunged into his computer.

“More commands were given for Mezalka to drop the samurai sword, all of which Mezalka ignored and refused to obey. Mezalka began to remove the samurai sword from the computer as the law enforcement officers advanced on him in order to secure him and eliminate any potential danger,” wrote the FBI agent in the official report of the event. More


Mom accused of having sex with teenage son

Mistie Atkinson, 32, of northern California, accused of having sex with her estranged 16-year-old son The northern California mom accused of having sex with her teen son had been estranged from the boy almost his entire life when she hunted him down on Facebook last year, a law enforcement source told the Daily News.

"It appears she hadn't had any contact with the son for 15 years, and now he's 16," the source told The News.

"She contacted him late last year via Facebook and was sending him messages inappropriately," the source said.

Police in Napa, Calif., were serving a search warrant in early March when they found Mistie Atkinson, 32, and the son in a hotel room, authorities said.

She was arrested and charged with four felonies including incest, oral copulation with a minor and contacting a minor for sex using electronic communication. More


Thieves Steal Penguin, Swim With Dolphins at Seaworld

Dirk the dashing penguinThe weekend may have been hazy for two Brits and an Aussie, but the trio woke up to a displaced penguin, a bad hangover and serious legal troubles. The three drunk friends allegedly made a Queensland, Australia SeaWorld their personal playground, swimming with the dolphins, capturing their adventure on cell phone video and bragging about their exploits on Facebook.

On the way out, the trio decided to take a souvenir from their night at the water park. They scooped up a 7-year-old penguin named Dirk, who had never spent a night outside of captivity, officials for the water park said. After waking up with a penguin guest, police said one of the men panicked and let Dirk go in a waterway known to have sharks.

Witnesses who found Dirk said something chased him out of the water. On land, the frightened penguin was chased by a dog before witnesses came to his rescue. More


Drunken Wedding Guest Arrested — Slow Dances With Groom, Brawls With Bride

Gingers gone wild - the Brooke Burke storyA guest at an Ohio wedding wound up in jail charged with assault and intoxicated disorderly conduct. It all began when she refused to stop slow dancing with the groom, which escalated into a brawl with the bride and an attack on an off-duty police officer.

Dan Kuack was patrolling the St. Clarence Church Pavilion in North Olmsted, Ohio, on Saturday when he heard a woman ”yelling and screaming at two unknown males,” according to the police report.

Kuack approached the group in the parking lot and found that the two men were trying to keep the woman, Brooke Burke, from driving off in her car because she was allegedly drunk. She was yelling because they’d taken her keys, the police report stated.

The police officer calmed Burke down and took her back into the reception hall. At that point the bride, Margaret Burke, told Kuack that Brooke had tried to assault her earlier in the evening, according to the report. More


Cops Bust Naked Burglar Covered In Chocolate, Peanut Butter

Workers found suspect, 22, inside Kentucky market A naked burglar covered in chocolate and peanut butter was arrested early Tuesday after workers found him inside a Kentucky supermarket.

Andrew Toothman, 22, was collared by State Police troopers who responded to a 911 call from the Food World IGA market in the city of Neon (pop. 770). Pictured in the above mug shot, Toothman was charged with burglary, criminal mischief, and indecent exposure.

A court citation filed yesterday notes that Toothman--who was only wearing a pair of black boots--had “peanut butter and chocolate smeared all over person.”

Troopers noted that the store’s front door was “busted out,” and that several fire extinguishers had been discharged. Peanut butter and chocolate were also spread on the market's floor and in the manager’s office. More


Risqué maid services raise eyebrows of police

maids attract attention of policeAuthorities in Lubbock, Texas, said an area cleaning service that features nude maids could be hit with fines if it doesn't tidy up its act and get a permit.

Melissa Borrett, owner of Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service, told KCBD-TV that the company does offer housecleaning services performed by maids in lingerie, topless and also nude, but that employees are not allowed to engage in any sexual acts with customers.

"We have a very strict no-touching policy with this business. There is definitely nothing illegal going on, we really clean houses," Borrett said.

However, officers with the Lubbock Police Department said the company's operations are considered sexually oriented because the maids work topless or nude, and that the business does not have the required permit in order to do so.

According to the TV station, police Sgt. Jonathan Stewart said Borrett could face fines of up to $2,000 a day unless she obtains a permit to operate such a business within the city limits of Lubbock. More


Couple with child accused of operating mobile meth lab

tweakers run traveling meth lab with child presentALLIANCE — A couple with a 16-month-old child in the back seat of their vehicle were operating a traveling meth lab, police say.

Joshua M. Middleton, 28, of 2306 Bellflower Dr., and Samantha L. Woolf, 21, of 14206 S. Main St., Beloit, were arrested Monday afternoon in the 2300 block of Bellflower Avenue.

According to Stark County Jail records, Middleton manufactured methamphetamine in his vehicle, using and possessing chemicals that included iodine, muriatic acid, pseudophedrine, ice packs and lithium.

The completed meth lab was emitting fumes near the child and the bottle of muriatic acid was found leaking approximately two feet from the child in the back seat.

Middleton was charged with illegal manufacturing of drugs, a first degree felony, along with assembly and possession of chemicals for the manufacturing of drugs, tampering with evidence, endangering children and drug possession, all felonies. More


Dad hit son for not watching Obama

Obama addresses nationSTAMFORD -- A North Stamford father trying to make his 11-year-old son listen to President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech last month was arrested on a warrant Wednesday, accused of striking his son with a coffee mug when the boy would not pay attention.

Mohamed Shohan, 49, of 55 Mather Road, Stamford, was charged with third-degree assault, disorderly conduct and risk of injury to a minor. He was released after posting $5,000 bond for arraignment at state Superior Court in Stamford.

Youth Bureau Sgt. Joseph Kennedy said police learned of the assault Jan. 27 when the youth was brought to Stamford Hospital for treatment of an injury to his face. When police interviewed the boy, he told them the two sat down at home to watch the address the day after his father recorded it, Kennedy said.

When the boy kept acting out, the father lost his temper and grabbed a coffee mug his son was holding and hit him in the face with it, causing a bruise to the bridge of his nose, police said. More


Mother raped own daughter for 'sex education'

abusive motherA mother of four who raped her 11-year-old daughter and filmed it as a form of "sex education" has been jailed for four years in Australia.

The 37-year-old woman from Queensland's Sunshine Coast made three films using her mobile phone showing her raping her youngest child and exposed her to other sexual activity "in response to repeated questions," The Sunshine Daily reported.

Judge John Robertson said sexual offenses against children by their own mothers were "rare," describing the relationship between mother and child as "seminal in our society."

He told the woman she had "no psychological or intellectual reason to explain this shocking behavior," as she had "a normal loving upbringing with parents and family who still support you." More


Bill would ban aborted fetuses in food

no fetusburgers for youAn Oklahoma state senator has introduced a bill that would ban the use of aborted human fetuses in the preparation of food.

State Sen. Ralph Shortey, R-Oklahoma City, said he introduced the bill to ban the production and sale of food using aborted human fetuses after his research indicated companies had used stem cells in developing food products.

Shortey declined to give any specific examples of stem cell use in food products.

Shortey may have been inspired by claims that San Diego company Semonyx has been using proteins derived from human embryonic kidney cells to test artificial sweeteners. The cell line, dubbed HEK 293, was created in 1970 from a human embryo and has since become a popular feature in biochemistry labs. More


Website helps Icelanders avoid incest

Incest in Iceland is avoidableA website in Iceland aims to help residents of the tiny island nation from getting too close for comfort.

With a population of just 300,000, Icelanders face a real danger of accidentally dating a cousin.

Enter Íslendingabók, or the Book of Icelanders, an online resource that tracks 1,200 years worth of genealogical data on the country's inhabitants, according to the website.

All Icelanders have to do to prevent incest is type in their name and the name of a potential love interest -- that is, provided they have an "Icelandic ID number," since the database is restricted to citizens and legal residents. More


Woman caught trying to make meth in Wal-Mart

Alisha Halfmoon was arrested for brewing meth inside of WalmartAn Oklahoma woman was arrested Thursday for cooking meth inside a Wal-Mart.

Her defense? She was "too broke to buy the chemicals" and take them home, police told Tulsa's Fox 23.

Surveillance footage shows Elizabeth Alisha Greta Halfmoon, 45, in the store for six hours before store employees decided to call the police. She had been trying to mix ingredients in the back of the store.

Even if the police hadn't arrived, Halfmoon wouldn't have been too successful. Officers at the scene said she was missing pseudophedrine, a key meth ingredient. More


Man swallows dentures during sex and dies

one last piece of ass and then he diesA 74-YEAR-OLD man died after he accidentally swallowed his dentures during sex with a 62-year-old prostitute in Taiwan, reported Nanyang Siang Pau.

The man, known as Chen, had been living with a close female friend in New Taipei City after separating from his wife many years ago.

The prostitute said she had sex with Chen for 30 minutes. She said Chen had got up from the bed, paid her and was about to put on his clothes when he suddenly collapsed.

"He fell back onto the bed. His eyes were open but he was not moving although I shook his body and tried to wake him up," said the woman, who called the rescue team.

Chen was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Doctors later found his dentures stuck in his throat. More


US teacher held in grim cockroaches, semen abuse case

Mark Berndt was teaching some freaky shit at schoolLOS ANGELES - A former teacher has been arrested for allegedly taking photos of blindfolded and gagged students with roaches on their faces and spoons of semen to their mouths, US police said Tuesday.

Mark Berndt, 61, who taught for more than 30 years at an elementary school in east Los Angeles, faces multiple charges of committing lewd acts on nearly two dozen children, prosecutors said. Click here to find out more!

“I am sickened and horrified by the behavior of Mark Berndt,” said LA Unified School District Superintendent John Deasy after 23 criminal counts were filed involving 7-10 year-old children allegedly abused between 2008 and 2010.

“This individual and his conduct do not reflect on the quality of the teachers who work so hard on behalf of the students in the Los Angeles Unified School District,” he said. More


Boy brings crack pipe, meth for show-and-tell

Show and tell is also a drug assembly for this classSWEET SPRINGS, MO - The task for the fresh-faced kindergartner students was to bring important family items for show and tell.

But one kindergartner floored his teacher and local law enforcement officers when police say he pulled his mother's crack pipe and an ounce of drugs from his backpack.

The child's mother was charged with possession of a controlled substance and one count of first-degree child endangerment. Bond was set at $7,500 for 32-year-old Michelle Marie Cheatham. A family friend at Cheatham's home told KCTV5 that the boy is now being cared for by loved ones.

Sweet Springs Elementary School officials contacted police on Sept. 6 about 8:30 a.m. Superintendent Donna Wright told police that students had been asked to bring "pictures of their family for show and tell," according to court documents. The teacher told police that the boy produced for his "show-and-tell" family items the pipe and "several baggies of crack rocks," according to court records. The rocks tested positive for methamphetamine. Altogether, the drugs totaled about an ounce and were worth about $3,700, officials said Monday. More


Mom who took porn shots of own kids gets 25 years

Candice Miller admitted sexually assaulting her children and emailing pictures of the sex actsA Florida woman who admitted to taking photos of sex acts with her son and daughter was sentenced to 25 years in prison Monday.

Candice Miller, 32, of Alva pleaded guilty to producing child pornography in July and could have faced life in prison.

Prosecutors said that when Miller was arrested in October 2010, police found more than 1,000 graphic images, including photographs of her children, then 10 and 14. Authorities said she could be seen performing sexual acts on one of the children in some of the photos.

Miller admitted sexually assaulting her children and emailing the pictures to a Michigan man who is serving life in prison for a con in which he persuaded women to send him pornographic images of their children. More


10 Politically Incorrect Truths About People

Heidi Montag breasts boobs tits tittiesHuman behavior is based on experiences, environments, evolution and, above all, sex.

According to psychologists Alan Miller and Satoshi Kanazawa, these instincts are not politically correct.

The pair say men are classically conditioned to love busty blondes, beautiful people are more likely to have daughters, and they explain why most suicide bombers are Muslim.

Psychology Today put together a fascinating read on ten of these findings, adapted from Miller and Kanazawa's 2007 book, Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters. We scoured the essay and extracted the best facts for you here.

Men prefer blue-eyed, busty blondes.

Long blonde hair, blue eyes, a slender figure, and big breasts really are the winning combination, psychologists say. All are symbols of youth and thus, fertility. More


Former Sheriff of the Year in prison named after him

Former Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick SullivanFormer Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick Sullivan appeared briefly in court Wednesday, where Arapahoe County chief judge William Sylvester upped Sullivan's bond from $250,000 to $500,000 and set formal filing of charges for Monday.

He was then taken back to the Patrick J. Sullivan, Jr. Detention Facility.

The current county sheriff, Grayson Robinson, said Sullivan is facing felony charges for allegedly using and distributing methamphetamine to men in exchange for sex, after police captured video and audio footage of the former sheriff negotiating deals with confidential informants.

After witnessing Sullivan hand drugs to an informant Tuesday, investigators arrested the former sheriff without incident. More


Man accused of boosting butts with cement

worship the booty

A Florida man was arrested after police said he posed as a doctor and injected a substance containing cement, a tire sealant and other substances into a woman's buttocks.

In May, a woman who wanted buttock injections to enhance her appearance went to the suspect's Miami Gardens, Fla., home for the procedure, police said.

"They agree on a price of $700 for him to enhance her buttocks," Miami Gardens police Sgt. Bill Bamford told Miami TV station WPLG.

Police said Oneal Ron Morris, 30, who police say was born a man but identifies as a woman, injected a substance consisting of cement, Fix-A-Flat, mineral oil and superglue into the woman's buttocks and then sealed the incision with superglue. More


Missing tourist 'feared eaten by cannibals'

a missing German yachtsman was "hacked to pieces and burned" by cannibalsAsh remains, believed to be those of 40-year-old Hamburg man Stefan Ramin, have been found in a valley in Nuku Hiva, the largest of the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia.

Radio New Zealand International reports tests will be undertaken on the ash, which police found at a fire site after they went to search for Mr Ramin and local guide Henri Haiti.

The tour guide is believed to have taken Mr Ramin on a hunting trip last weekend before he allegedly lured his wife into a remote area and tried to sexually assault her. Mrs Ramin told police the tour guide tied her to a tree, but she escaped and notified authorities. More


Slain men were lured to Noble County by Craigslist ad

craiglist crime killing mayhemCALDWELL, Ohio — He lay in the woods for seven hours, with an elbow shattered by an assailant’s bullet.

Lost, covered in his own blood and unsure if the men who hunted him were still nearby, a man from South Carolina hid in the forested hills outside Caldwell until after dark on Nov. 6. Deciding it was safe, he then made a painful 2-mile journey to the nearest farmhouse to call for help.

Investigators say he was the lucky one. On Tuesday, they found the body of a man buried in a shallow grave near the site where the other man was attacked.

By surviving his ordeal two weeks ago in Noble County, the victim, whose name authorities haven’t released, helped uncover an elaborate scheme by at least two men to lure people with the promise of work from across the country to Ohio. Authorities say the real plan was to rob and kill them.

Two suspects were taken into custody Wednesday after an investigation by a bevy of federal, state and county agencies. More


Woman's Skin Fuses To Vinyl Of Reclining Chair

he was honoring her wishes to be left to dieA suburban Kansas City woman was left sitting in a vinyl recliner for so long that her skin had fused to the chair and she had to be pried out to be taken to a hospital after suffering an apparent stroke, authorities said.

Carol F. Brown's adult son told a state official he had left his 74-year-old mother in the chair for five days without helping her get up to use the bathroom or bathe because he was honoring her wishesto die in her Independence home, according to court documents that described the woman as a "rotting corpse that was still breathing." Brown later died.

"It is an incredible story to me," Independence police spokesman Tom Gentry said Wednesday.

Police were contacted after Brown was taken to a hospital Oct. 27 and found to have a maggot infestation inside an open wound around her ankle, according to the court documents that said Brown's home was "filthy with a heavy smell of bodily fluids and feces."

Brown's son, James Owens, told an official with the Missouri Division of Senior and Disability Services that his mother had been in the chair since Oct. 23 and that he was honoring her wishes to be left to die, the documents said. More


3 Zimbabwe women charged with sex attacks on men

female rapists appear in courtHarare, Zimbabwe -- Police in Zimbabwe on Friday charged three women found in possession of 33 condoms containing semen with 17 counts of aggravated indecent assault in a case that may be a break in a string of sex attacks over the past two years by women targeting male hitchhikers.

Prosecutor Michael Reza told a court in Harare that the counts were for each of the 17 men who had positively identified the women as having sexually assaulted them in 2010 or 2011.

The women, all of them in their mid-20s, were arrested Sunday in Gweru, about 300 kilometers (186 miles) south of Harare, when their car was involved in an accident. Police found the condoms in the women's car. Police appealed to any other victims to inform police.

"Since Monday, 17 men came and positively identified the women as having raped them," said a police official in Harare who refused to be identified. "Most of the men said the women would offer a drink either laced with something to tranquilize them or were forced at gunpoint." More


Boy Posing As Girl On Facebook Extorts Sex

Anthony Stancl has a facebook sock puppet to get sexAn 18-year-old male student is accused of posing as a girl on Facebook, tricking at least 31 male classmates into sending him naked photos of themselves and then blackmailing some for sex acts. "The kind of manipulation that occurred here is really sinister in my estimation," Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel said Wednesday. The students go to New Berlin Eisenhower High School in New Berlin, which is in Waukesha County about 15 miles west of Milwaukee.

Anthony Stancl, of New Berlin, was charged Wednesday with five counts of child enticement, two counts of second-degree sexual assault of a child, two counts of third-degree sexual assault, possession of child pornography, repeated sexual assault of the same child and making a bomb threat. Stancl's attorney, Craig Kuhary, said Stancl plans to plead not guilty to the charges and hopes to reach a plea agreement with the district attorney "It's too early in the case for me to make a statement, other than the fact at some point we are going to go into events that had taken place earlier that might have had some impact on what he did here," he said. He wouldn't go into specifics.

The incidents allegedly happened from spring 2007 through November, when officers questioned Stancl about a bomb threat he allegedly sent to teachers and wrote about on a school's bathroom wall. It resulted in the closing of New Berlin Eisenhower Middle and High School. According to the criminal complaint, Stancl first contacted the students through the social networking site Facebook, pretending to be a girl named Kayla or Emily. More


9-Year-Old Girl Arrested After Her School Bus Tantrum Takes a Violent Turn

angry girl needs the short busThere's a ruffian in Florida who faces felony charges after she allegedly spit at a bus driver and threw a chair at the cops after she threatened to kill them.

She supposedly became very upset when she was told she wasn't allowed to eat candy on the bus and then could not be calmed down.

After she got off the bus, the police showed up and things went from bad to worse. The rowdy troublemaker started throwing asphalt at everyone, and when the cops asked her to calm down, she said, "Shut the f**k up! I will f**king kill you!" and threw an aluminum patio chair at them.

By the way, the culprit is 9 years old.

Her name hasn't been released, but the youngster is facing some serious charges including resisting arrest with violence, battery on a law enforcement officer, and throwing a deadly missile into an occupied vehicle (the asphalt). More


World's biggest sperm bank tells redheads: We don't want your semen

no spooge wanted from redheadsThe world's largest sperm bank is telling redheads to keep their semen. Demand for ginger-haired donors is so low that Cryos International says they needn't bother donating.

"There are too many redheads in relation to demand," Ole Schou, the director of Cryos, told the Danish newspaper, Ekstrabladet, according to London's Telegraph.

Men with scarlett manes sell "like hot cakes" in Ireland, Schou said, but that's about it.

"I do not think you choose a redhead, unless the partner - for example, the sterile male - has red hair, or because the lone woman has a preference for redheads," he said, the Telegraph reported. "And that's perhaps not so many, especially in the latter case." More


Toilet Seat or Father Got 11-Year-Old Girl Pregnant?

Toilet seat sperm defense fails again...Accusing a father of having sex with his daughter normally would fit into the outrageous category.

But not in the case of Perez, who shared a one bedroom Santa Ana rental house with his wife, three children and eight other people.

In 2008, Perez's 11-year-old daughter got pregnant, which prompted everyone--including a weepy Perez--to wonder aloud how on earth this could happen.

Perez even speculated that sperm resting on a toilet seat must have somehow entered his daughter's vagina because he was positive the girl had not had sex with anyone.

But DNA testings proved that Perez was 200,000 times more likely the father of his daughter's baby than any other male on the planet. More


Grocery worker: I gave out semen-tainted yogurt

creamy yogurtALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A grocery store worker accused of handing out a semen-tainted yogurt sample at an Albuquerque market pleaded guilty Thursday.

Under terms of his plea agreement, Anthony Garcia admitted he tainted a sample of the yogurt he was handing out at Sunflower Market in January. He also admitted putting some of his semen on a plastic spoon that he placed with the yogurt.

Garcia then approached a female customer and offered her a sample.

Garcia, 32, pleaded guilty to charges of adulterating food and making false statements to federal investigators.

The woman told police that after tasting the sample, she spit on the floor several times and wiped her mouth on the garment she was wearing to get the taste out of her mouth. Investigators collected samples of the woman's spit from the floor and took the garment she was wearing as evidence. More


Bungling armed robber caught after returning to shop he tried to raid... to ask for his COAT back

stupid robber tricksNever return to the scene of a crime – unless you’re a contender for the world’s worst armed robber.

When gormless Anthony Gorman disturbed a meditating shop keeper, he was dragged around the store, had his gun, balaclava and hoodie-style jacket taken and was chased off empty handed.

But the 21-year-old returned minutes later to ‘politely’ beg for his favourite £200 coat back.

Don't mess with the meditation: Heroic Michael Singh asked armed robber Anthony Gorman if he was 'stupid' after he returned for his jacket.

Surprised shopkeeper Michael Singh simply turned to his attacker and asked: ‘Are you stupid?’ Mr Singh, who moments earlier had a gun pointed at his neck by Gorman, added: ‘No, you can't have it. Get out.’

It only gets worse for Gorman, who was nicknamed Spider. Without his disguise the shop keeper in Longsight, Manchester recognised him and he was arrested the same day. More


Female "Vampire" Busted In Bloody Biting Attack

Floridian, 22, chomped male victim, 69, on face, armA Florida woman who claimed to be a “vampire” last night attacked an elderly man, biting him on the face and arm and tearing away chunks of his skin, according to police.

Josephine Smith, 22, was arrested today and charged with felony aggravated battery on an elderly person. Smith, seen in the mug shot at right, was booked into the Pinellas County Jail, where she is being held in lieu of $50,000 bail.

“I’m a vampire, I am going to eat you,” Smith announced before allegedly attacking Milton Ellis, according to an arrest affidavit.

Ellis, 69, received stitches to close up wounds suffered during the assault, which occurred in front of a vacant Hooters in St. Petersburg. Cops says Ellis, who uses a motorized wheelchair, was asleep when Smith pounced on him, commenced biting, and announced that she was a vampire.

The bleeding Ellis escaped his attacker’s clutches and called 911 from a nearby gas station. More


Three-year-old girl killed by mom's boyfriend for not eating at dinner time

Edgar Algarin, 26, leaving his arraignment at Bronx Criminal Court for murderA Bronx man punched his girlfriend's 3-year-old daughter because the tot refused to eat her dinner, then played video games as the girl died a slow, painful death, authorities said yesterday.

Edgar Algarin, 26, sat impassively in Bronx Criminal Court as he was ordered held without bail at his arraignment on murder and manslaughter charges in the death of Enidaliz Ortiz. Enidaliz suffered massive internal injuries including a ruptured intestine and pancreas, torn bowel, broken rib and internal bleeding, authorities said.

The pony-tailed Algarin was baby-sitting Enidaliz and her brother on June 14 while their mother, Antonia Ortiz, was in Atlanta on a business trip.

"She was not eating her food, so I got up and hit her in the back," Algarin told cops, according to the criminal complaint.

"She started crying and I sent her to bed." For four days the girl complained of pain, but Algarin refused to take her to the hospital for fear of arrest, a prosecutor told the court. More


Police urge holster use after man shoots his own penis

better to holster your gun if it becomes dangerousAs Chandler residents Joshua Seto, 27, and his fiancée, Cara Christopher, walked over to a Fry's Food Store for refreshments, he tried securing her pink handgun in the front waistband of his pants.

The gun fired, striking Seto's penis and continuing through his left thigh. The bleeding started immediately and was heavy, according to police dispatch recordings released Sunday.

"He is still conscious, there is just a lot of blood," Christopher , 26, told 9-1-1 operators and dispatchers.

One operator told Christopher to apply direct pressure to the wound with a dry towel or T-shirt, but to avoid looking at the wound.

"I did look at it," Christopher said. "It's pretty bad." More


3,000 Pair of Panties Found Along Ohio Highway

we love panties!Deputy Sheriff Gary Hummel says what started as a bizarre scene in a Fairfield County, Ohio field grew and grew, into an even more unusual discovery. "I came up and looked for myself and after I got here I couldn't believe what I was seeing," he said.

Someone dropped all these drawers in not one or two, but 4 spots along Crawfis road in the county. Road crews and a neighbor discovered the first batch; 16 hundred pairs in all, some new, some used.

Deputy Hummel had the task of collecting the evidence. It took about two hours. He filled 10 giant garbage bags just at that location alone. By day's end Berne Township officials say 3,000 pairs of unmentionables were found lying along the road.

The case of the multiplying skivvies has everyone baffled. The panties look like they were dumped in bags from local discount and grocery stores, and were also taken out of the packaging. More


Children in care of Irish government ended up working in brothels

Ireland has been targeted by gangs due to the ease which children can escape careChildren have been going missing from State care and ending up working as sex slaves in brothels for at least three years, leaked US embassy cables reveal.

Health Service Executive (HSE) officials made the shocking admission during a private briefing of diplomats from the American Embassy in Dublin.

Details of the disclosure were contained in cables obtained by the Irish Independent through the whistle-blowing organisation WikiLeaks.

Cables reveal how foreign-born children who went missing from HSE care had been ending up in the sex trade as far back as 2008. The disclosure was made to US diplomats conducting research for an annual report on people trafficking in Ireland.

According to one cable, the HSE said some foreign children who went missing from care had been retraced to brothels, restaurants and private households where they may have been used as domestic slaves. More


Man's penis cut off, put through garbage disposal

booking photo of Catherine Kieu Becker. Becker was in custody Tuesday after authorities said she drugged her estranged husband, tied him to a bed, cut off his penis and put it through a garbage disposalA Southern California woman accused of cutting off her estranged husband's penis and putting it down a garbage disposal was charged Wednesday with torture in a case that has garnered international attention and could put her behind bars for life.

Catherine Kieu, 48, appeared briefly in Orange County Superior Court in a navy blue jail jumpsuit, hiding her face with her long, dark hair. She was appointed a public attorney to defend her and was denied bail.

The petite woman whose chains clanked as she shuffled into the caged area of the courtroom where inmates are held will return to court July 22 for her arraignment, which was continued on Wednesday, and a bail review hearing.

Kieu and her husband were still living together in a Garden Grove condo that he owned. He had filed for divorce in May, and they argued before the attack about friends staying at the condo, authorities said.

On Monday night, police say Kieu spiked a meal and served it to the victim. The 60-year-old man started to feel sick and went to lie down, then awoke tied to the bed as Kieu attacked him with a 10-inch kitchen knife, police said. She then put the penis down a garbage disposal, police said. More


Police: Texas man dumps 4-year-old son by highway

Carlos Rico threw his son out like garbageSWEETWATER, Texas — A father abandoned his 4-year-old son along a West Texas highway, and the injured boy spent several hours alone in the dark before a passing motorist picked him up, police said.

Carlos Rico, 22, stopped his car along a cactus-lined stretch of Interstate 20 near Sweetwater at about 3 a.m. Tuesday and "threw the boy out of the car like a bag of garbage," Sweetwater police Chief Jim Kelley told the Abilene Reporter-News on Tuesday.

The boy was picked up about three hours later by the local high school basketball coach and taken to a hospital, where doctors removed at least 500 cactus spines from the child's body, Kelley said. The boy was in the state's custody on Wednesday.

"I've seen a lot of bad things. This is absolutely a first. I've never seen a 4-year-old angel left on the side of the road for dead. He's such a sweet little boy," he said. More


Chinese Couple Sells All Three Kids to Play Online Games

childbearing becomes a game in China(DONGGUAN, China) -- A young Chinese couple has sold all three of their children in exchange for money to play online games at Internet cafes, reports a southern Chinese newspaper.

According to Sanxiang City News, the couple met in an Internet cafe back in 2007 and bonded over their obsession with online video games. A year later, the parents -- who are both under 21 -- welcomed their first child, a son. Days after his birth, they left him home alone while they went to play online games at an Internet cafe 30 km away.

In 2009, Li Lin and Li Juan welcomed their second child, a baby girl, and came up with the idea to sell her for money to fund their online game obsession. They did so, receiving RMB 3,000 (less than $500), which they spent entirely shortly after. The couple then proceeded to sell their first child and got 10 times as much for him -- RMB 30,000, or about $4600.

Upon having their third child -- another boy -- the parents followed in their previous footsteps and also got RMB 30,000 for him. More


Traffic court judge arrested for taking cell phone pics of man at urinal

Traffic court judge Rhonda Hollander reportedly admitted to snapping pictures of men at urinals in her courthouseObjection sustained! A Florida traffic court judge was busted after a man told police that she used her cell phone to take pictures of him standing at a courthouse urinal, authorities said.

Rhonda Hollander, 47, was arrested last week after her kooky candid camera shots inside the men's room at the West Regional Courthouse, according to the Broward County Sheriff's Office.

A report of the encounter says Willie Jackson Jr. was "getting ready to urinate" when Hollander appeared at the adjoining urinal and began snapping away.

She then took photos of another man entering the restroom before she bolted, ducking inside another judge's chambers. Police were summoned and quickly located Hollander, who admitted taking the pictures. More


Man arrested for sexually abusing his dog

A search warrant issued resulted in authorities seizing photos, videos, and journals of Bower allegedly committing the acts.Peter Bower, 31 was arrested after a Richland County Dog Warden received tips of websites featuring Bower committing acts of sexual abuse with his three-year-old Shepherd mix he adopted last month.

A search warrant was issued and various media devices with photographs, videos, and journals detailing the acts were seized. Authorities also seized Bower's computer, bestiality books, plastic signs that said, 'Pets Welcome,' and a plastic, blow-up sheep.

Several years of sexual incidents were reported and involved at least three more dogs and possibly a horse.

Last year Bower's two German shepherds were euthanized; one allegedly from injuries resulting from a sexual act.

Bower was a volunteer at the shelter and walked dogs. His current dog was examined by a veterinarian and found to have had evidence of Bower sexually molesting the animal. More


German insurer Munich Re held orgy for salesmen

romp with women offered as a "bonus" for salesmenOne of the biggest insurance companies in the world held a party for salesmen where they were rewarded with the services of prostitutes.

Munich Re is the world's biggest re-insurer - in other words, the company acts as an insurance company for other insurance companies.

One of its divisions, Ergo, told the BBC that the party had taken place to reward salesmen in 2007. A spokesman said the people who organised it had since left. The gathering was held at a thermal baths in the Hungarian capital Budapest as a reward to particularly successful salesmen.

There were about 100 guests and 20 prostitutes were hired. A German business newspaper said the prostitutes had worn colour-coded arm-bands designating their availability, and the women had their arms stamped after each service rendered.

According to Handelsblatt, quoting an unnamed participant, guests were able to take the women to four-poster beds at the spa "and do whatever they liked". More


China's latest craze: dyeing pets to look like other wild animals

Are these adorable fuzzballs pandas or dogs?They only look like baby pandas. These little bundles of joy are actually chow chow dogs that have been dyed black-and-white to look like pandas.

Dyeing pets has been a trend in pet pampering for quite some time. At last summer's Pets Show Taipei, there was a fierce dog-dyeing competition. Check out photos. But dyeing your pets to look like other wild animals is a more recent development.

The trend demonstrates how quickly and dramatically attitudes toward pets — particularly dogs — have changed in many parts of Asia. In Taiwan, for example, just 10 years ago, dogs were still eaten in public restaurants and raised on farms for that purpose. Traditional Chinese medicine held that so-called "fragrant meat" from dogs could fortify one's health.

Now, eating dog is viewed by many as an embarrassing reminder of a poorer time. More


Man admits having sex with 1,000 cars

Edward Smith with one of his former partnersEdward Smith, who lives with his current "girlfriend" – a white Volkswagen Beetle named Vanilla, insisted that he was not "sick" and had no desire to change his ways.

"I appreciate beauty and I go a little bit beyond appreciating the beauty of a car only to the point of what I feel is an expression of love," he said.

"Maybe I'm a little bit off the wall but when I see movies like Herbie and Knight Rider, where cars become loveable, huggable characters it's just wonderful.

"I'm a romantic. I write poetry about cars, I sing to them and talk to them just like a girlfriend. I know what's in my heart and I have no desire to change." He added: "I'm not sick and I don't want to hurt anyone, cars are just my preference."

Mr Smith, 57, first had sex with a car at the age of 15, and claims he has never been attracted to women or men. But his wandering eye has spread beyond cars to other vehicles. He says that his most intense sexual experience was "making love" to the helicopter from 1980s TV hit Airwolf. More


Calif mom arraigned in microwave death of baby

roast baby is on this woman's menuA Northern California woman accused of killing her baby in a microwave oven was arraigned Thursday on murder charges that could lead to the death penalty if she is convicted.

Prosecutors charged Ka Yang, 29, with one count of murder with the special circumstance that the killing was intentional and involved torture, which would make her eligible for the death penalty or life in prison without parole.

Authorities found Yang's 6-week-old daughter, Mirabelle Thao-Lo, dead in the family home in Sacramento on March 17.

Officials say the child suffered "extensive thermal injuries." The girl was burned from head-to-toe, but authorities could not find an obvious source for the burns when they arrived at the home, according to the affidavit written by Sacramento Police Detective Thomas Shrum. The infant's pajamas and hair were not singed. A pacifier, however, was found in the microwave, Shrum said. More


Chinese teenager sells kidney to buy an Apple iPad 2 and iPhone

worth a kidney?The lure of an Apple iPad 2 compelled a teenager in China to sell one his kidney's to buy the iconic tablet.

The 17-year-old Xiao Zheng found an advert on the internet which offered 20,000 yuan for the organ. The boy travelled north to the city of Chenzhou in Hunan province where the kidney was removed at a hospital. Zheng was discharged after three days.

Shenzhen TV reported that the teenager from the southern province of Guangdong said: "I wanted to buy an iPad 2, but I didn't have the money".

With the money he bought an iPad 2 and an iPhone but was not able to conceal his trade from his mother who became suspicious after seeing the gadgets. More


Buying Prostitute for Elderly Dad Gets Woman Busted

Both Kirchbergs were arrested for soliciting a prostituteUndoubtedly the first time Maurice Kirchberg held his daughter Pia 51 years ago, he looked down at the baby girl and thought, Someday, when I'm old and gray and completely devoid of sex, this baby girl will buy me a prostitute. Nothing quite cements that father-daughter bond like a lady buying a hooker for her dear old dad.

According to Tampa's ABC affiliate, 51-year-old Pia Kirchberg offered a prostitute a mere $20 to get it on with her 80-year-old father Maurice. Which, really, is just an insult to the fine profession of prostitution. A real prostitute would take nothing less than 100 roses an hour. Kirchberg was out looking in an area of town known for prostitution.

Unfortunately for her, Kirchberg wasn't dealing with a real prostitute, but an undercover officer who was part of a sting. More


Woman with objects fetish marries Eiffel Tower

Erika La Tour Eiffel has 'married' Paris's famous monumentErika La Tour Eiffel, 37, a former soldier who lives in San Francisco, has been in love with objects before. Her first infatuation was with Lance, a bow that helped her to become a world-class archer, she is fond of the Berlin Wall and she claims to have a physical relationship with a piece of fence she keeps in her bedroom.

But it is the Eiffel Tower she has pledged to love, honour and obey in an intimate ceremony attended by a handful of friends.

She has changed her name legally to reflect the bond. She revisits the massive structure as part of a documentary on Five on Objectum-Sexual women. There are around 40 people in the world who have declared themselves OS, all of them women and many of them also Asperger's Syndrome sufferers.

The OS term was first coined by Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer, a 54-year-old woman who has been "married" to the Berlin Wall for 29 years. More


Attorney's big-breasted woman complaint

gobstoppers obstruct justice?Chicago and Cook County courts – both federal and local levels – have turned out a high number of awkward news stories in the recent past. While the hugest courtroom headlines in the past week involve former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich in Chicago’s federal courtroom as Chicago’s new Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other high-profile politicians are taking the witness stand, there have been even more unusual courtroom dramas going on in other area courtrooms.

Most notably, in one of the Cook County courtrooms, Chicago Attorney Thomas Gooch is being accused of being sexist by filing a motion for Cook County Circuit Court Judge Anita Rivkin-Carothers’ consideration which requests that a large-breasted woman be moved away from the the other lawyer's table as to not be a distraction to the jury.

Gooch says that the woman, who has been seated next to the opposing attorney, Dmitry N. Feotanov, during court proceedings is only there to distract the jury and not seated there for any other professional purpose. According to Gooch, the large-breasted woman needs to validate herself with proof of legal training or be moved to the courtroom's gallery with other spectators. More


Kentlake teacher charged in superior court with sexual misconduct with minor

Blacks beach cliff rescue of naked womanA text-crazed math instructor in a Seattle suburb was busted after the high school student she allegedly seduced bragged he was "getting laid by a teacher," court records revealed.

The King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office filed a first-degree sexual misconduct charge Tuesday in Superior Court, a class C felony, against Barbara Jeanne Anderson, a Kentlake High School teacher.

The 37-year-old math teacher is alleged to have had sexual contact with a 17-year-old male student who was in her class at the school.

The relationship was discovered when the boy's mother found hundreds of text messages between the two in the space of about three weeks.

According to the probable cause document, the student met Anderson when he transferred into her math class his sophomore year. The document noted she gave him extra help with math.

According to the document, the boy told his uncle he was having a sexual relationship with a teacher. The uncle told the boy's mother and she reported this to the school.

The document goes on to describe the ongoing relationship through text messages, a social networking website and eventually sexual contact. More


Richard Bloem's bad breakup with ex-girlfriend

Richard Ted Bloem in Kent County Circuit CourtGRAND RAPIDS – Home builder Richard Ted Bloem cut short a trial in Kent County Circuit Court this morning when he pleaded no contest to a single charge of second-degree home invasion.

The plea came shortly after Judge George Buth has dismissed one of two charges for a local home builder accused of entering his ex-girlfriend's apartment and urinating in her food.

Bloem, 46, will be sentenced March 9 on the home invasion which carries a maximum penalty of 15 years, but his unblemished criminal history likely means Bloem will be sentenced to no more than 17 months behind bars.

According to police, Bloem went in the apartment of the 32-year-old Grandville woman with a key he had made at Lowe's without her knowledge on July 2.

After spending some time crying in several rooms, he tore up some of her clothes and then returned later to urinate in a bottle of 2009 Kendall-Jackson Riesling, some Land O'Lakes half-and-half creamer and a pitcher of Crystal Light in the refrigerator. More


Boobgate rocks Bangkok

The video, which also includes topless girls dancing on vehicles, may bring on fines and even jail time. Bangkok's scandal du jour centers around three young girls who made a classic Facebook generation mistake.

They were caught topless by the all-seeing eye of the camera phone.

That tends to happen when you strip down, hop on a vehicle's roof and writhe before a packed crowd of guys. The girls were feeling festive during Songkran, a lunar new year's celebration-turned-nationwide water gun battle.

Naturally, someone recorded the moment with a camera phone and uploaded it to the Web. It became an instant hit.

If the girls were American, they'd be in negotiations for a reality show. But since they're Thai, they are being tracked down by the culture ministry and the police, who plan to fine them and force them them to contemplate the holiday's true meaning, possibly by reading books about Songkran to kindergarten students. More


Cavity Search Of Woman Produces 54 Bags Of Heroin

Karin Mackaliunas keeps her stash in her snatchPolice in northeastern Pennsylvania say they recovered more than 50 bags of heroin, cash and loose change from a woman following a cavity search.

Authorities say 27-year-old Karin Mackaliunas was detained last weekend following a crash.

Scranton police say they found three bags of heroin in her jacket and after being taken to the police station she told investigators she had more hidden in her vagina.

A doctor performed a search and recovered 54 bags of heroin, 31 empty bags used to package heroin, prescription pills and $51.22.

Mackaliunas was jailed on $25,000 bail on charges including possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. It was not clear if she had an attorney. More


Oral sex now main cause of oral cancer: Who faces biggest risk?

hummers are not the same any moreWhat's the leading cause of oral cancer? Smoking? Heavy drinking? Actually, it's oral sex.

Scientists say that 64 percent of cancers of the oral cavity, head, and neck in the U.S. are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), which is commonly spread via oral sex, NPR reported. The more oral sex you have - and the more oral sex partners you have - the greater the risk of developing these potentially deadly cancers.

"An individual who has six or more lifetime partners - on whom they've performed oral sex - has an eightfold increase in risk compared to someone who has never performed oral sex, Ohio University's Dr. Maura Gillison, said at a recent scientific meeting, according to NPR. It's news that might alarm some parents, who worry about adolescents' appetite for oral sex.

"Today's teens consider oral sex to be casual, socially acceptable, inconsequential, and significantly less risky to their health than 'real' sex," Dr. Gillison and colleagues said in a written statement released in conjunction with the meeting. More


Mother Who Delivered In Toilet Claims Amnesia

it was not a turd for Jessica - she just treated it like oneGREENVILLE, S.C. -- A woman accused of giving birth to a baby boy in a public bathroom and leaving him in a toilet was granted bond Wednesday.

A judge set bond for Jessica Blackham, 24, of Easley, S.C., during a morning court hearing.

Blackham is charged with felony child abuse and unlawful neglect. She has a $10,000 surety bond on the neglect charge and $20,000 surety bond on the abuse charge.

The judge asked Blackham if she understood the charges against her, and she nodded her head and mumbled yes.

Her mother said they had no idea their daughter was pregnant and have the pictures to prove it, though none were shown during the hearing. More


Cleavage Beef Ends With Woman's Bust

bazoom jealousy erupts in FloridaA Florida woman upset that a visitor to her child’s school was showing too much cleavage was arrested yesterday morning after she allegedly took matters into her own hands, literally.

Laura Campanello, 43, was leaving a meeting with her 17-year-old son’s guidance counselor at Bayshore High School when she passed a woman whom she believes was too scantily clad. After Campanello asked the woman--who was visiting the Bradenton school with an enrolling student--to cover up her chest area, an argument broke out.

According to a Manatee County Sheriff Office affidavit, Deputy Greg Jenkins, the school’s resourse officer, arrived on the scene and advised Campanello that the other woman “was an adult and that I could not tell this lady how to dress.”

“Oh then I can…just do this,” Campanello responded. As detailed by Jenkins, Campanello then allegedly “pulled the front of her blouse down reached in with both hands and pulled both breast out and squeezed them together.” The impromptu display in front of several onlookers resulted in Campanello’s arrest for disorderly conduct. More


Naked woman rescued from cliff

Blacks beach cliff rescue of naked womanSAN DIEGO -- San Diego lifeguards Tuesday rescued a young woman who apparently became stranded on a cliff above Black's Beach without her clothes.

Dozens of lifeguards and Fire Engine Company 9 were sent to the Torrey Pines Gliderport at about 2:15 p.m., according to San Diego Fire and Rescue Department spokesman Maurice Luque.

It took them about 30 minutes to rig a series of rescue ropes. A female lifeguard then rappelled about a third of the way down the 500-foot cliff to an exposed ledge, where the very exposed 27-year-old woman was stuck.

After hooking up the young woman in a rescue harness, the lifeguard helped her rappel to the beach several hundred feet below, where she was provided with clothing. The entire operation took about an hour from start to finish. More


Married teacher facing sex charges after being caught partially naked with student

Biology teacher Carrie Shafer was found partially clothed with a 17-year-old boy in a parking lotA married teacher is facing sex charges after being caught partially naked with one of her students.

Carrie Shafer, 38, from Kentucky, resigned from her job as a biology teacher at duPont Manual High School after being arrested by police in a parked car.

An arrest report revealed the blonde mother-of-two was in a compromising position with an unnamed 17-year-old student from her school in Louisville. Police said the windows of the car were 'steamed up' and both occupants were partially clothed.

They also found evidence of sex between the pair outside the car, including condoms. More


Police: Man critically injures toddler

more child sacrifice - american styleINDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WISH) - What began as a call to medics for a child injured in a fall quickly changed.

"He did admit to the fact that he had struck the child, injuring him," Sgt. Paul Thompson, spokesman for IMPD, said.

Now a toddler is in critical condition, and a man faces felony charges for aggravated battery.

Police said 30-year-old Ayrick Steele was in his apartment with his girlfriend and their combined four children, who range from 2-months to 7-years-old.

"Apparently the man was trying to apply some type of ointment to the child for some type of injury or illness," Thompson said. "The child resisted that effort, and he reacted by either striking or throwing the child into the wall." More


Breast Milk Ice Cream A Hit At London Store

After it sold out of its first batch of breast milk ice cream, The Icecreamists store posted a sign promising customers that more "Baby Gaga" ice cream was on the way.Anyone pining for some ice cream in London now has an unusual option to consider: ice cream made from mothers' breast milk. The Icecreamists shop has made headlines for using milk from as many as 15 women to make its new "Baby Gaga" flavor.

The rare offering proved a hit with customers at the Covent Garden store — the first batch sold out within days of being introduced. A serving of Baby Gaga, which is reportedly flavored with vanilla and lemon zest, goes for 14 pounds — or about $22.50.

The milk came from women found on an Internet advertisement. And the folks at Icecreamists say all the milk "was screened in line with hospital/blood donor requirements."

In an interview for British TV, store founder Matt O'Connor says, "It's pure, it's natural, it's organic, and it's free range, and if it's good enough for our kids, it's good enough to use in our ice cream." More


Arrested Woman Says She's 'Mad at Men'

misandronist arrestedA 46-year-old Chandler woman who was arrested for criminal damage told police officers she was "mad at men."

Tracy Patterson was arrested on Sunday. According to the police report, police were called out to a Chandler residence on reports of a domestic dispute between a man and a woman.

The man had apparently locked Patterson out of the home, and refused to let her in because "he feared she would assault him."

She was trying to break in using some type of tool, and there were scratch marks on the front door, according to police. More


Dad High On Meth Puts Baby In Freezer

dirtbag tweaker parentingCHANDLER - We're learning new details surrounding a Chandler couple arrested for child abuse. Not only did Chance Kracke admit to putting his infant son in the freezer and closing the door, police say his 19-month-old daughter had bruises and burns on her thigh from playing with a lighter.

Doctors say she also managed to swallow a metal screw.

Both Chance Kracke and his wife Leann allegedly admitted to smoking meth everyday for the past month and a half, while their two kids were forced to live in a filthy apartment in Chandler, with cockroaches and feces on the floor.

According to police, Kracke was holding his 7-month-old son, high on meth, and in the middle of making something to eat when he set the baby down in the freezer and shoved the door shut.

When asked why he put his son in the freezer, Kracke apparently told police because the kitchen floor was too dirty. More


Topless Female Van Masturbator Pleads Guilty To Minor Weapons Charge

Vikki Myers has a good reason to smile after self pleasure session The topless Illinois woman arrested on a gun charge after cops found her masturbating in a Chrysler van outside a Red Roof Inn has pleaded guilty to a weapons count, according to court records.

Vikki Myers, 44, copped a plea last month in DuPage County Circuit Court to a City of Naperville ordinance violation. Myers, pictured in the mug shot at right, was fined $165 and placed on “supervision” for several months. She is scheduled for a March 9 court appearance.

Myers, arrested in November for possession of a 9mm handgun without a state-issued Firearm Owners Identification card, admitted to masturbating in the vehicle, where cops discovered “adult items that were used for self-pleasuring.” Myers, who was not charged for the topless auto eroticism, was apparently staying at the hotel with her children, and had repaired to the van for her solo session. More


Craigslist Cat Killer

cat sacrifice thrives in america LOUISVILLE - A Kentucky man is facing animal abuse charges after allegedly torturing and killing four cats, and investigators say many more animals may have been killed.

24-year-old Alex Phelps went before a judge in Louisville on Friday. Phelps was arraigned on four counts of torturing a cat.

Judge Donald Armstrong entered a plea of not guilty for Phelps and set his bond at $50,000. Over the past month three cats were found mutilated and tortured to death in Louisville.

Phelps may have gotten some of those cats from a Craigslist ad. A few months ago, Jennifer Chappell says she rescued three kittens. Chappell says after caring for them and getting them proper veterinary care she wanted to find them a good home. "I bottle fed these kittens," said Chappell.

"They went in a laundry basket everyday with me to work. They were sleeping on down comforters, they had the life of luxury." Chappell says after caring and loving for the kittens she posted an ad on Craigslist and Alex Phelps responded to the ad. Chappell even shared an email that Phelps wrote her, saying he has a dog and most of his family are "avid animal lovers". More


High School Teacher Accused of Sex with Student

Ashley Blumenshine got some young stuff PLAINFIELD, Ill. Ashley Blumenshine, an Illinois high school teacher, was in jail Wednesday, charged with having sex with a 16-year-old student.

Blumenshine, 27, was arrested behind a Kohl's department store in Plainfield, Ill. on Tuesday. Police say they caught her in a car with a 16-year-old boy and determined that they'd had sex shortly before the officers arrived.

Blumenshine's attorney said she is innocent.

"The person in the back was partially unclothed," said Plainfield Police Chief William Doster of the 16-year-old boy. Police noticed two vehicles in the parking lot were sitting much farther out from the store than other vehicles in the lot.

On Wednesday, the Will County State's Attorney's office charged Blumenshine with aggravated criminal sexual abuse. "They made certain statements to the officer that led them to believe that that's what went on," Doster said. He said the affair appears to have been going on for a month or so. More


Breast milk sharing? Trend worries FDA

A Hasidic rabbi and three of his sons U.S. health officials are cautioning new parents about sharing breast milk as a growing number of women are using social networking and other websites to share their milk instead of turning to infant formula.

Health experts have long promoted breast-feeding as the "perfect food" to provide babies with needed nutrients as well as ward off illness, but the Food and Drug Administration is worried about the practice.

In a statement Tuesday, the agency urged parents not to casually use breast milk from other, unscreened mothers because of the risk of disease or contamination from bacteria, drugs or chemicals.

"FDA recommends against feeding your baby breast milk acquired directly from individuals or through the Internet," the agency wrote. Instead, parents should talk to their doctors and use breast milk from special human milk banks, it said. More


AZ Woman Accused Of Sexual Relations With Teen Boy

Susan Brock Accused Of Sexual Relations With Teen Boy PHOENIX -- Prosecutors have filed additional charges against Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock's wife, who is accused of having a sexual relationship with a teenage boy.

Susan Marie Brock faces 11 new charges, including providing obscene materials to minors and public sexual indecency, according to court documents.

She was already facing two counts of molestation of a child and two counts of sexual misconduct with a minor.

Brock is accused of having a sexual relationship with the teen over the past three years, according to court documents.

The teen, who is currently 17, claimed he had engaged in a sexual relationship with Brock, 48, that began when he was 14, according to Joe Favazzo of the Chandler Police Department. More


Mom shakes baby for interrupting FarmVille

An example why spay and neuter is a great idea for this generation A Jacksonville mother charged with shaking her baby to death has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

Alexandra V. Tobias, 22, was arrested after the January death of 3-month-old Dylan Lee Edmondson. She told investigators she became angry because the baby was crying while she was playing a computer game called FarmVille on the Facebook social-networking website.

Tobias entered her plea Wednesday before Circuit Judge Adrian G. Soud. A second-degree murder charge is punishable by up to life in prison.

Outside the courtroom, Mantei said Tobias' plea will help avoid the family reliving the tragedy during a jury trial.

Tobias told investigators that she shook the baby, smoked a cigarette to compose herself and then shook him again. She said the baby. More


Man Who Paid To Molest 3-Year-Old Sentenced

Yaffe also used the Internet to get babysitters to bring him 6- and 10-year-old victims SAN DIEGO -- A man who paid babysitters hundreds of dollars to bring him three young children to molest -- including a 3-year-old boy in an El Cajon hotel room -- was sentenced Thursday to 45 years to life in state prison.

Jared Ravin Yaffe, 31, pleaded guilty May 7 to three counts of committing a lewd act on a child and admitted multiple victim allegations. Deputy District Attorney Matthew Greco said Yaffe's life sentence was deserved.

"His targeting of small, vulnerable children merits this type of punishment," the prosecutor said.

In a hearing before Judge Charles Gill, the prosecutor read a sampling of graphic text messaging between Yaffe and Aaron Zendejas, the man who brought him the 3-year-old boy in June 2008. More


Kids Found Dead Classmate's Brain at Morgue

brain in a jar The parents of a New York teen killed in a car crash five years ago are suing the city's medical examiner for keeping their dead son's brain floating in a jar at the morgue for months without telling them.

But what's worse is how they found out: The boy's classmates, including his girlfriend, spotted it labeled with his name while they were on a school field trip to the mortuary.

"A couple of the kids noticed it immediately, and the kids who knew him became really distraught," Andre and Korisha Shipley's lawyer, Marvin Ben-Aron, told The New York Post.

Some of the students even took cell phone photos of the brain floating in a jar, before they were confiscated by their teacher, he said. More


Woman Charged - Selling Drugs From Her Vagina in Jail

selling drugs from her snatch ?The miracle product known as the vagina is regarded for its many wonderful and daring uses. But as the fetching Rhonda Sue Tomlin discovered, it also makes for a fantastic roving drug dispensary. Or as reader Leah likes to say, a fabulous Coochie Purse...

The 43-year-old Fort Lauderdale woman was busted last Friday when her car broke down on the highway. A trooper stopped to help, but Tomlin gave a fake name. She was later discovered to have outstanding warrants for battery, a probation violation, and driving without a license, so she was brought to the Naples jail.

Jailers there usually do cavity searches on drug suspects. Since Tomlin wasn't wanted for anything related to dope, she got a pass. We can also forgive jailers for not wanting to search her nether regions, since there was a high probability they would have encountered previously undiscovered reptiles and those steel-toed boots you lost in the winter of 2003. More


Finnish Anchorman Fired After Drinking a Beer During Live TV Report

chug a lug your beer at work In what turned out to be his last on-air report, Scandinavian anchorman Kimmo Wilska carried out a rather amusing prank that unfortunately got him oh-so-very-fired.

As he narrates over footage of beers being poured, the camera quickly cuts back to the studio to show Kimmo, beer in hand, the amber nectar dribbling out of the top.

He says it was a joke for the crew's amusement, which wasn't meant to be aired, but his bosses failed to see the funny side, promptly giving him the boot.

Known as "Finland's Barry White" because of his sonorous voice, a Facebook support group has already sprung up, defending Kimmo. More


Wal-Mart, Masturbation and 'Star Wars'

toying with the meatsaber Wait till the People Of Wal-Mart website hears about this guy: a 28-year-old father-of-the-year candidate arrested for masturbating at a Florida Wal-Mart. William Tyler Black somehow completed the big box store trifecta: allegedly looking at porn, jerking off and leaving his seed all over the toys.

Oh, and he's a substitute teacher.

As The Smoking Gun notes, perhaps Black's greatest crime isn't that he works with children or that he has a daughter who will probably hear no end of jokes about this, but that the toy he apparently rubbed his semen all over was a "Star Wars" lightsaber.

Black is accused of taking a magazine into the childrens toy aisle and masturbating to photos in it, then leaving stains on the floor and on the lightsaber nearby. An employee unfortunately witnessed his climax and had to call in the cops -- proving there is a worse moment in life than actually obtaining a job at Wal-Mart. More


Beer In Backpack Saved Bicyclist In Hit-And-Run

beer saves a life SAN DIEGO -- An investigation is under way Friday into a hit-and-run crash in Rancho Bernardo in which a bicyclist who had been drinking was struck by a car and seriously injured, police said.

A man was riding his bicycle in the bike lane on Pomerado Road, near Caminito Vecinos shortly before 8 p.m. Thursday when he was struck from behind by a car, according to San Diego police Officer David Stafford. Medics took the man to a hospital to treat abrasions, bruises and a slight fracture to his vertebrae, Stafford said.

Police said the bicyclist was not wearing a helmet, nor did he have the proper reflectors and lights on.

The rider was intoxicated and was wearing a backpack with beer inside it, and police said the contents may have saved the man's life. More


Miner With Mistress Has a Third Woman

Rescued miner Johnny Barrios The plot thickens: Johnny Barrios, the Chilean miner who became famous when his mistress greeted him at the rescue site instead of his wife, reportedly has yet another girlfriend.

Turns out Barrios, though technically married to Marta Salinas, has lived with the aforementioned mistress who greeted him at the mine, Susana Valenzuela, for five years.

But it was a third woman who tried to visit the 50-year-old miner at the hospital after he was rescued, according to the New York Daily News, citing local reports. Valenzuela, however, turned the 25-year-old woman away: "He is my Yonny Barrios, mine and no one else's," Valenzuela told a Colombia radio station. More


Wife discovers husband's 2nd wedding on Facebook

Facebook follies A wife who suspected her husband was having an extra-marital affair discovered his secret life and second wife on the phenomenally popular social-networking website, Facebook.

The woman, named Lynn France, wed John in 2005 in Italy. In the beginning, things were going all smooth but gradually she began to suspect something was awry after John started taking frequent business trips.

Lynn’s curiosity led her to discover that her hubby was actually married to another woman through a simple Facebook search.

As the planet's largest social network, Facebook helps people connect and share with friends, family, and even business contacts.

Facebook proved a boon at least for Lynn who claims this web portal has helped her expose her cheating husband’s double life. More


New Zealand burn-off sends dope smoke over school

the sweet smoke of cannabis Police in New Zealand burning off seized cannabis were left red-faced when a change in the wind sent smoke billowing over a primary school, it was reported Tuesday.

Officers in the South Island town of Picton were destroying cannabis and shredded paper in an incinerator at the local police station when the incident occurred, the Marlborough Express newspaper reported.

It said St Joseph's School principal Peter Knowles noticed the smoke on Friday morning and complained to police, who immediately extinguished the fire. More


Mistresses and wives clash over trapped Chilean miners

multi tasking with women - Chilean miners Authorities at Camp Hope have had to deal with a rush of women coming forward claiming to be first in the Chilean miners' affections in order to receive government handouts.

At least five wives have been forced to come face to face with mistresses whose existence was kept from them by their husbands, who have been trapped more than 2,300ft below since a cave in on August 5.

One miner has four women fighting over him in an effort to claim compensation offered to the families of those facing between three to four months underground until a rescue shaft can reach them.

Government officials are considering asking the 33 trapped miners to name those they want to claim the benefits entitled to them in a bid to solve problems on the surface.

"There has been a lot of conflict between women," admitted Marta Flores a Red Cross worker at the makeshift camp where relatives wait for news of their loved ones. More


Doctor Dies Trying to Slide Down Boyfriend's Chimney

Dr. Jacquelyn Kotarac BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Dr. Jacquelyn Kotarac, a woman who apparently tried to force her way into her "on-again, off-again" boyfriend's home by sliding down the chimney, died of mechanical asphyxia, according to autopsy results released Tuesday.

Kotarac's decomposing body was found in the chimney three days after the attempt, reportedly by someone house-sitting at the address.

According to police, the 49-year-old woman first tried to get into the house with a shovel, then climbed a ladder to the roof last Wednesday night, removed the chimney cap and slid feet first down the flue.

It is unknown if Kotarac was drunk when she apparently tried to force her way into her boyfriend's home, but Bakersfield police Sgt. Mary DeGeare said Kotarac had been drinking earlier that evening at a restaurant. More


Indian mum 'tries to flush newborn down plane toilet'

at least she was not smoking in the lavatory An Indian woman gave birth to a baby in the lavatory of an international passenger plane and tried to dispose of it down the toilet, media reports in New Delhi said on Thursday.

The infant was found stuck in the toilet after the plane landed in Amritsar, northern India, and was rushed to hospital still attached to the toilet bowl, police and doctors told the Press Trust of India news agency.

HP Singh, a doctor at the Escorts Hospital near the airport, said that a team of surgeons used a saw cutter to remove the newborn's head from the toilet.

The 22-year-old mother was reported to have left the plane when it landed, and was later arrested in the airport after the cabin crew on the Turkmenistan Airlines flight found the baby. More


Police Arrest Man In Naked Break-In

extreme cougar action ST. ALBANS, Vt. -- A 50-year-old man was arrested Tuesday after police said he broke into an 82-year-old woman's home and climbed on top of her naked, demanding drugs and money.

Ervin Bessette, of St. Albans, faces charges of burglary, lewd and lascivious conduct and attempted sexual assault. He also faces a charge of marijuana possession stemming from an incident in late May.

Detectives said Bessette broke into the elderly St. Albans woman's home and woke her in the middle of the night when he climbed on top of her. The woman was able to get away and call police. More


Elementary School To Make Condoms Available

statutory rape enabled by school PROVINCETOWN, Mass. -- Elementary school students in a Massachusetts town would be given condoms if they ask for them -- whether their parents approve or not -- under a policy approved by the town’s school committee.

The policy requires that students speak to a school nurse or other trained counselor before receiving a condom, a local website reported.

Dr. Beth Singer, the school superintendent, said since there is no age limit on the distribution policy, said she wanted to ensure that younger students requesting condoms receive information on their use.

“We’re talking about younger kids. They have questions they need answered on how to use them, when to use them,” Singer said. More


Hooters Fights Waitress' Lawsuit

Hooters big boob combo ROSEVILLE, Mich. -- Executives said Wednesday they will fight a Hooters waitress who says she was told she would be fired if she did not lose weight, WDIV-TV in Detroit reported.

Mike McNeil, vice president of marketing for Hooters of America Inc., said during a news conference at a Roseville location that the company has fought several battles to uphold its image and it will not back down from this one.

"We're not afraid of a fight, whether that be from a city, state or a law firm," said McNeil.

On May 24, Southfield-based Bernstein Law Firm filed a lawsuit on behalf of 20-year-old Cassandra Smith of Roseville.

Smith said that during an employee evaluation she was told by the corporate office via teleconference that she was in danger of losing her job because of the fit of her uniform. More


Husband accused of GPS-tracking wife, slashing her boyfriend

John Voss Jr DAYTONA BEACH -- A Port Orange man having marriage problems tracked down his wife with a GPS device and then slashed the neck of her new boyfriend, Daytona Beach police said.

John Voss Jr., 39, is charged with aggravated battery and is in the Volusia County Branch Jail this morning on $15,000 bail, a booking officer said.

Voss is accused of cutting Alex Valentini, 36, Sunday with a 2- to 3-inch knife blade. Valentini suffered knife wounds to his head, arm and neck. His outer jugular vein was cut, Daytona Beach police said. Valentini was taken to Halifax Health Medical Center where he underwent surgery. His condition was not immediately available today.

According to a Daytona Beach police report the 18-year marriage of Yolanda Voss, 35 and John Voss Jr., was ending. Yolanda Voss still lives at the home she shares with her husband, and her husband started tracking her movements with a GPS device, police said. More


Lack of breastfeeding costs lives, billions of dollars

A number of physician and medical groups agree that breast milk alone is sufficient for babies up to six months. If most new moms would breastfeed their babies for the first six months of life, it would save nearly 1,000 lives and billions of dollars each year, according to a new study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics

. "The United States incurs $13 billion in excess costs annually and suffers 911 preventable deaths per year because our breastfeeding rates fall far below medical recommendations," the report said.

The World Health Organization says infants should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months of life "to achieve optimal growth, development and health." The WHO is not alone in its recommendations.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention all agree that breast milk alone is sufficient for newborns and infants until they are 6 months old. More


Woman arrested after making threats on police radio

she made at least one bomb threat and many references to the death of police officers and fire personnel Authorities arrested a 29-year-old San Jacinto woman who investigators said interrupted police and fire radio communications and made threats over the air during a two-day period, said Hemet police Lt. Mark Richards in a news release.

Irene Marie Levy was taken into custody early Monday at her mobile home in the 900 block of South Grand Avenue, Richards said. Levy was booked at the Hemet Police Department Jail on suspicion of making terrorist threats; false report of a bomb threat; and maliciously interrupting, disrupting, impeding, or interfering with the transmission of a public safety radio frequency.

Levy’s bail is set at $50,000, Richards said.

According to Richards, Levy, who is an Amateur Radio technician, was randomly broadcasting on CalFire and Hemet Police radio frequencies from Saturday evening until moments before she was arrested at her residence. More


Domestic violence program coordinator found guilty of threatening husband with hammer

LaDonna Glenn A jury found the AWARE Inc. domestic violence program coordinator guilty of felonious assault for threatening her husband with a hammer.

Jurors deliberated about two hours and came to a conclusion shortly before 5 p.m., Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper said.

Oakland County Circuit Judge Martha Anderson is to sentence LaDonna Glenn, 46, on June 21. Glenn, who has a leadership position at the largely state-funded Jackson agency, faces a maximum penalty of four years in prison and a $2,000 fine.

She was accused of going Sept. 24 to her and her husband’s condominium in Southfield, beating on the door with a hammer and twice raising the tool at her husband, George Glenn, 69, whom she alleged was unfaithful. More


Grandmother and grandson to have child together

dude really loves his gran Pearl Carter and Phil Bailey, 26, have paid a surrogate mother £20,000 to have Mr Bailey’s child, which the couple plan to bring up together.

Mrs Carter, from Indiana, met Mr Bailey four years ago after he tracked her down following the death of his mother, Lynette.

Mrs Carter fell pregnant with Lynette at 18, out of wedlock, and claims that she was forced to give her child up for adoption by her strict Catholic parents. She went on to marry, but never had any more children.

The couple, who claim to be abused in public and could face prison for incest, say that they fell in love and became lovers soon after meeting. In an interview with the New Zealand magazine, New Idea, Mrs Carter, said: “I’m not interested in anyone else’s opinion.

"I am in love with Phil and he’s in love with me. Soon I’ll be holding my son or daughter in my arms and Phil will be the proud dad.” More


Commuters travel to work on the Tube NAKED

Two workers stroll hand-in-hand as a fully-clothed couple look on in amusement It was a cheeky and unexpected sight that greeted commuters as they boarded a Tube into work.

But the four naked men and women certainly livened up the usually dull journey for many people – attracting gasps from stunned workers.

Carrying handbags or briefcases to cover their modesty – and wearing shoes – the nudes travelled on escalators and rode in the carriages as though their lack of suitable attire was completely normal.

But, rather than trying to start a new trend on the London Underground, the group were promoting a TV series which sees staff at struggling businesses helping to turn their company around.

Steven Suphi, behaviour change specialist and leadership guru, believes stripping off in the office will help boost employees' confidence and develop trust. More


British Woman Told to Stop Loud Sex or Face Jail

loud screaming orgasm monkey love A British woman whose noisy sex sessions were officially branded anti-social behavior was warned Friday she would face jail, if she fails to stop the excessively loud lovemaking.

Caroline Cartwright, 48, was given an eight-week prison term suspended for 12 months, meaning if she engages in over-noisy coupling again in the next year she will immediately be put behind bars.

"I've heard a very short extract of the noise you make and can well see that your neighbors would be upset and distressed by this," said judge Beatrice Bolton at Newcastle Crown Court in northeast England.

Cartwright was served with a civil order over marathon romps with husband Steve, described in court as unnatural and "like they are both in considerable pain." More


Man sues airline for not looking at his scrotum

scrotum inspection MONTREAL - A Westmount resident's lawsuit against Air Transat, for failure to provide him with appropriated medical attention during a flight, was dismissed in small claims court this past Tuesday.

His illness? Sudden and mysterious bleeding in the area between his legs.

The curious incident occurred February 15, 2008 during a flight from Montreal to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Marcel Cote was comfortably seated in business class an hour after takeoff when, for some unknown reason, he felt enough discomfort to make an emergency visit to the washroom, where he discovered spots of blood on his body. More


Internet gamers let baby starve

gamers do poorly at first life SEOUL, South Korea — A South Korean couple addicted to an Internet game about raising a virtual child were arrested for neglecting their real three-month-old daughter and letting her starve to death, news reports said.

The couple spent between four and six hours every day at Internet cafes in Suwon, a city just south of Seoul, and bottle-fed their baby only once a day, the Yonhap news agency and other South Korean media reported, citing police.

The couple found their baby dead Sept. 24 when they returned home after playing online games at a nearby Internet cafe all night, Yonhap reported. More


Passenger Accused Of Exposing Self On Flight

rub one out on a plane and be a terrorist DENVER -- An airline passenger exposed himself to a woman sitting next to him and masturbated underneath a blanket while flying from Philadelphia to Denver on Monday, officials said.

Murali Krishna Nookella was arrested when the Southwest flight landed at Denver International Airport, according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court. He is accused of making "an obscene and indecent exposure of his person" while on an aircraft.

During the flight, a female passenger told a flight attendant that the man seated next to her "was masturbating and that she saw his penis," according to the criminal complaint.

Nookella was relocated to a different seat, and the plane's captain called police to meet the aircraft upon its arrival in Denver. More


Naked rambler gets longest jail sentence yet

Naked rambler Stephen Gough: jailed for being naked, again Naked rambler Stephen Gough has been jailed for 21 months for repeatedly walking around nude - and even refusing to put clothes on during his court appearances.

And a planned mass protest by nudists against the treatment of Gough fell flat – when no-one bothered to turn up.

Gough was jailed on Monday at Perth Sheriff Court after being found guilty of breaching the peace, and being in contempt of court by refusing to put clothes on.

Sheriff Lindsay Foulis, who warned Gough he faced the rest of his life behind bars, gave him a final chance to walk free yesterday by agreeing to put trousers on. More


Survey: Brits think bacon comes from sheep

bacon from sheep? A survey of British youngsters suggests 26 percent of the country's under-16 population erroneously believe bacon comes from sheep.

The survey of 800 children and adults, conducted for the Home Grown Cereals Authority and the National Farmers' Union, also suggests 29 percent of youngsters believe oats grow on trees and 17 percent of both children and adults are under the false impression that eggs are a necessary ingredient in bread, the Daily Mail reported.

"Everyone should know where primary foods like cereals are grown and the role they play as part of a healthy, balanced diet," said Peter Kendall, president of the National Farmers' Union. More


President Cristina Fernandez Says Eating Pork Improves Sexual Activity

Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez loves getting porked Argentina's president thinks eating pig meat is really sexy.

Many people in this beef-loving nation reacted with surprise Thursday after Cristina Fernandez promoted pork in a speech during which she not only said pork is better than Viagra, but suggested she's personally proven it.

"I didn't know that eating pork improved sexual activity," Fernandez said in a meeting with representatives of the swine industry late Wednesday. "It is much more gratifying to eat some grilled pork than to take Viagra."

She even joked that "it was all good" after she enjoyed some pork with her husband, former President Nestor Kirchner.

"I think they might be right," Fernandez said to a laughing audience. More


Woman Kills Boyfriend by Sitting on Him

Landingham was sentenced to th A woman in Cleveland pleaded guilty to sitting on her 120 pound boyfriend and killing him.

Police said Mia Landingham and Mikal Middleston-Bey, who have three children together, got into an argument in August. During the altercation Landingham sat on Middleston-Bey.

Landingham pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

Her attorney told said there was a long history of domestic abuse in the relationship. He asked the judge for leniency and pointed out she has no prior criminal record.

Landingham she was sorry for squashing the father of her children. More


Man OK After Penis Gets Stuck in Pipe

cleaning the pipes is best done with caution Medics at Southampton General Hospital struggled to get the man's penis out of the stainless steel pipe, because the restricted blood flow had caused it to become erect.

Instead, they resorted called in Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The fire crew turned up with a special equipment unit from St Mary's station in Southampton and seven firefighters to help, in what a spokesman understatedly described as a 'delicate operation'.

The firefighters used the four-and-a-half-inch industrial metal grinder to cut the pipe from around the anaesthetised man's penis. More


Teacher Cuts Off Girl's Braid In School

angry hateful Teacher Cuts Off Girl's Braid In Class MILWAUKEE - A Milwaukee teacher was charged with disorderly conduct after cutting off a 7-year-old's braid in front of her classmates, WISN-TV in Milwaukee reported.

Lamya Cammon was angry, confused and scared by the incident last week in which the apparently frustrated teacher cut one of her braids off after she wouldn't stop playing with them in class.

Cammon, 7, sports a few dozen braids, but one is conspicuously absent. "She told me to stop playing with it, then cut it off and sent me back to my desk," Cammon said.

Cammon, a first-grader at Congress Elementary, said her teacher used a pair of classroom scissors to cut off one of the braids after she absent-mindedly kept playing with them. More


40% of Australian women wear a bra with a cup size DD or bigger

Cup runneth over with boobs and racks THE bra market is expanding, literally. Up to 40 per cent of Australian women now buy bras with a cup size of DD or higher, new figures from lingerie suppliers show.

In the 1950s, the most common bra-cup size was a B - three sizes less than a DD.

Modern breasts are getting so large that some bra companies have introduced cup sizes as high as K, The Sunday Telegraph reports.

Experts blame the cleavage boost on obesity, contraceptive pills and artificial hormones.

Bra company Eveden Australia launched a K cup into the market last year. The company's fitting specialist, Victoria Jubb, said obesity contributed significantly to the expanding chest sizes but the number of small-figured women with large breasts was on the increase. More


South Carolina man gets 3 years prison for sex with horse

Rodell Vereen, 50, who was arrested Monday July 27, 2009, and charged with buggery for allegedly having sex with a hors A South Carolina man caught on video having sex with a horse was sentenced Wednesday to three years in prison after pleading guilty for the second time in two years to abusing the creature.

Rodell Vereen was also ordered never to go near the stable where the horse's owner caught him and held him for authorities at shotgun point over the summer. He apologized to the woman and to himself after admitting to buggery at the Horry County courthouse.

"I'm sorry about what I've done. I didn't mean to do it. It's my fault. I'm sorry for what I've done to myself," Vereen said during Wednesday's court hearing.

Vereen was arrested in July after Barbara Kenley caught him entering the barn at Lazy B Stables in Longs, about 20 miles northeast of Myrtle Beach. She had been staking out the stable for more than a week after setting up a surveillance camera and videotaping Vereen's assault on her 21-year-old horse named Sugar. More


Drunk 4-Year-Old Steals Christmas Presents

Going to the neighbor's house and taking their presents, very embarrassing CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. - A 4-year-old boy, beer in hand, is accused of stealing Christmas presents from his neighbors. It's a strange story, but also a sad one.

April Wright is 21 years old and is going through a divorce with her husband who is in jail. She says she is not sure how her 4-year-old managed to get out of the house, open a beer, and steal the neighbors presents from under their tree. Now she's just glad he's okay and says she won't let it happen again.

The child, Hayden Wright, was found around 1:45 am Tuesday, wandering the streets of his neighborhood. In a police reports, officers said he was wearing a little girl's dress and drinking a beer. The police report says the child had to taken to the hospital to be treated for alcohol consumption. April Wright said, "Biggest concern was him being out there, getting kidnapped, getting run over, the alcohol, having to have his stomach pumped." More


What naughty grandpa does while granddaughter plays

You're supposed to play with your grandkids, not with yourself. PUNTA GORDA, Fla. - Punta Gorda Police tell WINK News they arrested 65-year-old Robert F. Desmarais of Port Charlotte on Saturday. Police say he was caught masturbating in the parking lot of Kiddieland at Gilchrist Park.

Witnesses notified police it appeared Desmarais was masturbating while seated in his Jeep.

Police reports say Desmarais brought his 8-year-old granddaughter to Kiddieland and remained in the car while she played on the playground. According to police, Desmarais admitted to masturbating in his vehicle while his granddaughter played in the park. More


Woman loses nipples in botched sex change surgery

Chong has promised to help Sam (left) seek compensation for the botched surgery which left her without nipples. KUALA LUMPUR: A 36-year-old businesswoman’s life-long wish to become a man by removing her breasts was dashed when she ended up losing more than she bargained for and became RM24,000 poorer to boot.

Instead of having her breasts removed, the woman, who only wished to be known as Sam, ended up losing both her nipples after a botched cosmetic surgery left her with a nasty infection and a bad scar.

In a press conference at the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department, Sam said she had gone to a beauty salon in Subang in May to undergo the procedure. More


Man charged with DWI in motorized La-Z-Boy

A motorized La-Z-Boy chair A Proctor man driving a motorized La-Z-Boy lounge chair hit a parked vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

Dennis LeRoy Anderson, 62, pleaded guilty Monday in St. Louis County District Court to DWI in connection with the Aug. 31, 2008, incident in Proctor. There were no injuries.

According to the criminal complaint, Anderson drove his motorized chair into a vehicle parked near a Proctor bar. Anderson told police he was traveling from the Keyboard Lounge after consuming approximately eight or nine beers. His blood-alcohol content was measured at 0.29 percent, more than three times the legal limit to drive.

Anderson claimed he was driving the chair fine until a woman jumped on it and knocked the chair off course. He has one prior DWI conviction. More


Teenager admits to raping siblings

brother from hell A KwaZulu-Natal South Coast teenager has admitted to raping his two sisters and brother over a period of 10 days, apparently because he was upset that their father had gone to jail for raping his sisters.

The 18-year-old from Umzinto - who cannot be named to protect the identities of his victims - blamed his siblings for the fact that their father had been imprisoned for life. The State alleged, in its indictment before Judge Achmat Jappie in the Ramsgate High Court this week, that he had decided to take revenge.

In a written plea before the court, the teenager admitted raping his 13-year-old sister on January 20 this year, and again seven days later.

He also admitted to "holding her down" while a friend also raped her. More


Shag bands a parent's worst nightmare

Snap an orange band and get a kiss, snap a yellow and get a hug. But snap a black, light blue or light green band, and the "prize" is something far more sinister. THEY look like a symbol of childhood innocence. But these colourful bracelets are behind an "insidious" craze of primary school kids performing sex acts that it is feared will soon sweep through Queensland.

Rather than a mere fashion statement, the so-called "shag bands" are linked to gradations of sexual behaviour. A Facebook page about the innocuous-looking bands has already been inundated with more than 12,000 fans.

The game involves a boy or girl trying to break the rubber band off the wearer's wrist. If it snaps, the wearer has to perform the favour corresponding to the colour.

Snap an orange band and get a kiss, snap a yellow and get a hug. But snap a black, light blue or light green band, and the "prize" is something far more sinister. More


Guilty of negligence in son's home circumcision

chopping your son's wee wee is a no no A Metro Vancouver man who circumcised his four-year-old son at home with a razor blade and used blood coagulant meant for horses has been found guilty of negligence causing bodily harm.

The man, identified in a court ruling on Wednesday as DJW, admitted that in 2007 he circumcised his son, DJ, who was born at 2.5 pounds and couldn't be circumcised at birth.

The man performed the circumcision just a few years after he circumcised himself. After he did that, his foreskin bled in nine places, doctors sutured it at hospital and his penis became infected.

DJW's lawyer, Doug Christie, said, "He learned from that experience to do things differently." More


Elderly Man With Oxygen Tank Robs La Jolla Bank

Experts Fear Crime May Be Part Of A New Trend For Elderly LA JOLLA, Calif. -- A neatly-dressed elderly male robber carrying an oxygen tank presented a demand note to a teller at a La Jolla bank Saturday and fled on foot with an unknown amount of cash, police said.

The heist was reported at 10:12 a.m. at the San Diego National Bank in the 7800 block of Ivanhoe Ave., according to San Diego police Sgt. Ray Battrick.

It was unclear whether the man had a weapon, the sergeant said. The robber was described as a white man in his 70s with white hair, a gray mustache and glasses, 6 feet 6 inches tall, wearing a white beret, argyle sweater and brown sports jacket, a dispatcher said.

It's not often you see a bank robbery suspect believed to be in his 70s or 80s carrying an oxygen tank with tubes in his nose. More


Expecting Sex With Craigslist Prostitute, Robbed Instead

craigslist ho had a sideline of robbery SAN DIEGO -- A 34-year-old man who went to a La Mesa motel, apparently thinking he was going to have sex with a 17-year-old girl who advertised on craigslist, was robbed, and police arrested the girl and an accomplice, police said Tuesday.

The victim, whose name police withheld, met the girl at a room at the Heritage Inn, 7851 Fletcher Parkway, around 10:35 p.m. Monday, La Mesa police Lt. David Bond said.

After some brief sexual touching, the man gave the girl $100 for additional sexual services, Bond said.

About that time, a man in a mask came out of the bathroom with a knife, he said, and the would-be john fled and called police. More


Fripp Island golfer loses arm to alligator

Experts Fear Crime May Be Part Of A New Trend For Elderly A 77-year-old man lost his arm below the elbow Thursday when he was attacked by an alligator while playing golf on Fripp Island.

The man, the father of a Fripp Island property owner, was playing the 11th hole of the island's Ocean Creek Golf Course at about 3 p.m. when the attack occurred. The victim was leaning down to pick up his ball when a 10-foot long alligator grabbed his arm, said Kate Hines, general manager of the Fripp Island Property Owners Association.

Hines said the alligator dragged the man into a nearby pond and went into a series of "death rolls," a technique the reptile uses to tear apart its food. The man lost his arm in the struggle. More


Woman Sets Self On Fire At Mall

roasted woman in mall MIAMI -- A woman has been hospitalized after she set herself on fire inside a South Florida mall on Thursday afternoon, police said.

Witnesses said the woman, whom police identified as 42-year-old Cecilia Casals, lit herself on fire inside a store at the Mall of the Americas.

Police said Casals tried to commit suicide by covering her clothing with accelerant before setting herself on fire.

The woman stunned shoppers when she walked out of a boutique near Ross with her body covered in flames.

"When she walked out of the bathroom, she was lit on fire. She was walking to the middle of the mall. People started screaming hysterically," said witness Jose Morales. More


Man escapes charges for barbecuing pet dog

Man's family is from Tonga where eating a dog is not uncommon A man who roasted his pet dog to enjoy as a meal with his family and friends escaped prosecution after authorities in New Zealand determined the animal was killed humanely.

"We were in a dilemma at seeing something we were fairly upset about -- but being in a position of being able to do absolutely nothing about it," said Garth Halliday, of the Auckland Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, on Monday.

The SPCA -- which investigates acts of animal cruelty and presses charges -- responded to the house in Mangere, south of Auckland. There, officers found the charred body of a Staffordshire terrier cooking in a barbecue pit. More


Sheriff fires one deputy, suspends 3 others after Round Rock incident

Photograph of waitress posing with sheriff's rifle The five Midland County Sheriff’s Office deputies involved in the photography incident with a scantily-clad waitress holding a county-issued rifle in Round Rock have all received disciplinary action, including one deputy who was terminated and three who have been suspended without pay.

Sheriff Gary Painter apologized to the citizens of Midland County at a press conference Wednesday afternoon for the actions his deputies were involved in while attending a patrol interdiction class in Cedar Park last week.

“I am very embarrassed by what happened and hurt at the same time,” Painter said, adding he understands if those in law enforcement want to unwind or drink from time to time.

“But in this particular instance, people got stupid real quick ... It went from not very smart to very stupid in about 30 seconds.” More


Man jailed for not supporting someone else's child

dude gets scammed by family court jackals ADEL, Ga. - A Georgia man spent more than a year behind bars for failing to pay child support for a child that wasn't his, but he was released after DNA tests showed he wasn't the father.

Frank Hatley, 50, had been jailed since June 2008 for not making payments, but two separate DNA tests in the last nine years showed he was not the father of the boy, who is now 21.

Southern Center for Human Rights attorney Sarah Geraghty won Hatley's release at a hearing Wednesday in Superior Court. A court order has also relieved him of his financial obligation to the Georgia Department of Human Resources.

"State child support officials have shown extraordinarily poor judgment in Mr. Hatley's case," Geraghty said. More


Men-only train cars sought in groping fears

subway gropers cause mayhem TOKYO (Reuters) - Many women taking the crowded train in Tokyo opt for women-only carriages during the rush hour to avoid gropers.

Now, for fear of being accused of groping, some are asking for carriages reserved for men as well.

Ten shareholders of Seibu Holdings, which runs trains in the Tokyo area, have petitioned for carriages reserved for men.

"There have been many cases of groping, as well as false charges of groping, on Seibu Railway," the shareholders said in a notice seeking a vote at the company's annual meeting. More


Woman Accused Of Killing Newborn, Ate Brain

Otty Sanchez was told by the devil to eat her baby SAN ANTONIO — The scene was so gruesome investigators could barely speak: A 3 1/2-week-old boy lay dismembered in the bedroom of a single-story house, three of his tiny toes chewed off, his face torn away, his head severed and his brains ripped out.

"At this particular scene you could have heard a pin drop," San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said Monday.

"No one was speaking. It was about as somber as it could have been."

Officers called to the home early Sunday found the boy's mother, Otty Sanchez, sitting on the couch with a self-inflicted wound to her chest and her throat partially slashed, screaming "I killed my baby! I killed my baby!" police said. She told officers the devil made her do it, police said. More


Daily sex 'best for good sperm'

daily practice makes better sperm Having sex every day improves sperm quality and could boost the chances of getting pregnant, research suggests.

In a study of men with fertility problems, daily ejaculation for a week cut the amount of DNA damage seen in sperm samples.

Speaking at a fertility conference, the Australian researcher said general advice for couples had been to have sex every two or three days. More


Assault victim bites off attacker's tongue

bad tongue action A man was arrested in a hospital emergency room where he had gone for treatment about an hour after a woman he allegedly raped bit off his tongue, police said.

Murrieta police were summoned to the apartment in the 24000 block of Hancock Avenue around 10:23 a.m. There they found a woman with injuries consistent with a violent assault, according to a police news release.

Officers found a severed tongue at the scene.

Around 11 a.m., the suspect, 32-year-old Ronald McGowan, of West Covina, arrived at the Rancho Springs Medical Center in Murrieta, police said. More


New Zealand airline issues nude safety video

airline safety is important New Zealand's national airline has adopted a cheeky way to encourage passengers to watch its in-flight safety video: The cabin crew's uniforms are nothing but body paint.

The "Bare Essentials of Safety," screening in the cabins of planes flying Air New Zealand's main domestic routes, has gone viral online. It had 1.2 million YouTube views by Friday, four days after it was launched. In the video, three cabin staff and a pilot, all in full body paint applied to look like their uniforms, talk viewers through the aircraft's safety procedures. A demonstration seat belt, life jacket and arm rests are strategically positioned during the 3 1/2-minute video to protect the cabin crew's ... discretion. Passengers are shown ogling, mostly in appreciation. More


One in Five Americans Pee in Pool

pool cleanliness begins with you Findings from a recent survey show that when it comes to public pools this summer, watch thy fellow swimmer closely! Rather than worry about the availability of lounge chairs, lockers, and food and beverages, swimmers should be thinking more about basic questions of pool water cleanliness.

According to a survey conducted by the Water Quality & Health Council, 84 percent of Americans believe their fellow swimmers participate in unhygienic pool behavior - and they may be right. In fact, almost half (47%) admit to one or more behaviors that contribute to an unhealthy pool.

Peeing in the pool?

One in five say they've done it (17%) - and eight in ten (78%) are convinced their fellow swimmers are guilty. As far as showering goes - forget it. Roughly one third (35%) pass the shower without stopping and three quarters (73%) say their fellow swimmers fail to shower before swimming. More


Britain's 66 y/o mum tried for an IVF baby five years ago

when most are grannies, she is a mum The woman expecting to become Britain's oldest mother tried to have a child through IVF around five years ago, a friend said yesterday.

Elizabeth Adeney, 66, was left 'emotionally exhausted' by the process and considered giving up.

But she persevered after seeking advice and is now expecting her child - understood to be a son - weeks before her 67th birthday.

The friend said: 'Liz first failed to fall pregnant several years ago and only wanted to go through the process again if it was likely to work. More


8-year-old Saudi girl divorces 50-year-old husband

8 year old, Unayzah was given in marriage by her father to a much older man. An 8-year-old Saudi girl has divorced her middle-aged husband after her father forced her to marry him last year in exchange for about $13,000, her lawyer said Thursday. Saudi Arabia has come under increasing criticism at home and abroad for permitting child marriages. The United States, a close ally of the conservative Muslim kingdom, has called child marriage a "clear and unacceptable" violation of human rights.

The girl was allowed to divorce the 50-year-old man who she married in August after an out-of-court settlement had been reached in the case, said her lawyer, Abdulla al-Jeteli. The exact date of the divorce was not immediately known.

A court in the central Oneiza region previously rejected a request by the girl's mother for a divorce and ruled that the girl would have to wait until she reached puberty to file a petition then. There are no laws in Saudi Arabia defining the minimum age for marriage. Though a woman's consent is legally required, some marriage officials don't seek it. More


Feds plug a real leak: Cameras reveal alleged elevator urinator at IRS center

IRS gets hosed for a change DETROIT - An agent used surveillance cameras to confirm a smelly suspicion: Someone had been urinating in a freight elevator at an Internal Revenue Service data center in Detroit.

Authorities filed a criminal charge Tuesday against Michael Hicks. In an affidavit, treasury agent Delmaria Scott said she interviewed Hicks in January 2008 and he admitted urinating in the elevator for months. Scott said Hicks did it "because he felt he could get away with it." It cost $4,600 to clean the elevator. More


Blind Bakersfield boy: 'Daddy ate my eyes'

Four-year-old Angelo Mendoza Jr. told police, "my daddy ate my eyes." Police believe a Bakersfield man bit the eyeball out of his son's face and ate it, according to court documents. The 4-year-old's other eye was damaged beyond repair, reports said.

The boy's missing eye could not be located, reports said, and he told a detective, ''Daddy ate my eyes.''

Prosecutors have charged Angelo Vidal Mendoza Sr., 34, with mayhem, torture and child cruelty. He's being held in the downtown jail in lieu of $1 million bail. More


Blondes March to Cheer Up Nation

Blondes' Day in Latvia Several hundred blonde women marched through the Latvian capital Riga yesterday in a bid to cheer up the crisis-hit Baltic nation, suffering the worst recession of all 27 EU member states.

Led by an orchestra, the first-ever blonde parade featured women dressed in pink and white, some accompanied by lapdogs, in a charity fund-raising event that organisers hope will become an annual event.

"I'm not stupid. I'm beautiful and I'll prove it," Ilona Zigure, a participant, said. Organisers said they were determined to bring positive energy to their country, expected to see its economy contract by 16 per cent this year.

The parade was part of a "Blonde Weekend" which also featured a blonde golf tournament, a little lady fashion show, an evening ball, and a children's drawing competition. More

Affairs of the Lips: Why We Kiss

Lock lips with this mug When passion takes a grip, a kiss locks two humans together in an exchange of scents, tastes, textures, secrets and emotions.

We kiss furtively, lasciviously, gently, shyly, hungrily and exuberantly. We kiss in broad daylight and in the dead of night.

We give ceremonial kisses, affectionate kisses, Hollywood air kisses, kisses of death and, at least in fairytales, pecks that revive princesses.

Lips may have evolved first for food and later applied themselves to speech, but in kissing they satisfy different kinds of hungers. In the body, a kiss triggers a cascade of neural messages and chemicals that transmit tactile sensations, sexual excitement, feelings of closeness, motivation and even euphoria. More

Italy dig unearths female 'vampire' in Venice

maybe she just talked too much An archaeological dig near Venice has unearthed the 16th-century remains of a woman with a brick stuck between her jaws — evidence, experts say, that she was believed to be a vampire. The unusual burial is thought to be the result of an ancient vampire-slaying ritual. It suggests the legend of the mythical bloodsucking creatures was tied to medieval ignorance of how diseases spread and what happens to bodies after death, experts said.

The well-preserved skeleton was found in 2006 on the Lazzaretto Nuovo island, north of the lagoon city, amid other corpses buried in a mass grave during an epidemic of plague that hit Venice in 1576.

"Vampires don't exist, but studies show people at the time believed they did," said Matteo Borrini, a forensic archaeologist and anthropologist at Florence University who studied the case over the last two years. "For the first time we have found evidence of an exorcism against a vampire." More

Swiss heartland voters ban nude hiking in Alps

mostly German nudists started rambling through their picturesque region APPENZELL, Switzerland — Voters in the heart of the Swiss Alps on Sunday passed legislation banning naked hiking after dozens of mostly German nudists started rambling through their picturesque region.

By a show of hands citizens of the tiny canton (state) of Appenzell Inner Rhodes voted overwhelmingly at their traditional open-air annual assembly to impose a 200 Swiss franc ($176) fine on violators.

Only a scattering of people on Sunday opposed the ban on the back-to-nature activity that took off last autumn when naked hikers – primarily Germans – started showing up in eastern Switzerland. More

Oral sex linked to throat cancer

swallow or spit, cancer risk is higher A virus contracted through oral sex is the cause of some throat cancers, say US scientists.

HPV infection was found to be a much stronger risk factor than tobacco or alcohol use, the Johns Hopkins University study of 300 people found.

The New England Journal of Medicine study said the risk was almost nine times higher for people who reported oral sex with more than six partners. But experts said a larger study was needed to confirm the findings.

Oral sex was said to be the main mode of transmission of HPV but the researchers said mouth-to-mouth transmission, for example through kissing, could not be ruled out. More

West Virginia: Incest good, Barbie bad

beach slut Barbie CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Barbie's life in plastic? Not so fantastic, as far as one Lincoln County delegate is concerned

Democrat Jeff Eldridge introduced a bill in the House of Delegates on Tuesday that would ban the sale of Barbie dolls - and "other dolls that influence girls to be beautiful" - in West Virginia.

Eldridge said the dolls have encouraged girls to value their physical appearance more than their education and intelligence.

"I hate the myth around, if you're beautiful, you don't have to be smart," Eldridge said.

His bill, HB 2918, would make it illegal to sell Barbie dolls "and other similar dolls that promote or influence girls to place an undue importance on physical beauty to the detriment of their intellectual and emotional development." More

Motorist wanted to drive home in the nude

shed your clothes and hit the road A driver caught naked while parked on the side of the road apparently had an urge to drive home in the buff.

That’s the story that Anderson, California police officer Mathew Goodwin got from the unidentified man Wednesday night at Interstate 5 and Balls Ferry Road.

The driver, who was in his mid- to late-40s, shed his clothes while in the car about 10 p.m.

The officer, who thought better of asking the man to step out of his vehicle, also noticed the man had several adult movies in a paper bag. More

Insemination fight ends in wife's arrest

how did she get her brother's semen? PITTSFIELD — A woman who allegedly intended to artificially inseminate her wife with her brother's semen has been charged with domestic assault and battery.

Pittsfield police responded to a call shortly before 4:30 p.m. Tuesday in the city's Morningside neighborhood, where the assault allegedly occurred. Stephanie K. Lighten, 26, was released on personal recognizance after denying the allegations in Central Berkshire District Court Wednesday morning. Jennifer A. Lighten, 33, told police that Stephanie Lighten, her wife, was "all liquored up" when she returned to their Lincoln Street apartment, where the defendant then allegedly tried to use a syringe to inseminate her, according to a police report.

Jennifer told investigating officers that Stephanie "has been talking about trying to impregnate (her) for some time," police said. According to a report by Pittsfield Police Officer Kipp D. Steinman: "Jennifer said that Stephanie had a 'turkey baster and her brother's semen in a sealed container.' More

Edible Excretions: Taiwan's Toilet Restaurant

from one bowl to the other "There's poop everywhere! Y-u-c-k," says 6-year-old Jordan Lien as he and his family dine at the Modern Toilet, a popular Taiwanese restaurant chain that's expanding into China and other parts of Asia. The boy was looking at the poop-shaped lights and dish covers and the curry on toilet-shaped plates.

Diarrhea for dinner? That's the point. "It's supposed to shock and confuse the senses," says Modern Toilet manager Chen Min-kuang. But as Jennifer Finch, an American who was dining there, described it, "They do it tastefully. It's all very clean."

Every customer sits on a stylish acrylic toilet (lid down) designed with images of roses, seashells or Renaissance paintings. Everyone dines at a glass table with a sink underneath. The servers bring your meal atop a mini toilet bowl (quite convenient, as it brings the food closer to your mouth), you sip drinks from your own plastic urinal (a souvenir), and soft-swirl ice cream arrives for dessert atop a dish shaped like a squat toilet. More

Ugandan Men Warned of Booby Trap

Boobs used to commit crime in Uganda Uganda’s police warned male bar-goers to keep their noses clean after a probe found a gang of robbers had been using women with chloroform smeared on their chests to knock their victims unconscious.

“They apply this chemical to their chest. We have found victims in an unconscious state,” Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) spokesman Fred Enanga told AFP.

“You find the person stripped totally naked and everything is taken from him,” he said. “And the victim doesn’t remember anything. He just remembers being in the act of romancing.”

Enanga said he first came across the practice last year when an apprehended thief named Juliana Mukasa made a clean breast of the matter. More

Chinese mistress contest takes tragic turn

The businessman and his spurned mistress met in Qingdao BEIJING, China - A married Chinese businessman who could no longer afford five mistresses held a competition to decide which one to keep.

But the contest took a fatal turn when one of the women, eliminated for her looks, drove the man and the four other competitors off a cliff, Chinese media reported.

The spurned mistress died and the other passengers were injured, the reports said. Police initially thought the car had plummeted off a mountain road in eastern China on December 6 by accident. Then they learned of the contest through a letter the dead woman had left behind, the Shanghai Daily newspaper said.

The 29-year-old woman, identified only as Yu, was a waitress when she met the businessman at a restaurant in the coastal city of Qingdao in 2000. More

Child Left In Freezing Car While Dad Visits Teen Girl

dude done a bad thing GREAT FALLS, Mont. -- A 22-year-old Montana man has been arrested after his 4-year-old daughter was left in a car for hours in below-zero temperatures.

Jeramey Sheeler, of Vaughn, Mont., faces a charge of criminal endangerment. Great Falls Police Lt. Jack Allen says Sheeler left his sleeping daughter in a Jeep parked on the street early Saturday while he went inside a house to visit a 13-year-old girl.

When the 4-year-old woke up, she got out of the vehicle and starting going house-to-house, knocking on doors at 2 a.m. Someone let her in and then called police. The temperature outside at the time was about 14 degrees below zero, according to the Great Falls Police Department. More

British couple has 'black-and-white twins' twice

Big sisters Hayleigh, left, and Lauren Durrant, right, hold their new siblings Leah, left, and Miya, right. A mixed-race British couple has defied the odds — twice — by producing two sets of twins in which one sibling appears to be black and the other white.

Dean Durrant's newborn daughter Miya has dark skin like him. Twin sister Leah has fair skin like her blue-eyed, red-haired mother, Alison Spooner.

Their older siblings Lauren and Hayleigh, born in 2001, also have strikingly different skin tones and eye colors.

Both sets of twins are fraternal rather than identical, meaning they are the product of two separately fertilized eggs, so it is not unusual that they don't look alike. Miya's skin color was more influenced by her father's genes, while Leah takes after her mother. More

Man Says Wife Was Accidentally Shot During Sex

guns and sex do not mix SPRINGFIELD, Ohio -- A Tri-State woman is in critical condition Wednesday after police say her husband shot her while they were having sex.

Timothy Havens, 38, told Springfield police he was reaching for something on the nightstand when the pistol went off, hitting his estranged wife Carolyn in the upper chest.

Carolyn Havens, 42, is being treated at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton. More

Woman deafened by passionate kiss

pucker up and kiss your hearing goodbyeA young lady lost her hearing after a passionate kiss from her boyfriend in Zhuhai, Guangdong province.

The 20-something girl reported to hospital completely deaf in her left ear soon after the painful pucker.

Dr Li, an ear specialist, from Zhuhai Second People's Hospital, said the woman's hearing would likely return to normal after about two months. More

For Better or Worse, Sex in Space Is Inevitable

doing the wild thing in space is out of this world Weddings in space could be right around the corner, and experts figure the inevitable cosmic consummation will be just around the next corner.

The Japanese firm First Advantage and the U.S.-based private spaceflight firm Rocketplane Global, Inc., announced last week they will host weddings in space for about $2.3 million apiece.

For all we know, sex in space has already taken place. But NASA officials aren't talking about that much.

Nobody claims to know whether "it" has happened already in space.

"We don't study sexuality in space, and we don't have any studies ongoing with that," said NASA spokesman Bill Jeffs of the Johnson Space Center in Houston. "If that's your specific topic, there's nothing to discuss," he added, referring to "sex in space." More

'Whizzinator' makers to plead guilty

whizzinator helped with delivering clean urine The owners of the company that makes the Whizzinator, a prosthetic penis used to mask illegal drug use, were charged yesterday in federal court with conspiracy to defraud the government and are expected to plead guilty.

Gerald Wills, the president of Puck Technology, based in Signal Hill, Calif., and Robert D. Catalano, the vice president, are charged in a 19-page criminal information of conspiracy for selling two different products that mask illegal substances in a user's urine.

The products, the Whizzinator and Number 1, are sold through the company's Web sites.

As part of the case, the government is moving for forfeiture of all of the company's assets, as well as its Internet domain names. More

Butt Bandit Grabbed For Greasy Graffiti

butt bandit strikes Graffiti has all forms, some of which is labeled art, but residents of the small Nebraska town of Valentine likely aren’t in love with the displays left by a man who has been tagged the “Butt Bandit”. In fact, it has to be one of the weirdest cases in the little town’s history, perhaps that of the whole state.

Police in the town had been on the lookout for the “Butt Bandit”, a man who had been visiting businesses during the nighttime hours during the spring and summer months, pressing his naked rear end or groin against storefront windows, churches and even schools after greasing up with petroleum jelly or lotion, leaving graphic images. More

Responders Accused of Molesting Patients in Meat Wagon

beware the meat wagon They answer the call 24-7, often risking their own safety to rescue the sick and injured and rush them to the hospital. But some paramedics have been more predator than hero.

Over the past 18 months, at least 129 ambulance attendants across the U.S. have been accused of sex-related crimes on duty or off, an investigation found. Some of them molested patients in the back of an ambulance.

"It's a dream job for a sexual predator," said Greg Kafoury, a Portland, Ore., lawyer who represents three women who were groped by a paramedic. "Everything is there: Women who are incapacitated, so they're hugely distracted. Medical cover to put your hands in places where, in any other context, a predator would be immediately recognized as such." More

Man loses appeal over cartoon porn based on The Simpsons

cartoon characters are legally persons in Oz CARTOON characters are people too, a judge has ruled in the case of a man convicted over cartoons based on The Simpsons, in which children are shown having sex.

In the New South Wales Supreme Court today, Justice Michael Adams ruled that a fictional cartoon character was a "person" within the meaning of the relevant state and commonwealth laws.

Alan John McEwen was appealing his February conviction for possessing child pornography and using his computer to access child pornography.

"The alleged pornography comprised a series of cartoons depicting figures modelled on members of the television animated series The Simpsons," the judge said. More

El Caganer: (S)catalonia's Fecal Christmas Festivities

A caganer -- or "pooper" -- is a small figurine of a person squatting down with lowered pants El Caganer, a rather strange figure, has been a characteristic of Nativity scenes all over Catalonia for many years. No self- respecting Catalan Bethlehem scene would be complete without him!

Nowadays he comes in many shapes and forms, from monks to shepherds, Barcelona or Madrid football players to famous film stars - all performing the exact same action - defecating. That's right! They are actually squatting down, with their trousers round their knees, having a bowel movement!

Although an integral and essential part of the Nativity scene, this colourful character is often difficult to spot. He is usually to be found in an ''outlying'' area - behind a suitably placed bush, for example - and not actually centre stage with the infant Jesus himself! Traditionally he was made of clay, but now he is usually made of longer-lasting plastic. More

'Sexy' MP Kate Ellis offered $30,000 to strip for lads' mag

Kate Ellis, voted by her peers as the sexiest MP FEDERAL minister Kate Ellis has been offered $30,000 to strip for a men's magazine.

Zoo Weekly asked the minister for youth and sport to pose, but she rejected the offer today, the magazine said.

"She had a chuckle at the idea but has decided against it,'' her spokesman told Zoo.

The invitation came a few weeks after Ellis, 31, the country's youngest ever federal minister, was voted Australia's "sexiest'' MP by her political peers including nearly 70 federal MPs and senators. More

Health funds billed for brothel sex in New South Wales

'Illegal brothel' above Premier's office HEALTH funds have been paying rebates to members who get massages with a "happy ending" in Sydney brothels a fraud investigation has found.

The sexual services which cost $60 were billed as a massage or as acupuncture and attracted a health fund rebate of $40.

An undercover investigation has resulted in about 80 massage services in Sydney being deregistered by health funds for fraudulent practices.

Four Chinese massage and acupuncture centres, including one in Ryde and another in Paramatta, offered undercover health fund investigators sexual services during a raunchy massage.

Health funds uncovered the practice after chasing up Chinese community newspaper advertisements offering to provide "young attractive masseuse with a health fund rebate". More

Cosmetic surgery addict injects cooking oil into her face

When her supply of silicone ran out Hang resorted to injecting cooking oil into her face. When her supply of silicone ran out Hang resorted to injecting cooking oil into her face. Hang Mioku, now 48, had her first plastic surgery procedure when she was 28; hooked from the beginning she moved to Japan where she had further operations - mostly to her face.

Following operation after operation, her face was eventually left enlarged and disfigured, but she would still look at herself in the mirror and think she was beautiful.

Eventually the surgeons she visited refused to carry out any more work on her and one suggested that her obsession could be a sign of a psychological disorder.

When she returned home to Korea the surgery meant Hang's features had changed so much that her own parents didn't recognise her. More

Teacher charged with unlawful sex with 17-year-old boy

the pair met 25 times for sexual romps just in Port Orange They had sex anywhere they could, police said -- in the parking lots of grocery stores and under a bridge.

The arrest of a Warner Christian Academy teacher, who police say was having sex with one of her 17-year-old students, has unleashed a series of details that reveal a steamy relationship between the teen and the 45-year-old woman.

An eight-page arrest affidavit released by Port Orange police paints a picture of a teacher engaging in a variety of sexual acts with the boy in her car and inside low-budget motels on Ridgewood Avenue and International Speedway Boulevard in Daytona Beach. The documents also detail the sexually charged text messages Cynthia Horvath routinely sent to the high school senior, praising his sexual prowess but also warning him to "keep quiet" about their affair.

Aside from the litany of interviews Port Orange and Daytona Beach detectives conducted with the student and several of his classmates, Port Orange detectives also took a box of keepsakes the boy had saved from his encounters with Horvath. The mementos included black thong underwear, plastic keys from the motels and Horvath's Warner Christian picture identification card. More

Lobster poacher caught with 'bugs' in his pants

a lobster in your pants or just glad to see me? Over the years, poachers have done some creative things to hide illegally taken lobsters from game wardens, but one San Diego man takes the all-time Hidden Bug Award.

Binh Quang Chau, 33, of San Diego, who has been cited four times for poaching, figured out a creative way to hide his catch.

Chau was cited two times and arrested once by Department of Fish and Game wardens in a one-month period in 2007 and charged with taking lobsters out of the La Jolla State Marine Conservation Area, closed to all take.

When wardens arrested Chau for the second time, they noticed “odd bulges” in Chau's pants. Chau had wrapped six lobsters individually in newspaper and stuffed them down his drawers. More

Study says the woman in red drives men crazy

Gay men and colour blind men were excluded from the study If a woman wants to drive the men wild, she might want to dress in red.

Men rated a woman shown in photographs as more sexually attractive if she was wearing red clothing or if she was shown in an image framed by a red border rather than some other colour, U.S. researchers have said.

The study led by psychology professor Andrew Elliot of the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York, seemed to confirm red as the colour of romance -- as so many Valentine's Day card makers and lipstick sellers have believed for years.

Although this "red alert" may be a product of human society associating red with love for eons, it also may arise from more primitive biological roots, Elliot said. More

Teen Charged With Sending Nude Pics of Herself

Teen is now under house arrest and her cellular phone has been confiscated. A 15-year-old Ohio girl faces felony charges and may have to register as a sex offender for allegedly taking nude photos of herself and sending them to her high school classmates. The teen is now under house arrest and her cellular phone has been confiscated.

The girl, whose name has not been released, was arrested last week and charged in juvenile court with possessing criminal tools and the illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material, said Licking County, Ohio, prosecutor Ken Oswalt.

Her alleged actions are part of what some in law enforcement say is a growing problem around the country. More

Malaysian man gets nut stuck around penis

A Malaysian welder had to have a nut removed from around his penis after an attempt to lengthen it before he gets engaged next week went embarrassingly wrong KUALA LUMPUR -- A Malaysian welder had to have a nut removed from around his penis after an attempt to lengthen it before he gets engaged next week went embarrassingly wrong, a news report said Sunday.

The nut got stuck on his penis following an erection, the Star newspaper said, forcing him to seek help at a hospital in southern Johor state.

Staff from the Sultanah Aminah hospital had to drain some blood from the penis and cut away a top layer of skin before the object could be removed, the newspaper said.

It said the fire and rescue department were also involved in trying to remove the nut from the unnamed welder, who is in his 20s and hoped the nut would weigh down his penis to make it longer. More

PETA Urges Ben & Jerry's To Use Human Milk

yumm! triple titty treat ice cream You could one day enjoy a Triple Nipple shake, or a Mint Hooter parfait, if PETA has its way.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sent a letter to Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, cofounders of Ben & Jerry's Homemade Inc., urging them to replace cow's milk they use in their ice cream products with human breast milk, according to a statement recently released by a PETA spokeswoman.

"PETA's request comes in the wake of news reports that a Swiss restaurant owner will begin purchasing breast milk from nursing mothers and substituting breast milk for 75 percent of the cow's milk in the food he serves," the statement says. More

Ex-teacher says middle schooler was a man to her

Seniorita Kelsey Peterson Omaha, NB -- A former math teacher sentenced to federal prison for a sex crime with a minor says the age of the 13-year-old schoolboy she fled with to Mexico didn't matter to her.

"We didn't see age anymore. ... In my mind he quit being a teenage boy. ... to me, he was a man," Kelsey Peterson said in a taped interview on ABC's "Good Morning America" aired Wednesday.

Peterson, 26, was sentenced Monday to six years in federal prison and five years of supervised release. She also must register as a sex offender. She pleaded guilty in July to a charge of transporting a minor across state lines to have sex.

Peterson was the boy's sixth-grade math teacher at Lexington Middle School in south-central Nebraska during the 2005-06 school year and started having sex with him in November 2006, according to court documents.

The pair disappeared in October, soon after the district's superintendent confronted Peterson about allegations of an inappropriate relationship with the boy. More

Man charged with using webcam to spy on women

be careful who you let work on your computer A student has been charged with using malware to secretly film women using their own laptop webcams.

Craig Matthew Feigin, 23, has been charged with modifying computer data and disrupting or denying computer system services after he installed two programs on the computer of a woman living in Gainesville, Florida.

Police say that Feigin used the code to take videos of Marisel Garcia and others in various states of undress and from them amassed a 20,000 picture collection and stored it on a server in Eastern Europe. It is not known if he sold any of the material.

The woman had taken her computer to Feigin, a student at the University of Florida, because it had been running slowly and he was known to be good with computers. However, after she got the laptop back she started to notice it behaving oddly. The built-in webcam began activating automatically and she noticed the battery was running down more quickly. She took the computer to another friend who found the software and they went to the police. More

Man Chooses "I Was Stupid" Sign Instead of Jail Time

McQuillan told an officer he had been drinking and was quote "just being stupid." A judge gives a man a choice: Spend time in jail or hold a sign saying "I was stupid." He decided he'll hold the sign.

We talked to the judge known for his strange sentences. Judge Paul Lenz says over the years, he's handed out 20 or so similar sentences. But, he says for the most part, the criminals pass and choose to sit out their sentences rather than face public humiliation.

They read "I was stupid," "I’m a thief," and "I stole from the families of the dead."

They're all options to reduce jail time.

"It's something for them to think about," Lenz says. "Even if they don't choose to do it, they have to think about it because they have to think about whether they'll select the option. That means they'll think more about the consequences." More

'Stone Nudes' who rock climb completely naked

The Stone Nudes abandon equipment, clothes and shoes in a bid to capture the 'true essence of the climbing spirit' It is a breathtaking - and death-defying feat - which redefines the term extreme sport.

Battling both gravity and the elements, the climber claws her way up a granite boulder by just her fingertips.

For most, the lack of ropes and safety equipment would be a perilous step too far.

But this woman has gone even further and abandoned her clothes to take part in the new sport of naked rock climbing. More

Sex, Drugs And Oil

these regulators are interested in drilling for much more than oil WASHINGTON, D.C. - Who would have thought the sleepy Interior Department, with the dull task of managing federal land, would produce an office with the culture of an out-of-control frat house?

And yet. A report issued Sept. 10 by the department's inspector general accuses employees in the department's Denver Minerals Management Service of a litany of ethical violations, including drug abuse and engaging in sexual relationships with oil company employees.

The report was instantly appropriated as a political weapon in Congress' heated debate over expanded offshore drilling. The report says, "we learned that some RIK employees frequently consumed alcohol at industry functions, had used cocaine and marijuana, and had sexual relations with oil and gas company representatives." More

McCain offers up wife in topless contest

Cindy McCain flash topless tits biker rally Standing on the main stage at a world famous motorcycle rally in rural South Dakota on Monday, John McCain looked out on a sea of denim-wearing bikers and told them he enjoyed their company much more than that of the 200,000 Germans who turned out to see Barack Obama last month.

If there were any Obama supporters to be found in the vast Buffalo Chip campground, they kept quiet.

Indeed, McCain felt so comfortable at the event that he even volunteered his wife for the rally’s traditional beauty pageant, an infamously debauched event that’s been known to feature topless women.

“I encouraged Cindy to compete,” McCain said to cheers. “I told her with a little luck she could be the only woman ever to serve as first lady and Miss Buffalo Chip.” More

32 protesters arrested outside Disneyland

Tinker Bell and Minnie Mouse have a rap sheet now ANAHEIM, Calif. - Cinderella, Snow White, Tinkerbell and other fictional fixtures of modern-day childhood were handcuffed, frisked and loaded into police vans Thursday at the culmination of a labor protest that brought a touch of reality to the Happiest Place on Earth.

The arrest of the 32 protesters, many of whom wore costumes representing famous Disney characters, came at the end of an hour-long march to Disneyland's gates from one of three Disney-owned hotels at the center of a labor dispute.

Those who were arrested sat in a circle on a busy intersection outside the park holding hands until they were placed in plastic handcuffs and led to two police vans while hundreds of hotel workers cheered and chanted. More

Nudist war on the German-Polish border

The Usedom beach on the German-Polish border has become the unlikely place for a fresh battle between the countries - a nudist war! On the one side white bottoms burn in the sun. On the other side conservative swimming trunk-wearers turn up their noses at the naked beachgoers.

Now a heated argument has broken out between the exhibitionist Germans and the prudish Poles.

For the last fifty years sun-loving Germans have been preserving their naturist traditions from Ahlbeck (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) to Swinemünde.

But following the Schengen agreement in December 2007 the fence separating the German and Polish parts of the beach was removed.

Now German nudists are battling the Poles for their freedom to prance around naked in the sun.

Anja, from Poland, who clearly thinks the German nudists are real swines, said: "It's horrible. We would never bathe naked - we are Catholic." More

Police free 26 cheerleaders from elevator

cheerleaders and elevators can be a bad mix Police and firefighters were called to the University of Texas' Jester Hall to free 26 cheerleaders who had crammed themselves into an elevator.

A group of 14- to 17-year-olds attending Texas Cheer Camp in Austin decided to see how many girls they could squeeze into the elevator around 6 p.m. Tuesday, campus police said. The elevator successfully descended from the fourth floor to the first, but the doors refused to open.

The panicked girls managed to wiggle a few cell phones free to call for help. But it took about 25 minutes before a repairman was able to fix the door, police said. More

Bush Gets Some Ass at the Olympics

Bush Gets Some Ass at the Olympics










Nude blonde, gold stilettos and a Ferrari

Nude blonde visits petrol station creating public disturbance A mysterious blonde paid a visit to a petrol station shop in the small eastern German town of Doemitz on Sunday -wearing nothing but a pair of golden stilettos and a thin gold bracelet.

The tall, slender woman strolled into the shop in the town of Doemitz on the warm afternoon and bought cigarettes.

"I wasn't surprised because she's come in naked before -- she's a very nice woman," Swoboda said, adding none of the other customers were bothered. The woman could have faced charges of creating a public disturbance if anyone had complained.

A quick-witted customer did, however, snap pictures of the woman believed to be about 30 years old as she walked back to a waiting Ferrari and climbed into the passenger seat. Several of those photos appeared in the German media on Monday. More

93 Year Old Man Arrested in Prostitution Sting

forget about call centers, your next baby may be made in India After the honk got her attention, the woman on the corner sauntered up to the 93-year-old man, opened his car door and asked him what he was looking for.

"I'm looking for you," Frank J. Milio said that afternoon in a parking lot off bustling 14th Street West, where police routinely set up prostitution stings.

The woman, an undercover sheriff's detective posing as a prostitute, asked Milio if he wanted sex and how much money he had. Milio said he wanted to play with the woman and asked her to perform a sexual act on him.

As the woman walked away, sheriff's deputies in black masks pulled up and arrested Milio, who was jailed for 12 hours on a solicitation for prostitution charge. The arrest generated national attention, with late-night TV comedians weighing in at the expense of an old man accused of wanting sex. More

Outsourcing Wombs in India

forget about call centers, your next baby may be made in India The midday sun is ferociously hot outside the Akanksha Infertility Clinic, a scuffed concrete building in the small Indian city of Anand. Crammed into a single patch of shade by the gate, a stray cow and a family of beggars — caked so uniformly in dung-colored dust they resemble clay models — wait out the noontime heat.

Inside, the lobby is jammed with barefoot female patients in circus-bright saris. Nurses in white Indian tunics scuttle among them, hollering out names and brandishing medical files. The air smells faintly of sweat and damp cement. On the walls, blurry photos of babies and newspaper clippings celebrate the clinic's raison d'être: "The Cradle of the World" declares one headline. More

Prisoners riot for more sex

nmates are seen behind bars during a four-hour riot at the Esperanza prison The unusual demand was among a long list of gripes which sparked a violent protest yesterday in the Esperanza prison, just outside the capital, Asuncion.

Prisoners seized the director of the prison and several other administration staff as they took over the facility.

They demanded more time to have sex with their wives and girlfriends and an end to mistreatment by prison guards.

Many Paraguayan prisons allow conjugal visits during the day. The rule also applies at Esperanza but clashes with the prisoners' working hours, during which they run small businesses such as clothing factories. More

Call Girls at Nursing Home Fuel Debate in Denmark

naughty nurses boost  morale in nursing home When a male resident at Kildegaarden nursing home in Denmark made an indecent sexual proposal to a member of the staff, the home's director, Inger Marie Kristensen, told a nurse to telephone for a prostitute.

``There was a considerable change in his demeanor after the escort girl had paid him a visit,'' Kristensen said in an interview. ``We do this for our clients just as we offer them other services that they need as human beings.''

Kildegaarden, located 100 miles (160 kilometers) west of Copenhagen in Skanderborg, has about 100 residents, including victims of Alzheimer's disease and strokes. Nurses arranged visits by call girls three times in the past three years.

While Welfare Minister Karen Jespersen says Denmark's 98 municipalities are free to let nurses call prostitutes, some lawmakers are stepping up efforts to pull women out of the profession, which has been legal in the country since 1999. More

Naked surprise after teacher sacked for saucy shoot

Lynne and Antonios Tziolas Australia - A primary school teacher sacked for appearing nude in a women's magazine has launched legal action against the Department of Education as parents from the school organise a petition to have her reinstated.

Lynne Tziolas, 24, was called into her principal's office last Friday and told her year-long contract at Narraweena Primary School would be terminated.

"I was told … my actions had breached the code of conduct," said Mrs Tziolas, who appeared with her husband, Antonios, in a Cleo article about sexual habits.

The article, headlined "Buck naked, where couples talk about their sex lives", included a picture of each couple in a naked embrace.

During last Friday's meeting with the principal, Julie Organ, and the local schools director, Maurice Brennan, Mrs Tziolas was issued with a letter."I refer to an article in the magazine Cleo in which your photograph appears accompanied by an article about your personal life," the letter said. More

Texas Man arrested for trying to cash $360 billion check

hell of a big checkFORT WORTH, Texas—Charles Ray Fuller must have been planning one big record company. The 21-year-old North Texas man was arrested last week for trying to cash a $360 billion check, saying he wanted to start a record business. Tellers at the Fort Worth bank were immediately suspicious -- perhaps the 10 zeros on a personal check tipped them off. more stories like this

Fuller, of suburban Crowley, was arrested on a forgery charge. He was released after posting $3,750 bail.

Fuller said his girlfriend's mother gave him the check to start a record business. But bank employees who contacted the account's owner said the woman told them she did not give him permission to take or cash the check.

In addition to the forgery count, Fuller was charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon and possessing marijuana. Officers reported finding less than two ounces of marijuana and a .25-caliber handgun and magazine in his pockets. More

Hudson drumline teacher admits to sex with girl, 14

Clark Lewing A 24-year-old Lufkin man arrested Tuesday for having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student had recently taught drumline for the Hudson High School band, said law enforcement and Hudson ISD Superintendent Mary Ann Whiteker Thursday.

Sheriff's deputies booked Clark Lewing into the Angelina County Jail Tuesday morning on a charge of sexual assault with a child — a second-degree felony. He made bail, set at $65,000, the same day, according to jail records.

The girl is not a Hudson High School student, Whiteker said. Angelina County Sheriff's Office investigator Charles Lawrence said the girl took private lessons from Lewing.

When questioned by investigators, Lewing said he had known the girl approximately a year before the two had sex, and he knew how old she was, an arrest affidavit stated. The girl told investigators she wanted to have sex with Lewing and did not want to file charges, the report stated. More

Penis theft panic hits city

penis theft is the rage in Africa KINSHASA - Police in Congo have arrested 13 suspected sorcerers accused of using black magic to steal or shrink men's penises after a wave of panic and attempted lynchings triggered by the alleged witchcraft.

Reports of so-called penis snatching are not uncommon in West Africa, where belief in traditional religions and witchcraft remains widespread, and where ritual killings to obtain blood or body parts still occur.

Rumors of penis theft began circulating last week in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo's sprawling capital of some 8 million inhabitants. They quickly dominated radio call-in shows, with listeners advised to beware of fellow passengers in communal taxis wearing gold rings.

Purported victims, 14 of whom were also detained by police, claimed that sorcerers simply touched them to make their genitals shrink or disappear, in what some residents said was an attempt to extort cash with the promise of a cure. More

Teacher accused of tampering to hide alleged affair

Nicole Marie Sirbu GOLDEN, CO — A Jefferson County grand jury has indicted a former Jefferson County teacher and coach on a charge of tampering/destruction of physical evidence.

Nicole Marie Sirbu, 29, was a teacher at Stony Creek Elementary School and a coach for the combined Columbine and Chatfield high school pole-vaulting team from Sept. 1, 2006, until Oct. 1, 2007.

On Sept. 26, 2007, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office began investigating an allegation that Sirbu had "inappropriate sexual contact" with a 17-year-old Columbine student who was on the pole-vaulting team.

Sirbu had exchanged numerous e-mails with the student using her work e-mail address and her work laptop, investigators said. More

Masturbation May Prevent Prostate Cancer

yanking the crank may have  health benefits Frequent masturbation may help men cut their risk of contracting prostate cancer, according to Australian researchers. It is believed that carcinogens may build up in the prostate if men do not ejaculate regularly, BBC News reported in 2003. The researchers surveyed more than 1,000 men who had developed prostate cancer, and 1,250 men who had not. They found that men who had ejaculated the most between the ages of 20 and 50 were the least likely to get cancer. Men who ejaculated more than five times each week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer.

Sexual intercourse may not have the same effect because of the higher risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, which could in turn raise the risk of cancer.

"Had we been able to remove ejaculations associated with sexual intercourse, there should have been an even stronger protective effect of ejaculations," Graham Giles of the Cancer Council Victoria, who led the researchers, said in the article. More

'Squirrelman' to leave his tree for an RV

David Csaky pulls up the ladder to his treehouse SEATTLE, WA -- Facing imminent eviction from his Eastlake treehouse, David "Squirrelman" Csaky got a little good news Tuesday -- then he got a little more.

Seattle city officials, facing growing public criticism, granted the 52-year-old homeless man a 10-day reprieve, replacing an earlier notice that would have forced him to leave his hand-cobbled treehouse Wednesday.

Then a group of Csaky's Eastlake neighbors made a deal to get him a deeply discounted RV to stay in.

"I'm overwhelmed," Csaky, 52, said of the response and the new shelter. "I started crying when they told me."

The new eviction notice -- which had a typo mistakenly giving Csaky until July to move out -- allows Csaky until April 18 to leave the vacant lot where over two years he built an elaborate, 300-square-foot platform about 30 feet above the ground. More

3 Female Teachers Charged With Having Sex With Students

3 teachers do the perp walk TAMPA, Fla. -- In the past two weeks, three female teachers have been arrested in the Tampa, Fla., area, accused of having sex with male students.

First came the arrest of a middle school math teacher, Stephanie Ragusa, 28. She was charged with having sex with a 14-year-old, authorities said. Investigators monitored phone calls between teacher and student in which Ragusa allegedly acknowledged having sex with the boy.

Last Thursday, high school honors English teacher Mary Jo Spack, 45, also was arrested. She is accused of meeting a 17- and an 18-year-old student at a liquor store and leading them to a motel room, where more students allegedly joined the party. Spack was reportedly overheard having sex with one teen in the shower, police said.

"I just can't believe it's happening," said one unidentified Tampa-area parent. "I don't know what to think, or what's going through their heads."

And on Monday night, substitute teacher Lisa Marinelli, 40, a married mother of two, was arrested by sheriff's deputies and charged with unlawful sex with a minor. The 17-year-old victim told detectives he had sex with Marinelli 10 times. Authorities said they believe the boy.. More

Australian man fathers a baby with daughter

Court convicts them of 2 counts of incest, bans them having sex CANBERRA, Australia - An Australian man and his adult daughter went public about their relationship after having a baby together, as new revelations emerged on Monday that a previous child of the couple died a few days after birth.

John Deaves, 61, and his daughter Jenny, 39, have a 9-month-old daughter but have been banned from having sex after a court convicted the pair on two counts of incest, placing them both on a three-year good behavior bond.

"The couple are being monitored by the relevant authorities," a South Australia state police spokesman told Reuters on Monday. More

Polygamist compound raided

some 133 women left the Yearning for Zion Ranch Houston, TX- State troopers sealed off a polygamist compound in a remote stretch of Texas on Friday, and child welfare officials removed 52 girls after a complaint that a 16-year-old had been physically and sexually abused, authorities said.

The investigation at the YFZ Ranch - a walled-off complex just outside the town of Eldorado that is anchored by a towering white temple - came as welcome news to local officials, who had complained for years about the religious sect hunkered there.

"We know they're violating the law, but someone has to raise their hand and testify, and until that happens we don't have anything," said James C. Doyle, a local justice of the peace who has flown frequently over the compound in his private plane. "Those young girls are so brainwashed, it's hard to know what they'll say." More

Oregon Man Says He's Pregnant

Thomas Beatie claims to be almost six months pregnant BEND, Ore. -- An Oregon man is five months pregnant, according to a national magazine.

Thomas Beatie, who used to be a woman, appeared in the most recent issue of The Advocate, a magazine for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender readers.

Beatie wrote the article and it included a picture of him while he was 22 weeks pregnant. According to the story, he went through a sex change, but decided only to have chest reconstruction and testosterone therapy.

Beatie was able to keep the reproductive organs he was born with. The article said he stopped getting the injections and was able to get pregnant. More

Study: Spanking Can Bring Problems Later

spanking can lead to kinky sex according to study DURHAM, N.H. — New research by a University of New Hampshire domestic abuse expert says spanking children affects their sex lives as adults. Professor Murray Straus concludes that children who are spanked are more likely as adults to coerce partners to have sex, to have unprotected sex and to have masochistic sex.

Other studies have shown the link between spanking and physical violence, but Straus said his research is the first to show a link between corporal punishment and sexual behavior.

Straus, co-director of UNH's Family Research Laboratory, conducted a study in the mid-1990s in which he asked 207 students at three colleges whether they'd ever been aroused by masochistic sex. He also asked them if they'd been spanked as children. He found that students who were spanked were nearly twice as likely to like masochistic sex. More

Official Opposes Pamela Rogers' Parole

Pamela Rogers had sex with a 13-year-old male student NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A parole official is opposing release for a former teacher with six years left on her prison sentence for having sex with a 13-year-old male student in Warren County.

Convicted sex offender Pamela Rogers got her first shot at parole at a hearing on Wednesday. She has been an inmate at a Nashville women’s prison since 2006.

Rogers, 30, is serving a 10-year sentence for having sex with a 13-year-old boy while she was a teacher at Centertown Elementary School in Warren County.

Rogers was first arrested in February 2005 and pleaded no contest to charges of having sexual intercourse and oral sex with the student. She served six months in jail and got a lengthy probation on those charges under the condition that she not contact the student or his family or use the Internet. However, she soon she sent the boy what the judge described as "lewd" videos and pictures of herself nude and engaged in sex and text messages. More

Middle school muffles intentional flatulence

flatulent farting is fun for middle school boys CAMDEN, ME - The Merriam Webster Dictionary definition for flatulence is brief: "flatus expelled through the anus." And while it's a natural bodily function, it seems some Camden-Rockport Middle School eighth-grade boys are taking it to new heights and allegedly making a game of seeing who can expel the loudest and grossest flatus.

According to this week's "Fire Cracker" newsletter though, an informal eighth-grade publication, the joke's on the boys as the penalty for "intentional farting" is now a detention.

"Strange, but true, thanks to a bunch of 8th grade boys, intentional farting has been banned from CRMS," the newsletter said. "It started out as a funny joke and eventually turned into a game. This is the first rule at CRMS that prevents the use of natural bodily functions. The penalty for intentional farting is a detention, so keep it to yourself!" More

Former Moon area teacher to stand trial in sex case

Beth Ann Chester The case of a former Moon Area teacher who is charged with having sex with a 14-year-old student is headed to Allegheny County Common Pleas Court.

Beth Ann Chester, 26, yesterday waived her right to a preliminary hearing before District Judge Mary P. Murray in Coraopolis.

At the hearing, prosecutors withdrew three counts of sexual abuse of children, but added five other charges, including one count each of statutory sexual assault, indecent deviate sexual intercourse and indecent assault and two counts of aggravated indecent assault.

Mrs. Chester, who was a ninth-grade health and physical education teacher, sent the boy nude photos of herself and lurid text messages about his body, according to police. Police said she later confessed to having a sexual encounter with the boy." More

NYPD Officer Told Teen Sex Was Part Of Obedience Oath

NYPD officer Trent Young MIDDLETOWN—A New York City cop who allegedly sexually abused two teenage girls, telling them it was part of their initiation as students of his martial arts school, has been charged with second and third degree rape.

Trent Young, 39, of Middletown, with NYPD for nine years, was arrested at his Middletown home where police say some of the abuse occurred in addition to his karate school, the Iron Tiger Martial Arts Center in West Milford, NJ.

According to police, when one of his 80 students, a 14-year-old girl, reached the green-belt level of training at the martial arts school in December 2006, Young allegedly told her that she had to remove her clothing in order to keep with the oath to her dojo. Police said that Young then molested the girl.

It’s alleged that between December 2006, he engaged in a sexual relationship with the girl, having sex with her between 20 and 40 times until October when police began investigating. During the course of that investigation, police learned that Young had allegedly tried the same thing with a second teenager but the girl had refused to undress for Young. More

'Weekend at Bernie's' Check Scam Foiled

Corpse Wheeled to Check-Cashing Store NEW YORK - There are few crimes that manage to surprise police, but this is one of them. Like something out of a bad movie, two men are accused of pretending their dead friend was alive in order to get his money.

To many, $355 may not seem like much, but to two 65-year-old friends it was enough motivation to put their dead friend in a chair and wheel him down to the Pay-O-Matic in Hell's Kitchen to cash his social security check.

Regardless of the two reitrement-age friend's inspiration for doing what they are accused of, witnesses say they could have used some Hollywood help in the makeup department.

"He was sitting in the chair with his head in the back of the chair," witness Victor Rodriguez said. "From where I was looking he appeared to be dead." More

Florida teacher charged with having sex with student

Sarah Elizabeth Joel An Osceola County teacher was arrested on sex charges Friday after deputies said she had sexual relations with an underage former student.

Deputies began investigating Narcoossee Community School Sarah Elizabeth Joel, 31, Friday morning, after a Harmony High School teacher told deputies that one of her students was suspected of having sex with his former teacher, according to a sheriff's charging affidavit.

During a tape-recorded interview, the student told an investigator that he and Joel stayed in touch after last school year and he became a friend of her family, the report states. When he called Joel to talk about his problems, Joel would pick him up and take him to her home.

"One thing led to another," the teen told investigators. He said the encounters took place at Joel's St. Cloud home during September, when he was 15. More

Man Puts Out Fire With Aunt's XL Undies

XL panties save the dayFrom baggy briefs to the ultimate hotpants: A British woman's underwear saved the day by doubling as an emergency fire blanket when her kitchen caught fire. John Marsey and his cousin Darren Lines were frying bread in Jenny Marsey's kitchen in Hartlepool, northeast England when their meal caught fire.

Lines grabbed the nearest thing from a pile of laundry to put it out: his aunt's billowing, powder blue, size XL underpants.

He ran them under the faucet and tossed them onto the flames, successfully smothering the fire, a spokesman for the Cleveland Fire Brigade said, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with department policy. More

Surgeon photographs patient's tattooed genitals

a tatto on the genitals leads a surgeon astrayPHOENIX, AZ - A surgeon faces a disciplinary hearing for snapping a photo of a patient's tattooed genitals during an operation and showing it around to other doctors.

Mayo Clinic Hospital administrators said Dr. Adam Hansen, chief resident of general surgery, admitted taking the photo with his cell phone on Dec. 11. The tattoo was on strip club owner Sean Dubowik's penis, which reads: "Hot Rod."

Dubowik, who had undergone a gallbladder operation, said he learned of the photo Monday when the Mayo Clinic called.

"I got a strange call after my surgery from a doctor who said there was a problem. He said Hansen was on the phone and would explain," he said.

Dubowik said Hansen told him he took the picture while inserting a catheter into his penis. More

Man using GPS drives into path of train

GPS use is no substitute for common senseBEDFORD HILLS, N.Y. - A Global Positioning System can tell a driver a lot of things — but apparently not when a train is coming.

A computer consultant driving a rental car drove onto train tracks Wednesday using the instructions his GPS unit gave him. A train was barreling toward him, but he escaped in time and no one was injured.

The driver had turned right, as the system advised, and the car somehow got stuck on the tracks at the crossing. He jumped out and tried to warn the engineer by waving. He got out of the way just before the train slammed into the car at 60 mph, Metro-North railroad spokesman Dan Brucker said. More

Shots Fired After Man Passes Gas

wdropping a bomb leads to gunplaySOUTHPORT, NY - Flatulence is blamed for a Sunday night shooting at a Southport business.

William Hoover, 32, pulled out a semi-automatic rifle at Wheeler's Beverage Barn and shot at three people who teased him about passing gas, a Chemung County sheriff's investigator said.

The incident began inside the store after 6 p.m., where Hoover got into an argument with the three people who teased him about his flatulence, deputies said.

When the argument moved outside and turned physical, Hoover ran to his car, pulled out a semi-automatic rifle, and shot at the three people, deputies said. More

Caged Twins, Now 9, Count Blessings

women get thier groove in KenyaPHOENIX, AZ - Two twin boys who were found four years ago in improvised, cockroach-infested cages at their Phoenix home have managed to turn their lives around in a miraculous way.

The 9-year-olds and their older brother spent Thanksgiving counting their blessings.

The twins, Edgardo and Edmundo, and their older brother Luis emerged from a dark nightmare to a happy fairytale, thanks to the kindness of one special couple.

The twins had spent most of their life caged in a crib. They couldn't speak and were labeled "feral children." More

Former teacher sentenced for sex crimes with minor

Michelle Antoinette RossiSAN BERNARDINO, CA- A former San Bernardino middle-school teacher was sentenced Tuesday to probation and jail time after she pleaded guilty to charges of sexual battery on a minor.

Michelle Antoinette Rossi was ordered placed on supervised felony probation for five years and must serve 180 days in county jail for a sexual relationship she had nine years ago with a 14-year-old female student at Arrowview Middle School in San Bernardino.

Rossi was sentenced by Judge James Dorr in San Bernardino Superior Court.

The student, who remains unnamed but is currently 23 years old, said her youth, innocence and spirit were tainted by Rossi, in a statement she read in open court. After putting her trust in Rossi, the victim said she was left with deception and abandonment.

"Just how do I recover from that?" the victim said. More

Plane Diverted To PDX Over Mile-High Club

women get thier groove in KenyaPORTLAND, Ore. -- A plane headed for Las Vegas from Seattle was diverted to Portland after at least one passenger said a couple tried to join the “mile high club.”

US Airways Flight 1473 left Seattle at 2:58 p.m., but a pair of unruly passengers caused it to be diverted and head for Portland International Airport.

The flight landed in Portland at 5 p.m. and a spokeswoman for US Airways said two people were escorted off the plane after a dispute with flight attendants.

“The people across the aisle from us were fooling around in their seats and they decided to go to the bathroom and fool around and they threatened the flight attendant,” said a passenger. More

3-yr-old girl forced to drink urine

girl forced to drink urine by teacherTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM, India - An anganwadi teacher was suspended in Kerala’s Thrissur district for forcing a three-year-old girl to drink urine.

The shocking incident came to light after the girl’s parents complained to the child development project officer, who is in charge of the government-funded anganwadis.

“The teacher, Mary Dominic, was suspended after we received complaints from the girl’s parents. We will conduct an inquiry and take further action against Dominic,” said Kodakara block child development project officer VL Joseph said. More

Older white women join Kenya's sex tourists

women get thier groove in KenyaMOMBASA, Kenya - Bethan, 56, lives in southern England on the same street as best friend Allie, 64.

They are on their first holiday to Kenya, a country they say is "just full of big young boys who like us older girls".

Hard figures are difficult to come by, but local people on the coast estimate that as many as one in five single women visiting from rich countries are in search of sex.

Allie and Bethan -- who both declined to give their full names -- said they planned to spend a whole month touring Kenya's palm-fringed beaches.

The white beaches of the Indian Ocean coast stretched before the friends as they both walked arm-in-arm with young African men, Allie resting her white haired-head on the shoulder of her companion, a six-foot-four 23-year-old from the Maasai tribe. More

Drunk girls proving a Facebook hit

Facebook is a haven for drunk girlsThere's nothing like a bit of class, elegance and self-control in a lady - and this showcase of shame shows nothing like any of those attributes.

They may be meant to be the fairer sex, but you might struggle to understand why, with just the briefest of glimpses at an online gallery of women more than just a shade worse for wear.

A Facebook group called '30 Reasons Girls Should Call It A Night' has received a flood of drunken contributions - but also fuelled worried warnings from health advisers.

You might think that those captured in all their sozzled 'glory' might be keen to draw a discreet veil over their embarrassment. But instead, many women are volunteering photographic evidence of just how wasted their evenings have ended. More

"Hooters Mom" Charged In Toddler Heat Death

Ashly DuchenePHOENIX - A woman whose 17-month-old son died in her hot, stuffy car while she worked a seven-hour shift as a Hooters waitress told friends and family she was unhappy about being a mother, police said Wednesday.

People close to Ashly Duchene, 22, told investigators that the mother made statements over the past few weeks that she thought parental responsibilities encroached on her freedom.

"Caring for a child was not a top priority. It may or may not have played a role (in her son's death)," police Sgt. Joel Tranter said.

Duchene was booked into Maricopa County jail on a felony count of negligent homicide. But authorities do not believe Duchene intentionally left the boy in the car. More

Surge in naked sleepwalking in British hotels

sleepwalking nude nakedA surge in naked sleepwalking among guests has led one of Britain's largest budget hotel groups to retrain staff to handle late-night nudity.

Travelodge, which runs more than 300 business hotels in Britain, says sleepwalking rose seven-fold in the past year, and 95% of the somnambulants are scantily clad men.

One tip in the company's newly released 'sleepwalkers guide' tells staff to keep towels handy at the front desk in case a customer's dignity needs preserving.

Another cause cited for sleepwalking: cheese. More

Teaching assistant arrested on charge of sex with student

Stall High School teaching assistant Janet FackovecNORTH CHARLESTON, SC — A teaching assistant at Stall High School has been arrested on charges of having sex with a teenage student, police said.

Detectives arrived at the North Charleston school to arrest Janet Fackovec around 1:40 p.m. The 25-year-old was scheduled for bond hearing Friday on a charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, police spokesman Spencer Pryor said.

Charleston County schools spokesman Elliot Smalley described Fackovec as a special-education classroom assistant.

“She is not a full-fledged teacher,” Smalley said. “She will be suspended with pay while the allegations are investigated.” More

When Republicans Go Queer

republicans like mansex tooRepublican Senator Larry Craig lightly tapped his foot in an airport washroom toilet stall, yet for the explosion of scrutiny and criticism that followed, he might as well have stepped on a landmine.

That's because his case, and a recent spate of others involving right wing, social conservative politicians and pastors embroiled in gay sex scandals in the United States, have exposed an awkward psychological tension between an ideology mostly identified as anti-gay, and its foot soldiers who happen to have sex with men.

Some call it tragic, others call it the height of hypocrisy, but perhaps what is most interesting is what might be going on inside the minds of these men who are having sex with men one minute, and then publicly condemning it the next. More

Cyber cheats married... to each other!

Rupert Holmes Escape gone wrongA married couple are divorcing after they chatted each other up on the Internet using fake names.

Sana Klaric and husband Adnan poured their hearts out to each other over their marriage troubles.

Using the names 'Sweetie' and 'Prince of Joy' in a online chatroom, the pair thought they had found a soulmate with whom to spend the rest of their lives. More

The King of Sperm

California Cryobank founder Cappy Rothman controls enough super-cooled human seed to repopulate the planet several times.The world’s largest collections of stored genetic material are found in Sussex, England, Spitsbergen, Norway — and Los Angeles.

Sussex hosts the Millennium Seed Bank, which houses some 750 million species of plant seed. Spitsbergen, an island less than 600 miles from the North Pole, is the site of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which safeguards — inside a tunnel, inside a mountain — every variety of all of the Earth’s 21 major food crops.

Los Angeles is home to the California Cryobank, the largest sperm bank in the world, with enough human seed supercooled on-site to repopulate the planet several times over.

The first two projects are international efforts to preserve our genetic future; the last is a private enterprise on L.A.’s Westside run by a man occasionally known as “The King of Sperm.” More

Oregon Man Leaves Baby in Nevada Brothel Parking Lot

Lucien Hoffman of Bend, Oregon, who was attending a "private function" inside the brothelIt is usually a very bad idea to go out whoring on the weekend you have custody of your child to attend a "private function" for two hours.

Lucien Hoffman, of Bend, Oregon is in custody for leaving his two-year old girl alone in an automobile at a Nevada brothel for more than two hours. Deputies investigating the case at the Mustang Ranch say the outside temperature was 95 degrees.

Detective/Sergeant Kenneth Quirk with the Storey County Sheriff's Office, says they were called out Sunday evening to investigate a report of the little girl left unattended in the parking lot of the Mustang Ranch Brothel.

The toddler was reportedly crying when security guards noticed her unattended in the vehicle parked in the brothel parking lot. The guards were unable to locate a parent or guardian and reported the incident to the Storey County Sheriffs Office. Brothel employees took the child from the vehicle and took her indoors until sheriff's deputies arrived. More

Man charged with stripping woman's corpse for sex

Roderick Jones wants to get laid so bad that he tried to nail a corpseMONESSEN, Pa. -- A Monessen man allegedly broke into a funeral parlor and tampered with a female corpse before getting caught in the act, police said.

Roderick Jones, who police said was convicted of abuse of a corpse in 1999, is facing new charges stemming from the alleged incident in Monessen last month.

According to an affidavit filed by the funeral home director Johnny Draper, he stepped out for a few minutes and came back. Then he found Roderick Jones lying next to the coffin of a woman whom Draper had been preparing for burial.

One of the deceased woman's legs was up in the air, her stockings had been removed and the plastic covering her body had been torn open. Draper said Jones was lying down near the casket in an attempt to hide, but Draper said he was able to restrain the man until police arrived. More

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Suspect forced by police to eat 50 bananas

50 bananas will shake it looseAn Indian suspect was forced by police to eat 50 bananas as a laxative, to retrieve a necklace he was accused of stealing and swallowing. When the bananas failed to produce the desired effect, police fed Sheikh Mohsin rice, chicken and local bread.

Finally the necklace, which appeared on an X-ray taken on the suspect,was excreted and retrieved.

A sweeper was paid to retrieve the exhibit from the toilet. Mr Mohsin was asked to wash it. More

Panda poop to be recycled into souvenirs

Panda Poop recycledBEIJING --Nothing says "I love you" like a photo frame made from panda poop.

The Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base has come up with a dung-for-profit scheme that turns droppings from the endangered species into odor-free souvenirs ranging from bookmarks to Olympic-themed statues of the animals, state media and base officials said Monday.

The facility in the southwestern province of Sichuan houses about 40 bamboo-fed pandas who produce less than a ton of excrement a day.

"We used to spend at least 6,000 yuan ($770) a month to get rid of the droppings but now they can be lucrative," Jing Shimin, assistant to the base director, was quoted as saying by the official Xinhua News Agency. More

Former counselor charged in sex crime

Lori Zolno got her sexual favors from a runaway ladA former youth counselor was charged with sexual abuse of a juvenile after

Antioch police discovered a runaway boy at her home. Antioch Police officers investigated reports that a 16-year-old male juvenile runaway may be hiding at 293 JoAnna Court, Apt. # 101. When police arrived at the apartment, Lori B. Zolno, 32, initially denied the boy was there.

Police then obtained consent to search Zolno's apartment and found the juvenile hiding in a closet. The juvenile was confirmed a runaway and ward of the state. He was taken into police custody and later turned over to the Department of Children and Family Services.

Zolno admitted to having a sexual relationship with the juvenile during his stay at her apartment over the past several weeks. More

Former cop busted in pig pen

Cop is a real pig when it comes to sexA shocked pig farmer could not believe his eyes as he watched a man drop his trousers and assault several members of his herd. The farmer managed to grab a camera and get evidence of the public bestiality, and the animal lover has been convicted.

. "It was hard to comprehend what I was in fact seeing," said the Skien farmer. He managed to get nine shots of the former policeman he spotted sexually assaulting his pigs.

Telemark police said the case is closed and the man fined NOK 8,000 (USD 1,060) for violating animal protection laws

. "He has abused these animals in such a way that violated the animal protection act. The man has admitted guilt and accepted the fine," a Telemark deputy police commissioner said. More

Mother: My Son Saw Women Having Sex

Emily Hernandez and Johannie JimenezCasselberry, Fla. -- Two women in Seminole County, Fla., are accused of performing sex acts in front of children at a community pool bathroom while a third woman photographed them, according to a police report.

Seminole County sheriff's deputies arrested Emily Hernandez and Johannie Jimenez over the weekend at the Casselberry public bathroom.

A woman told police that she was walking into the bathroom with her children, and noticed Hernandez and Jimenez naked and apparently performing oral sex. She said another woman was photographing the acts. More

Nevada couple blame Internet for neglect

World of Warcraft Nevada gamers internet addiction leads to child neglectAddiction to the Internet and the online version of the fantasy role-playing game "Dungeons & Dragons" is what led a Reno couple to nearly starve to death their young children, authorities said.

Michael and Iana Straw, 25 and 23, are accused of losing themselves in a virtual world of monster-slaying missions while their children suffered starvation and sickness. One child is 11 months, and the other nearly 2 years old.

The Straws pleaded guilty to two counts of child neglect. Both face a maximum 12-year sentence. Through jail officials, they declined an interview for this article. Their attorneys in the public defender's office could not be reached. More

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Naked Couple Killed In 50-Foot Fall

Brent Tyler and Chelsey Tubleston die in naked 50 foot fall from roofA naked couple died after falling about 50 feet from the roof of a downtown office building, and police on Wednesday morning said their deaths were an apparent accident.

Clothing was found on the roof and authorities said the man and woman may have been having sex.

"It's too early to rule out anything," Columbia police Sgt. Florence McCants said.

The couple, whose names were not immediately released, were found in the road by a cab driver about 5 a.m. Wednesday. They were pronounced dead at Palmetto Richland Hospital, police said.

A preliminary investigation doesn't show any signs of foul play, McCants said. More

Sporran wearers may need licence

license your sporran or else Kilt wearers could face prosecution if they do not have a licence for their sporran under new legislation which has been introduced in Scotland.

The laws are designed to protect endangered species like otters, whose fur used to be favoured by sporran makers. The legislation applies to animals killed after 1994.

Applicants must prove that the animal was killed lawfully before they will be able to get a licence. More

Oregon teen caught having sex with horse

Mr Ed would talk if someone diddled himA Corvallis teenager is facing charges of burglary and sexual abuse of an animal after being arrested last week at a barn in northeast Corvallis.

The teenager, 17 at the time of his arrest, was arrested by Deputy Randy Hiner and Corvallis Police Officer Jason Harvey at the barn in the 4000 block of Northeast Minnesota Avenue at about 2:30 a.m. on June 7.

The owners of the property had reported assaults on the horse before, once on July 30, 2006, and again on Feb. 9 of this year. After the July incident, the owners noticed the halter of their mare had been moved. So the owners installed a video surveillance camera inside the barn. More

Aussies go crazy for cat poo coffee

cat poo coffee made from beans passed by civet catCANBERRA - Cafe-crazy Australians in the last decade have embraced coffee in all its forms, but they've saved the most expensive -- and excremental -- for last.

Kopi Luwak, made in neighboring Indonesia from coffee beans excreted by native civet cats, is reputedly the world's rarest and most expensive coffee, painstakingly extracted by hand from the animals' forest droppings.

When roasted, the resulting beans sell for around US$1,000 a kilogram ($1365/kg) and brew into a earthy, syrupy, coffee acknowledged by connoisseurs as one of the world's finest.

Despite the closeness of the coffee's home on the islands of Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi, Australia's first civet cat brew has only just gone on sale in Queensland state, selling for AUS$50 a cup at the Heritage Tea Rooms, west of Townsville. More

Woman avoids jail over sex with boy

another lucky teen boy gets preyed uponThough not a "teacher" in the acedemic sense, another hot older woman has found that she could not keep her hands off of a youthful boy.

Dressed only in her underwear and a cardigan, Diana Nicole Bennett climbed out of the home she shared with her parents and went to the house of a boy who had pursued her for several weeks.

Bennett, then 28, regarded herself as an older sister to the 15-year-old, whose parents had left for work on that day in January 2005.

The County Court heard she was "flattered that someone of his age found her sexually attractive" and the pair began to fondle each other and undressed.

However, their sexual liaison ended when a friend of the boy barged through the door.. More

Naked man superglued to exercise bike

super glue and nude cycling are not a good mixJOHANNESBURG, South Africa - A gang stripped a South African man before supergluing him to an exercise bicycle while they ransacked his house, according to a report Thursday.

SAPA news agency said the attackers, dressed in suits, hijacked a man in his 50s and forced him at gunpoint to take them to his home in Johannesburg.

"The victim was then forced to strip, after which he was superglued to the seat of an exercise bicycle, his hands were superglued, as were his feet and then his mouth was superglued shut," SAPA quoted Mark Stokoe, a spokesman for emergency services Netcare 911, as saying. More

Sudan's famous goat 'wife' dies

The best-known goat in Sudan has died months after being "married" to a man in the South Sudan capital, Juba, and having a male kid - but "not a human one" .

Local elders ordered a man found having sex with the goat, later called Rose, to "marry" her last February.

"The idea was to publicly embarrass the man," says Tom Rhodes, editor of the Juba Post, which first ran the story. The story of the "wedding" caught the public imagination and became one of the best read internet stories.

Rose, black and white, is believed to have died after choking on a plastic bag she swallowed as she was eating scraps on the streets of Juba. More

Boobs on Bikes hit Christchurch

Boobs on Bikes in New ZealandThe Boobs on Bikes parade hit town today to promote the start of the Erotica Lifestyles Expo at the Christchurch Convention Centre.

Nine pairs of breasts and four greased and muscled men circled the city on the backs of Harley Davidson motorbikes.

Audience participation was minimal but a few whoops and an appreciative roar sounded when one of the girls used her assets to polish the helmet (motorcycle helmet) of the bearded ogre piloting her bike. More

Gutter Balls: Bowling in the Buff

Tallmadge Lanes looks like any other bowling alley -- cheap wood veneers, a yellowed menu board of snacks, and blond wooden lanes shined to reflection.

The people here this afternoon look like any other bowlers. They're blue collar guys, secretaries, social workers, and professors.

Yet normality ends when the clock strikes 2 p.m. The owner locks the front door. Suddenly, jackets, jeans, T-shirts, and bras start hitting the floor. Everywhere you look there are penises, pubic hair, and bare behinds.

Welcome to nude bowling. More

Arizona Teacher accused of sex with teen boy

Rebecca Lee Kelley put a smile on a teen boy's faceAnother teacher has joined the "Private Lessons" club. Former Salpointe Catholic High School English teacher pleaded not guilty to four felony counts of sexual conduct with a minor under 18.

An indictment charges Rebecca Lee Kelley, 24, with four Class 6 felonies.

Kelley, seated outside the courtroom after the arraignment wearing a black dress and black stiletto heels, declined to speak with a reporter.

Court records indicate that "biological evidence" taken from her home during a recent search includes "samples" from a love seat, from a couch and a rug in a living room, and samples from a bedroom floor and a mattress in a bedroom. More

Masturbating woman ejected from Michigan frat house

Michigan U frat boys suffer indignity of seeing woman masturbatePolice have been unable to locate a woman who entered the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house without permission on Thursday and began to masturbate on a couch.

While fraternity members were eating in the dining room, a woman entered the house's living room, took off her clothes and started masturbating, said LSA junior Dan Nye, the president of the Washtenaw Avenue fraternity.

No one saw the woman enter the house or knew how she got in. Nye said she could have entered through the front door, which was left propped open while it was being repaired.

Fraternity members asked the woman to leave the house, but she refused and continued masturbating for about half an hour, Nye said. More

Geek Squad Technician Arrested after Woman Videotaped in Shower

Hao Kuo Chi gets caught making secret shower video Los Angeles, CA - Geek Squad offers people "timely and effective help with all of your computing needs". Apparently one of their technicians decided to help himself to making a secret video of a 22 year old woman showering in the residence where he was called to service the computer.

Natalie Fornaciari said the technician used her daughter's bathroom and positioned a cell phone camera in the room to capture video of the 22-year-old woman while she showered.

"I was shocked and felt angry and upset for my daughters when I learned what was on the video," Fornaciari said. "I felt disgusted because he was in my girls' home and in their bedrooms. I worried about what he might do. Was he going to put the video on the Internet and expose my daughters?"

The 22-year-old's younger sister found the camera. She removed the memory chip from the phone and the family viewed the recorded video. More

Beer Stripped Off The Shelves

Belgian sexy lagerA Belgian lager with a risque marketing strategy has been stripped from sale.

Bottles of Rubbel Sexy Lager featured a picture of a woman with a removable swimsuit on the label.

Drinkers could scratch her clothes off to leave her naked.

Alcohol industry regulator the Portman Group has ruled the name of the drink and the scantily-clad model could lead drinkers to associate the product with sexual success. More

Forbidden love of the brother and sister

Patrick Stuebing and Susan Karolewski - brother and sister and loversHad it stopped at an appropriate point, the story of Patrick Stuebing and Susan Karolewski could have been poignant and moving.

Separated by adoption in their native East Germany, the siblings met for the first time in 2000 when Patrick tracked down his birth mother and the younger sister he had never met.

Because for the past seven years, brother and sister have been lovers. In that time they have had four children together - two of whom are mentally and physically disabled and all of whom are now in care.

And despite the fact that 29-year-old Stuebing, an unemployed locksmith, has already served two jail sentences for committing incest with his sister, now aged 22, the couple defiantly refuse to give each other up. More

"Love You Long Time" but Bring Your Own Condom

Asian brothels closed in Orange County Los Angeles, CA - Ten Southland massage parlors and acupuncture clinics alleged to be fronts for prostitution were out of business Thursday, with six people facing pimping and conspiracy charges, authorities in Orange County said.

As investigators must be very meticulous in documenting a case against the illegal sex trade, they spent three years going back again and again gathering evidence. Authorities said virtually no legitimate business was conducted at the six locations in Anaheim, and one each in Tustin, Dana Point, Orange and Rancho Mirage in Riverside County.

Ads placed in local newspapers to attract customers offered "Beautiful Girls," and "Young Chinese Ladies."

Illustrating the scope of the operation, during a two- month period, alleged pimp Jian Shi's credit card was used to buy 7,500 square feet of Kirkland Plastic Food Wrap, and within a two-week period, his card was used to buy 12 bottles of Vaseline lotion. Authorities allege that in order to economize their operation the items were used as condoms and lubricant. More

Sheep Testicles Served to Nevada Diners

sheep testicles served up in Virginia City Nevada Rocky mountain oysters are a versatile meat. They can be fried, barbecued, stuffed, ground up and sauteed. However, they are not seafood, nor are they oysters. They are animal testicles.

They've been used in Vietnamese food, nachos, tacos and sloppy Joes. And even though they're a versatile food, animal testicles still are not universally accepted.

"We try to get families from all over to try them, but they're all 'nuh-uh,'" said Shauna Reese, 32, of Reno. "It's just another tender meat."

Reese, like a few hundred other people in Virginia City, waited in up to hourlong lines Saturday for the tiny morsels during the 16th annual Mountain Oyster Fry. Five booths had about 130 pounds of sheep testicles to serve between noon and 2 p.m. More

Real life Grand Theft Auto played by 14 year old girl

Jatteria Nixon is a bad girl who takes Grand Theft Auto to the next level Grand Theft Auto is a game that enables people to steal cars and drive around commiting violence and mayhem. That was not good enough for Jatteria Nixon, a 14-year-old girl in Central Florida who was arrested on grand theft charges for the fifth time in five months.

A local news broadcast showed video of Nixon being taken into custody Wednesday after being captured by Orange County's specialized auto trap unit.

"This is her fifth grand theft auto arrest in five months," Orange County sheriff's Sgt. Carlos Espinosa said.

"Nixon has become a poster child for what authorities are calling a juvenile crime epidemic," Local 6's Jessica D'Onofrio said. "It's frustrating for authorities because these kids only stay in detention or jail for such a short period of time." More

Sudan Man Forced to Marry Goat

A Sudanese man has been forced to take a goat as his "wife", after he was caught having sex with the animal. The goat's owner, Mr Alifi, said he surprised the man with his goat and took him to a council of elders.

They ordered the man, Mr Tombe, to pay a dowry of 15,000 Sudanese dinars ($50) to Mr Alifi.

"We have given him the goat, and as far as we know they are still together," Mr Alifi said. More

More Than Just Coffee Being Perked Here

Get your coffe and a dose of sex appealIn a short, sheer, baby-doll negligee and coordinated pink panties, Candice Law is dressed to work at a drive-through espresso stand in Tukwila, and she is working it.

Customers pull their trucks up to the window, where Law greets each with an affectionate nickname, blows kisses, and vamps about as she steams milk for a mocha. "You want whipped cream?" she asks, a sly smile playing on her pierced lip.

The next customer rolls up, and Law throws a long leg onto the window sill, like an indie-rock ballerina at the barre.

"Do you like my leg warmers?" she asks. "Aren't they hot?" More

Desperate Housewife from Outer Space

Lisa Nowak NASA Desperate Housewives fly in space shuttle sometimesA wife and mother of three, Lisa Nowak had a very good life going.

A test pilot, auronautical engineer and NASA shuttle astronaut, her career was literally in orbit.

But one day she decided to flush that life down the toilet over an obsession with a rival in a romantic triangle.

Seen here in before and after pictures, she had an exciting romp in which she drove nonstop for 900 miles, wearing diapers so as not to stop for restroom duties, then accosted and assaulted a perceived rival for the attentions of a fellow astronaut. Ms. Nowak put the "ass" in the term astronaut that day. Now she is charged with a kidnapping and attempted murder plot as carefully planned as a shuttle mission.

Not to fear, although her NASA career is an interesting part of her resume, she has joined the ranks of people feeding the insatiable appetites of tabloid type media and talk shows. She is right in there with runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks, Paris Hilton, Kevin Federline and the thousands of other ersatz celebrities. Her possible book deals, movie rights and other media packages can far outstrip her meager astronaut pay.

On a brighter and timely note, NASA has claimed that they are going to start putting into place procedures to screen what kind of people they are going to hand over control of their billions of dollars worth of assets and equipment. More

Bra Saves Woman from Bullet

bra slowed the falling bulletSt. Petersburg , FL - One woman discovered on New Year's Eve that her bra could do more than lift and support when a falling bullet was halted by the bra strap on her left shoulder.

Debbie Bingham, 46, an Atlanta resident visiting family in St. Petersburg, said her gold-colored bra slowed the falling bullet during the holiday celebrations.

Her injuries may have been much more severe had it not been for her bra strap, said George Kajtsa, St. Petersburg Police Department spokesman. More

Heart Attack Grill Gives Nurses Group Apoplexy

Heart Attack Grill is a place where the food is real but the nurses are notTempe, AZ - It may not be the best-known restaurant in Arizona, but Tempe's Heart Attack Grill sure is getting more than its share of publicity lately.

The web site proclaims, "Ours is a world in which insane political correctness stands as a barrier between the average man and his pursuit of happiness, the Heart Attack Grill offers a well-deserved respite of comfort and simplicity. Pondering "Single, Double, or Triple" and "go with a Bud or go with a Heineken" are the toughest mental gymnastics that anyone should have to perform."

The restaurant serves such fat-laden fare as "Bypass Burgers" and "Flatliner Fries." But it isn't such artery-clogging food that has put the place on the media map.

It is the waitresses, who dress in revealing naughty-nurse uniforms with cleavage-baring tops. That has raised the ire of Sandy Summers, a founder and the executive director of the advertisement Baltimore-based Center for Nursing Advocacy. More

High School Wrestler Charged With "Digital Penetration"

Jerome Hunt, alleged digital penetrationSioux Falls, SD- If the sight of high school wrestlers intertwined on a mat has ever tripped your "gaydar", then this story might confirm your suspicions.

Demonstrating that "digital penetration" is not just a move for hackers, a former Parker High School student has been charged with rape and attempted rape.

A Turner County Judge opened court documents to the public that reveal what the defendant, Jerome Hunt, says happened.

In recently released court papers some of Jerome Hunt's teammates on the Parker wrestling team allege digital penetration of the rectum through their clothing or attempted digital penetration through their clothing.

In those court documents hunt denies digital penetration, but did not deny that he may have used a wrestling move, or "skinned" some of his teammates. More

Man Charged With Painting Goats Genitals

Goat genitals painted and porn magazines left for goats to eat pornMahopac, NY- Gail Fiero said her family was devastated on Thanksgiving morning to find that their three pet goats had been abused: held down and spray painted, then sickened by eating several pornographic magazines left behind by their abuser.

Drew A. Gagnon of Mahopac, 37, is due in Carmel Town Court on Monday, charged with third-degree burglary, a felony, plus three misdemeanor counts of animal-cruelty and one of third-degree criminal trespass, police said.

Gagnon is accused of breaking into the Fiero barn on Croton Falls Road, spray painting the three goats in their genital area with bright orange paint and leaving the magazines, police said. More

Greyhound Bus takes Dump on SUV and People

Greyhound flings poop on SUVToledo, OH - The 911 call from two years ago says it all. During the call, Angela Stokes tells the operator, "We're driving down the expressway and this Greyhound bus, all of its waste. He just evacuated his stuff all over our car!" The Stokes followed the bus, and its ID numbers to the 911 operator.

"The contents of the tank toliet -- paper, feces," exploded as the family merged onto 75 North off of the Willis Parkway entrance ramp said Robert Stokes. "We took one through the windows, through the sunroof -- we were all wet with it. I had to turn on the windshield wiper; you could see pieces of toilet paper going down the road." The sewage covered Robert, Anglea, and their two young children. More

Teacher suspected of sex with student

Carrie McCandless  suspected of having sex with a 17-year-old male studentFORT COLLINS, CO - Former Brighton Charter High School teacher Carrie McCandless carried on a romance with a 17-year-old student, which included the exchange of 76 text messages in a single day, according to her arrest affidavit.

She also supplied the students she was chaperoning on a late-October field trip with alcohol and "did everything except have sex" with the male student during the Estes Park outing, the affidavit said.

McCandless' behavior during that weekend ultimately led to felony charges against her of sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust and contributing to the delinquency of a minor by providing at least one student with alcohol. More

Michigan Man Screws the Pooch

necrophilia meets bestialityA 44-year-old Saginaw man has been jailed on charges of bestiality after he was seen engaged in sexual acts with a dead dog, Michigan State Police troopers said.

Ronald Kuch was arrested after police searched the area of Midland and Carter roads Friday for a man who ran away from a Bay County Animal Control officer.

The entire incident was within view of a nearby day care center.

Troopers said a woman from the day care center called for animal control because there was a dead dog near the property that had been hit by a car several days earlier. More

Father Sues To Stop Son's Circumcision

boy averts a wiener chopping sessionChicago, IL - In a case closely watched by those who oppose circumcision, A judge sided with a divorced man who did not want his 9-year-old son to undergo the procedure. Circuit Judge Jordan Kaplan said that circumcision is "an extraordinary medical procedure" for a 9-year-old and that the boy can decide for himself when he turns 18.

The boy's father sued to block the operation in a dispute with his ex-wife. The couple's 2003 divorce decree gave the father the right to be consulted before the boy underwent any "extraordinary" non-emergency procedure. More

Dog eats dead master and his wife

Dog eats humans but anable to say if human meat is superior to AlpoUnable to satiate his raging Alpo fix, a dog ate his master's rotting corpse after he and his wife died in their home and lay undiscovered for weeks.

Unable to find any food, the dog, believed to be a German Shepherd, fed on Albert Sprigens's arm and head after the 82-year-old died at the couple's isolated house in Brenchley, near Pembury, Kent.

When police entered the remote property on September 7 "there was the overwhelming smell of rotting human flesh", Detective Inspector Jon Clayden told the inquest. More

Woman to face charges of sex with teen boy

Jami Lee Knox, trolling for teen boys on the internet, to pop their cherriesA 41-year-old Farmington Hills woman faces a Nov. 27 trial on charges she had repeated sex with a 15-year-old friend of her teenage son.

Jami Lee Knox, who is married with three children, was in Oakland County Circuit Court for a pre-trial hearing Tuesday. She is charged with three counts of criminal sexual conduct and three counts of using a computer to commit a crime. She faces 45 to 75 months if convicted.

Knox was arrested this past summer after the boy's parents discovered electronic messages from her to their son. Police say she had sex with the boy in her sport-utility vehicle in the parking lot of a church and in a cemetery. More

Bad Cop, No Nookie

William Robert Taylor a cop with a missionEl Cajon, CA - Meet William Robert Taylor. He is an officer of the law charged with keeping the city of El Cajon safe from bad people. In an apparent mission creep, Taylor decided to use his authority to cruise for sexual thrills instead.

The three-year police veteran faces about 19 years in state prison if convicted of seven counts of soliciting bribes, three counts each of rape by a foreign object and sexual battery, and one count each of petty theft and attempting to dissuade a witness.

Over an 18-month period, Taylor allegedly propositioned some of the women he detained by repeatedly asking them what they would do to avoid jail time.

Sgt. James Ferguson testified that he and a partner began investigating Taylor last October for allegedly forcing a petty theft suspect to disrobe and masturbate in the back of his patrol car while he stood outside and watched. More

Baby Dies in Bucket of Mom's Vomit

Baby  Dies in Bucket of Mom's VomitNEW YORK -- The gene pool was cleaned up just a little recently when Savarin DeJesus spent her Friday night downing gin and smoking cigarettes before returning to the homeless shelter where she and her 4-month old baby girl were staying.

The 18-year-old started vomiting into a bucket next to her bed filled with cleaning solution and water, then passed out with the baby at her side, according to official reports.

. When she came to, she found the baby's head inside the bucket that contained about six inches of liquid, skin already cold. The baby was taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. More

Hooking up, Wisconsin style

sex with a dead woman is a cold thing to doCassville, WI - Nicholas Grunke was reading a newspaper when he saw a photo of Laura Tennessen. He found her very attractive. He just had to meet her and wanted their encounter to end in a sexual romp.

It didn't seem to bother Grunke that Tennessen had died in a motorcycle accident, was buried and he was reading her obituary.

So he rounded up his twin brother, Alex and a friend, Dustin Radke, all 20-years-old. Together they hatched a plan to dig up Tennessen's grave so that he could have sex with her corpse. They even stopped at a Wal-Mart to buy condoms on their way to the cemetery. More

Tale of two Penii

Man from India with two peniiIndia - An Indian man born with two penises wants to get one of them removed so that he can marry, a report said on Saturday.

The 24-year-old businessman checked himself into a city hospital for the operation after having lived all his life with the rare condition medically known as penile duplication or diphallus, the Times of India said.

The doctor said the operation would be extremely complicated as surgeons would have to ensure that the retained organ was fully functional. More

Nude fountain bather defies police

German woman nude bather 150kg not thin like this womanMunich, Germany - A HOMELESS woman refuses to stop bathing naked in Munich's public fountains despite being repeatedly fined for breaking public nudity laws.

Bild newspaper reported today the 44-year-old woman named “Bille”, who weighs about 150kg, can be seen almost every day with her bottles of soap and shampoo bathing in one of the Bavarian capital's 183 public fountains. More

Woman accused of heroin-soaked panties

Wang Zhiqin is in big trouble for having heroin soaked pantiesBeijing, China - A Chinese woman has appeared in court accused of transporting panties and long johns soaked in heroin, state media reported.

Wang Zhiqin, 42, from Wuhan, capital of China's central province of Hubei, was charged with transporting 1.44 kg (3.2lb) of heroin soaked into 15 items of underwear, the China Daily said. "Drug tests apparently detected heroin on them and Wang was arrested after a tip-off," the China Daily said.

On March 9, Wang is said to have arrived in Shanghai from Kunming in Yunnan Province. In a pink trunk, the prosecution say, were 15 items of underwear including long johns and panties. Drug tests apparently detected heroin on them and Wang was arrested after a tip-off.

Seriously, Wang?!?

There were no reports of investigators sniffing the panties for evidence of drugs. More

The Remorseful Serial Killer

Wayne Adam Ford, not your average serial killer, collected breasts from victimsOn November 3, 1998, long-haul trucker Wayne Adam Ford, 36, walked into the Humboldt County Sheriff's Department in Eureka, Calif. His brother Rod, who accompanied him, had spent the previous day trying to convince Wayne to turn himself in to police.

Shortly after arriving at the department Wayne amazed agents when he tearfully broke down and confessed to murdering four women. His claims were further supported by the contents of a plastic bag found in his pocket during a search. Shockingly, the bag contained a severed breast.

Carlton Smith suggested in his book Shadows of Evil, the chances of a serial killer turning himself in and showing remorse for his victims is extraordinarily small. More

Man killed and barbecued after split from Thai bride

Southwest drunken Co PilotIn Thailand a British man was barbecued by his Thai wife after divorcing her when she ran up massive gambling debts, a court has heard.

Toby Charnaud, 41, was clubbed to death with an iron bar and wooden staves by relatives of his ex-wife, Pannada Laoruang.

She then helped them burn his body on a charcoal fire, before chopping it up and scattering the charred remains around Kaeng Krajan National Park on the Thai-Burma border. More

Arkansas Deputy Fired for Going Topless at Campground

Deputy shows breasts but was it worth it?HOT SPRINGS, AR - A Garland County sheriff's deputy has been fired and charged with misdemeanors for allegedly going topless at a campground at Lake Ouachita.

Dawn Rene Roberson, 38, of Royal was terminated Wednesday after she turned herself in on misdemeanor charges of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.

Roberson has a July 18 appearance set in Hot Springs District Court. She could face up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine on the exposure charge and up to 30 days in jail and a $100 fine on the disorderly conduct charge. More

Teachers Gone Bad: Amy McElhenney

 Amy McElhenney the teacher you wish you had A first-year Hebron High School teacher and former Miss Texas contestant faces up to 20 years in jail after an 18-year-old student told police he had sex with the 25-year-old woman several times at her apartment in Austin Ranch.

Amy McElhenney, who taught Spanish and was a cross-country coach at the Lewisville ISD school in Carrollton, is charged with having an improper relationship with a student, a second-degree felony. She was arrested on May 25, the last day of school, posted $5,000 bail and was released.

Ms. McElhenney could not be reached for comment. The student's identity was not released. More

Caught On Tape: Woman Loses Shirt During Robbery

Woman loses shirt during robberyKansas City, KS. -- A woman tried to steal cash from a Kansas City convenience store, but she ended up losing her shirt -- and it was caught on tape.

The attempted robbery at Kaw Drive and Kansas Avenue was caught on surveillance video. It showed a woman walking into the store at about 1:30 a.m. and grabbing a can of soda. She headed to the counter, then jumped over the counter toward the open cash register.

However, the would-be thief was foiled when store clerk Omar Takow grabbed the woman's shirt. The topless woman stole $3 and fled, but she left her shirt behind. More

Nude Cyclists Want Respect From Motorists

Nude Cyclists want respectMexico City, Mexico - About two dozen bicyclists rode nude through downtown Mexico City on Saturday, demanding respect from motorists and protesting the car-oriented culture in this megalopolis of 20 million.

With slogans like "Respect Bike Riders" painted on their bodies, the naked cyclists turned many heads in a city where it's rare to see even clothed cyclists braving the Bicyclists demonstrate chaotic traffic.

"Drivers don't respect us, which is why we've had to take this kind of action," said Felipe Fulop, a protest organizer. More

Woman Charged With Providing Sex, Alcohol To Teens

Peggy Bick and her adventures with young guysPORTSMOUTH, N.H. -- A Portsmouth woman has been accused of providing sex and alcohol to children under 16.

Police said Peggy Bick, 30, was already awaiting trial on indecent exposure and lewdness charges when she was arrested this week. Bick is accused of throwing an alcohol party for some teenagers and having sex with two adolescents.

Last month, police arrested Bick after a dispute with a neighbor. Police said they had to remove Bick from the other apartment, and as she was leaving, she flashed her chest at the woman and her 13-year-old son.. More

Man Accused Of Watching Cousin Through Holes

Richard  Strout the cousin horndogRichard Strout, of Seminole County, Fla., is a man who firmly believes some things should be kept in the family. Strout was arrested on a voyeurism charge after his cousin found hidden holes in his walls that led to her room and apparent body fluids underneath the holes, according to a police report.

The woman said she recently evicted her cousin from a home both shared. When Strout did not arrive to pick up his belongings, the woman began moving items out of room, the report said.

During the process, she noticed a hole behind a stereo speaker and another behind a poster, She then realized that the holes showed views of her adjacent bedroom and an area where she changed clothes. More

Intruder Fondles Sleeping Woman

TAMPA - A warm evening and a broken air conditioner prompted a 38-year-old woman to sleep naked with her window open Friday night.

She awoke to a tongue being slipped inside her ear by a stranger, whose body was partially inside the window.

About 4:30 a.m. Saturday, while in a deep sleep, the woman felt what she thought was a roach crawling on her. Something then brushed across her breasts and elsewhere. She turned over and cursed the bugs.

"Then, he slipped his nasty tongue inside my ear," the woman said Sunday, sitting on her front porch a block away from North Florida Avenue. When she confronted the man, "He said something in Spanish and crawled back out through the window like a crab." More

Georgia man indicted on necrophilia charge

Atlanta, GA - A man was indicted on charges of having sex with a woman after she died, authorities said.

Parker Clayton Ward of Forsyth County could face one to 10 years in prison after being charged with necrophilia.

Forsyth County sheriff's deputies said the woman's boyfriend became concerned Dec. 27 when he couldn't contact her. The boyfriend then called Ward and asked him to check on her, authorities said.

Ward, 54, notified authorities that the woman had died. But investigators became suspicious from the body's position and found the victim's clothes disturbed by someone.

When confronted by authorities, Ward admitted he had attempted sex, but denied knowing the woman was dead. More

Korbel Champagne Cellars site of sexual assault

Guerneville, California - The daughter of the owner of the Korbel Champagne Cellars in Guerneville and her fianci were arrested Friday for sexually assaulting two women who worked at Korbel's delicatessen, according to the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff's officials said the women were assaulted in a weight room and spa building on Thursday after the deli closed at 4 p.m. They went to Palm Drive Hospital in Sebastopol after the alleged assault and hospital staff contacted authorities on Friday morning, the sheriff's department reported. More

Police Find Family Heirloom Is Mummified Baby

mummified baby CONCORD, N.H. - A family heirloom is not going over well with police.

The mummified body of a baby kept by a Concord, N.H., family has drawn attention from investigators.

The current keeper of the baby, Charles Peavey, said the tiny mummy has been passed down in his family for many years. Concord police recently got word of the remains and they took them in for testing. A forensic anthropologist will examine the tiny corpse.

Peavey said the mummy belonged to his great-great uncle, who was born in Ashland in 1850. The family estimated that the mummy is 90 years old. More

Oregon "Devil Man" brandishes fake gun near school

Dusten Jacob Williams Oregon version of Darth Maul BEAVERTON, Ore. - Beaverton Police were summoned to Conestoga Middle School regarding a report of a man with a gun on school property.

Two parents waiting for their child to exit the school were parked at the curb when they noticed the suspect walk by and approach a group of students in the parking lot.

They saw him pull out a black handgun from the back of his pants and show it to the group that surrounded him.

The suspect, Dusten Jacob Williams, 20, eventually put the gun into the back of his pants and rode off on his skateboard. The school was put into lockdown while police attempted to locate Williams.

He was located by responding officers several blocks away and handcuffed until authorities could determine exactly what happened. Williams was armed with a sheathed knife and a realistic looking black Glock replica Airsoft handgun which fires small plastic BB-like projectiles. More

Man fingered in door-to-door breast exam scheme

"Doctor" breast exam scam Lauderdale Lakes, Florida - Meet Philip Winikoff. The 76-year-old Florida man was arrested this morning and charged with sexual battery after he posed as a doctor and went door-to-door--black doctor's bag in hand--offering women free breast exams. According to a Broward County Sheriff's Office report, two women--ages 33 and 36--fell for the scam, which Winikoff allegedly ran in Lauderdale Lakes.

Charged with several felonies, Winikoff was booked into the sheriff's lockup, where his mug shot was snapped. Police are now investigating whether other women may have been tricked into impromptu examinations. More

Hostages super glued and released buck naked

PANORAMA CITY, CA 06 - A long, strange standoff ends peacefully, but not before one hostage is released naked and super glued.

It happened at an apartment complex in Panorama City, on the 9000 block of Moonbeam Street. Police say a family member told them the man had gone to confront another man he was in a relationship with. More

"Mrs. Dad" kidnaps children in North Carolina

ROANOKE RAPIDS, N.C. - A mother charged with abducting her two children was accused of posing as a man while on the run, and authorities say the heavyset woman with cropped hair and a slight mustache even had the kids calling her "Daddy."

White was arrested in Roanoke Rapids on Friday, more than two years after she allegedly took her children from Arizona. Investigators said she and another woman were living together as the children's father and mother.

In a statement, the U.S. Marshals Service said White had "radically changed her appearance to that of a man."

"She even went so far as to tell her children, aged 3 and 5 at the time, that she was their father," the Marshals Service said. "When she was arrested, the children, now aged 6 and 8, asked why they were arresting their Daddy." More

Shania Twain blamed for drunk driving in Canada

A KILLER drunk driver has been declared not criminally responsible for his latest spin without a licence.

Matt Brownlee, 33, was absolved of criminal liability in a court hearing following testimony from Dr. Linda Grasswick, who says Brownlee suffers "erotomanic" delusions that female celebrities, such as Shania Twain, control his actions and communicate with him telepathically.

Despite a court imposing a lifetime driving ban on Brownlee in 1997 and a seven year jail sentence for the fatal crash, he was caught behind the wheel of his father's truck on Oct. 12, 2005. It was a police officer who noticed the black pickup turning from Elgin St. onto Somerset St. and speeding off.

He told the cops he'd gone back back to Stittsville with his dad and gone to Grace O'Malley's by himself. When he went home, the door was locked and Brownlee said he went to look for a house key in his father's truck. Court heard he found the keys to the truck instead and heard the voices of famous women, particularly Twain, telling him to get in and drive away. More

Contract of Wifely Expectations drawn up by Iowa man

Travis Frey had some of his own ideas of what he wanted in a marriage, so he wrote up his own contract for his wife.

Frey drew up a bizarre four-page marriage document--a "Contract of Wifely Expectations"--that sought to establish guidelines for his spouse in terms of hygiene, clothing, and sexual activities. In return for fulfilling certain requirements, Frey offered "Good Behavior Days," or GBDs. Each GBD, Frey wrote, could be redeemed by his wife to "get out of doing the things" he requested daily.

Details of his expectations from his wife included instructions like shaving every third day, including pubic hair, and wearing only thong panties. Full details at the Smoking Gun link. More

Florida teacher avoids trial for seducing teen

Debra LaFave hot teacher has sex with student and gets offOCALA, Florida - Prosecutors here dropped charges against a former teacher accused of having sex with a middle school student.

The teacher, Debra Lafave, offered her "deepest apologies" to the 14-year-old boy and his family.

Lafave, 25, said she is undergoing therapy for bipolar disorder and was "very remorseful" about the events that led to her arrest in June 2004. "My greatest regret would probably be the fact that I put this young man through this," she said. More Video

Ohio man seeks 24K high, lands in jail

Bellaire, Ohio - Patrick Tribett was arrested for "abusing harmful intoxicants" as he attempted to make a purchase at Bellaire's Dollar General Store.

The 41-year-old Tribett, it seems, had been huffing spray paint and needed a refill. According to a Bellaire Police Department report, Tribett's pupils were constricted and he replied slowly to their questions.

Then there was the matter of the gold paint on his face, seen in his booking mug shot.

Tribett, whose stellar career includes being nabbed for assault, domestic violence, and inhaling harmful intoxicants, was booked into the Belmont County Sheriff's Office lockup.” More

Arizona man accused of bestial acts with neighbor’s lamb

MESA, ARIZONA - A Mesa deputy fire chief is on paid leave after being accused of bestial acts with his nextdoor neighbor’s lamb. Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies took LeRoy Johnson, 52, into custody at his Gilbert home on Saturday.

The arrest came after the neighbor and another man said they found Johnson in a small barn in the 1200 block of East Catclaw Street; his pants were down as he held the small, young ewe to the ground, the men told deputies, according to the sheriff’s report.

His arrest came as a shock. “He’s been a great employee,” assistant chief Mary Cameli said Monday. “It’s surprising to everybody.”. More

Teacher too sexy to teach religion classes?

ROME - Was it her looks or lifestyle that led the Roman Catholic Church to cause a minor media frenzy by firing an Italian religion teacher this year?

Caterina Bonci said Church authorities decided she was just too attractive and dressed too sexy to teach religion after 14 years on the job.

The Church says it sacked the 38-year-old blonde from the central Adriatic city of Fano because she is divorced. More

Designer Vaginas: How to get your cootie sculpted

This is the latest facet of cosmetic surgery — designer vaginas. Women have already nipped, tucked, implanted and vacuumed every other part of their bodies, and are now turning their perfection-obsessed eyes to their own genitals.

Elective surgeries that promise a better sex life or more aesthetically pleasing private parts are rapidly gaining popularity — but both the medical community and cultural observers are divided over whether these are valid, beneficial surgeries or just personal vanity gone too far. More

Parrot tells owner of cheating girlfriend

LONDON - Suzy Collins had been meeting ex-work colleague "Gary" for four months in the Leeds flat she shared with her partner Chris Taylor, according to reports.

Taylor, a 30-year-old British computer programmer, grew suspicious of his live-in girlfriend when his pet parrot began to imitate her saying, “I love you, Gary.”

Things seems very odd to Taylor when Ziggy, an 8-year-old African gray parrot, would also make kissing noises whenever the name Gary was mentioned on TV. Ziggy would also mimic Suzy Collins saying, “Hiya, Gary,” every time she answered her mobile phone.

Taylor confronted his girlfriend, who confessed. He wisely escorted her to the front door, permanently. More

Don't wank and drive

Perusing porn and driving do not mix.

That is the experience of an upstate New York man as he watched a triple X film while at the wheel of his motor vehicle. More

A Tennessee man learned the same lesson when he was pulled over for driving erratically on a divided highway, and was found to be distracted because he was looking at pornography.

"When I made contact with the driver of the suspect vehicle, a Mr. David Kennedy, there were several pornographic magazines on the seat next to him," Rutherford County Deputy Tony Hall said in his report after he pulled over Kennedy. More

Girl and boy locked in the bathroom for 5 years

CARSON CITY, NV- A 16-year-old girl allegedly held captive in a bathroom for years with her brother, told authorities her grandmother beat her with a stick and withheld food from her when the two children were caught talking in December, a court document states.

The girl told officers that she slept on the floor of the bathroom on a blanket and her brother slept in a cabinet under the sink.

Adults present in the household and facing various criminal charges include grandmother Esther Rios, 56, (pictured) mother Regina Rios, 33, stepfather Tomas Granados, 33.

The trio allegedly kept the girl and her 11-year-old brother locked in the master-bedroom bathroom for about five years while three other siblings, ages 9, 12 and 17, appear to have been well fed and cared for in the family's apartment. More

Former Professor Charged With Prostitution In Her Home

A 41-year-old blonde with a doctorate degree and who is a former professor at a campus of the University of Maryland, and is alleged to be having sex for pay in her home. Police in Ellicott City, Maryland, are charging Brandy Britton with prostitution.

Ms Britton may have noted the trend for teachers to have sex with students and taken a more commercial approach. More

Toga clad panty thief caught fleeing with goods

The Bush administration is not the only people sniffing panties.

Michael Sean Ostrander, 33, of Morganton, NC was arrested after a chase that started after a woman reported hearing her burglar alarm sound and saw a man running from the back of her home, carrying clothing. The man jumped into his car and drove off, with the woman following. The woman called police, and the N.C. Highway Patrol joined the chase. More

Fast food workers fooled by prank caller

This is a cautionary tale about trust, compliance and obedience to authority. We approached it with the thought of mocking fast food employees.But after seeing the pain experienced here, we could not do that, as a likely innocent, trusting young lady had her life really shattered by this event. Unfortunately, some people who really do have the badge or office title engage people and manipulate their lives like this. The unlikely hero here is a 9th grade dropout who had the common sense to see what was just not right.

Louise was 18, and working at McDonalds. Donna Jean was the assistant manager and was on site at the time.

Then one evening on April 9, 2004 a man who called himself "Officer Scott" called the store and said an employee had been accused of stealing a purse. The caller issued an ultimatum: Louise could be searched at the store or be arrested, taken to jail and searched there.

What followed was several hours of humiliation for Louise as the caller instucted her to strip, under the view of store surveillance cameras, and directed other persons on site to perform sexual type assualts.More

Home Alone: parents ditch children to go to Vegas

Two bay area brothers, ages 5 and 9, were left home alone while their father and stepmother celebrated New Year's Eve in Las Vegas. Officers found the children unharmed on Saturday after receiving a call from a concerned relative. More

Gettin' hitched in the driveway

Gorilla has fetish for breastsAs a magistrate judge, Johnny Tallant's most frequent duty is officiating weddings. His return address decal features a set of wedding bells.

But Tallant, who has kept a photograph of every ceremony he has performed, will never forget the wedding that occurred Nov. 8 in his driveway in northern Forsyth County.

That was the day Tallant married Lisa Lynnette Clark, 37, identified on her marriage license as Lisa C. Howard, and a 15-year-old Gainesville boy.

He also said Monday that it was obvious the woman was pregnant. More

Gorilla Foundation settles Koko nipple fetish suit

Gorilla has fetish for breastsREDWOOD CITY — A settlement has been reached in a civil suit by two former workers at The Gorilla Foundation who claimed they were routinely pressured to expose their nipples to Koko the "talking" gorilla.

"The foundation is trying to put this behind them," said Todd Roberts, attorney for the Woodside-based nonprofit devoted to protecting and preserving gorillas. It's best known for its Gorilla Language Project, teaching American Sign Language to Koko, a 34-year-old female lowland gorilla. More

Man pulls truck with penis, shuns "come-along" jokes

Giving a whole new meaning to the term "come along", a 50-year-old Californian man pulled a truck with his penis for a British film crew.

Martial arts grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng attached himself to the truck and pulled it several yards across a car park in Fremont. More

Cabbie Caught Sprinkling Dried Feces On Food

DALLAS -- A man convicted this week for tainting grocery store baked items by sprinkling dried feces on the food is scheduled to be sentenced Thursday. Prosecutors had store surveillance videotapes from a Fiesta grocery store of two incidents in July.

"He takes his own fecal matter and spread it to the wind over the food going to the public," prosecutor Will Ramsey said in court. "It's just so disgusting and, you know what, people get hurt." More

At least the sheep are safe in South Dakota

SD sheep are safe, mannequins are notA Sioux Falls man is charged with indecent exposure after being found partially unclothed and lying on the floor with a female mannequin in the Washington Pavilion.

Michael James Plentyhorse, 18, 708 N. Dakota Ave., was discovered by a Pavilion security officer at 4:35 p.m. Monday in the Washington High School Alumni Room, police said.

Plentyhorse, huh? Perhaps he should have been with his buddies camping out to get an Xbox 360 instead of going on the make with Dolly.



Getting Laid - Part 1

This intrepid man used the color of authority to seek out some nookie. More

Getting Laid - Part 2

Then there is the story of the internet troll, "Come here little girl, I will give you an Xbox 360!" What is unclear is the age of his bait. I smell entrapment here. More

Getting Laid - Part 3

Not a babe magnet? When all else fails, give the lady a snort of this great stuff. More

Transvestites hoodwink tourists with kiss

There is an old saying about picking up a companion in a bar: "Be sure and check under the hood before you drive home." It is about knowing what you are going to get. Some tourists in Thailand have ignored this advice at their own peril. More

Palmdale school district perverts prevail

This case stems from a 2002 survey administered to 13 third- and fifth-graders at Mesquite Elementary School by a mental health therapist working on her doctoral degree. When parents complained, Palmdale School District officials halted the survey after they learned what questions it contained. Parents signed permission forms for the survey, but the forms made no mention of sexually oriented questions. Among its questions, the survey asked youngsters to rate how often they "can't stop thinking about sex" and "not trusting people because they might want sex."

A group of parents sued, alleging their right to control their children's upbringing had been violated. But a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court ruled that "there is no fundamental right of parents to be the exclusive provider of information regarding sexual matters to children."

Now the U.S. Congress wants to pile on to this heap of fun. More

Humans on display in London zoo

Donning nothing but fig leaves, three men and five females take their place next to the lions, giraffes and lizards, as part of a four-day exhibit showing off Homo Sapiens — plain old people like you and me — at the London Zoo. More

More than just an ancient "bone" found in a cave

german cave yields polished phallic tool28,000 year old culpted and polished stone "tool" is found in a German cave, uncanny resemblence to bratwurst.

Its life size suggests it may well have been used as a sex aid by its Ice Age makers, scientists report. "In addition to being a symbolic representation of male genitalia, it was also at times used for knapping flints," More

When lonely teens boys can not find a date

Spartanburg, South Carolina teen rapes a dog, neighbors want him gone. Neighbor Bill Johnson says, "As a community we shouldn't have to watch our kids every second they're playing. We want him out of this neighborhood." More

Clinton mulls offer, 40 goats to buy Chelsea

clinton gets offer of 40 goats for chelsea in kenya africaOn a recent trip to Kenya, former US president Bill Clinton has been offered 40 goats and 20 cows for his daughter by a love-struck African government official. "This is even better than the pit bull I got for Hillary", Clinton muses. More


Blind man has sex with guide dog

Prosecutors have difficulty charging him with anything, because there is no Florida law against what he is alleged to have done. Besides, he is blind, and we might have just have a case of mistaken identity here. See for yourself. More

Seattle man "mounts" a horse, but no law broken

sex with a horse in seattleAfter a Seattle man died from injuries sustained while having sex with a horse boarded on a Enumclaw-area farm, King County sheriff's detectives investigate. The county Medical Examiner's Office ruled that the death was accidental and the result of having sex with a horse.

A surveillance camera picked up the license plate of the car that dropped the man off at the hospital, which led detectives to the farm and other people involved.Deputies don't believe a crime occurred because bestiality is not illegal in Washington state and the horse was uninjured. More

Drunk Beaver found with stolen Ram from gay sheep project

A tale of stolen gay sheepCORVALLIS, Ore. -- An Oregon State football had a stolen sheep in the bed of his pickup when he was pulled over for speeding last week, Benton County authorities said.

Defensive tackle Ben Siegert, 20, was charged with driving under the influence of intoxicants after failing field sobriety tests.

Siegert told the (Corvallis) Gazette-Times that he had nothing to do with the stolen ram. "I don't know anything about that," he said. "I'm from a city. I don't know anything about sheep." More

Naked man nabbed after beach thefts

He robbed others, but found foolproof method to avoid pickpockets. More

Useless tsunami aid: thong panties

Aid poured in from around the world for the Dec. 26 tsunami, but some of those wanting to help were perhaps too eager, shipping items of no use in tropical Sri Lanka. Items sent to the location of the disaster include winter jackets, expired cans of salmon, stiletto shoes, winter tents, thong panties and even Viagra — and have left Sri Lankans scratching their heads. More